Mike Francesa Made A Legendary Appearance On The Final Episode Of Desus & Mero

Mike Desus and Mero

Last night was the final episode of Desus & Mero. Before the tears started to flow, the Bodega Boys saved their best guest for last. Barack Obama? No. LeBron James? No. The final guest of the show was the Sports Pope, Mike Zaun, The Diet Coke King himself, Mike Francesa.

The video is 26 minutes and it was not long enough. I could’ve listened to these three talk for hours. Desus and Mero are always referencing Mike so it was finally great to see this trio talk bout 27 RINGS BRO and the New York sports scene. What are the odds that Mike knew who Desus and Mero were before yesterday? 100 to 1? 200 to 1? But now, they’re best friends. The Power of Francesa.

Just like Mike went on a break (not calling it a retirement), Desus and Mero are about to do the same thing before their new show on Showtime premieres in 2019. If you haven’t bought your stock in Desus and Mero, do it now. Buy as much stock in the Bodega Boys as possible. They are going to be a staple in the late night game for years to come. These two are original, innovative, and hilarious. Now, all that needs to happen is for Mike, Desus, and Mero to do a podcast once a week and I can die happy.

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