More Changes Coming Soon To WFAN

A recent Newsday article by Neil Best profiled Tony Paige and John Jastremski. The two WFAN hosts take listeners through the overnight. Jastremski seems destined for greatness at WFAN. His knowledge and passion have the rising star gaining attention. John already has a loyal following, and his recent appearance with Mike Francesa left callers comparing him to Chris Russo. The segment (and Jastremski’s similarities to Mike’s former partner) had people speculating that perhaps Francesa could team up with Jastremski at some point.

In addition to hosting shows on WFAN, the 30-year-old Jastremski can be heard on CBS Sports Radio. He also makes appearances on SNY. In the article, John mentions how people think it’s easy to get through overnight. It’s not. I know from experience. At least not when John is hosting. Honestly, it depends who is working.


As for Paige, he mentioned only wanting to stay for another year before leaving to pursue other interests. Tony said that he doesn’t want to die on the air. Paige spoke about never asking to work during the day. I’ll be nice and leave his comment alone without throwing in my own two cents on this subject. Tony will be 65 in September.

Perhaps the WFAN Fantasy Phenom contest will return. At some point, Jastremski will probably land a daytime gig. That would leave both overnight slots open for the station. Joe Benigno figures to be nearing retirement. He speaks about it often. Francesa already left before returning. He might not stick around much longer, but with Mike, you never know.


Steve Somers has been at the station for over 30 years. Like Paige, Somers also missed some time this year. Steve is in his 70s. The CMB program already lost their drive time slot. That show does not figure to be around longer than their current contract, but one or two hosts could potentially stick around and get repackaged. So, we will likely see a lot of changes in the next couple years. You youngsters who stream radio shows will not understand this term, but don’t touch that dial!

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