Eli Manning Responds To Jalen Ramsey’s Comments, Says “Who?”

If you haven’t read Jalen Ramsey’s GQ article, take some time to read it. If you are a starting quarterback in the NFL, odds are Jalen called you out.

We always ask for honesty from athletes, but when we get it, we’re hypocrites. When athletes are not honest, we rip them. When athletes are too honest, we rip them. Jalen Ramsey loves to talk shit. That’s his M.O. This shouldn’t surprise you that he called out every QB. That’s how he stays sharp on the field and right now, it’s working as Ramsey is in discussion for best cornerback in the league. Here is the short rundown of what he said about each QB.

I really don’t have any problems with what he said besides a few things. Zero reason to call out Josh Allen. That’s a cheap shop. Calling Big Ben “decent at best” even though he’s going to the Hall of Fame and he carved up the Jags in the playoffs is hypocritical. Then, there’s what he said about Eli.

“Nothing without OBJ.”

Well, *checks watch*, I believe Eli is a two time Super Bowl MVP without OBJ. That being said, do you think these comments rattled Eli? Not a chance.

THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK! Did Eli crawl in his hole when the Giants had “no chance” to beat the undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl? No. Did Eli go after McAdoo when he threw him under the bus? No. Do you think Mr. Cool Eli Manning is going to care what Jalen Ramsey says? Absolutely not.

Eli will bring his lunch pail and show up to work. Nothing scares him. We’ll see you in Week 1, Jalen.

P.S. The Jags defense scares me.

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