Video: Bruce Springsteen Joins Billy Joel At MSG, Sings “Born To Run” And “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”

The Boss and The Piano Man. Two legends of the music world on stage together at the same damn time. What a moment. Bruce Springsteen joined Billy Joel on stage as Billy celebrated his iconic 100th Show at Madison Square Garden. I have seen both Springsteen and Joel in concert and without a doubt, they are the two best live acts today. Bruce Springsteen has no concept of time because his shows usually last over three hours. I saw Springsteen at MetLife Stadium in 2012. He came on at about 8:30 and didn’t leave the stage until midnight. It’s an experience and even if you don’t like his music, you’ll still have a great time because The Boss knows how to work a crowd. Plus, his 10 song encore included “Born to Run,” “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,” and “Rosalita,” which are all jams.

Billy Joel puts on quite a show as well. I saw The Piano Man at MSG a few years ago. I would consider myself more of a Billy Joel fan than I am a Springsteen fan so I was pumped that I finally had the chance to see him live. Billy Joel “gets it” when it comes to concerts. He knows that fans want him to play all of his classic songs and that’s exactly what happens. That’s what I hate about some bands. They only play their new stuff and skip a lot of the hits that made them famous. That’s quite the opposite at a Billy Joel concert. Billy is playing all of his jams and he’ll even mix in a few lesser known singles just to satisfy the diehard fans. MSG is such a happy environment when Billy is performing. Just like Bruce, Billy makes a personal connection with the crowd, which enhances that experience that much more.

If you have the chance to see Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel in concert, do it. You are in for a treat.

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