After The Initial Reviews For First Man, Ryan Gosling Is A Lock For A Best Actor Nomination

After the release of the First Man trailer, I knew that Ryan Gosling would be in contention for Best Actor at every major awards show.

First Man opened the Venice Film Festival a few hours ago and after reading the initial reviews, I KNOW that Ryan Gosling will be nominated for Best Actor at every major awards show.

Here are a few reviews that I have read.

Variety – “Gosling gives a tricky, compelling performance that grows on you. He plays Armstrong as a brainy go-getter who has learned to hold most of what he feels inside (he wrote musicals in college, and is now ashamed of it). Yet he lets out just enough emotion, especially when someone crosses him, to exude a quiet command.”

The Guardian – “Gosling gives a performance of muscular intelligence and decency as Armstrong, a man of calm and restraint, lacking what no one in the 1960s called emotional intelligence.

The Hollywood Reporter – “Gosling downplays his natural charisma here to portray a man simply intent on doing a job, approaching it with the utmost seriousness and without ego. Armstrong shows zero willingness to consider what he’s doing in any self-aggrandizing historical context, his taciturn demeanor proving frustrating to the press, which wants uplifting soundbites. That makes the characterization almost antithetical to the standard Hollywood conception of a historically significant figure of this type.”

I’m no expert, but those reviews sound more than promising. Truthfully, once Damien Chazelle announced that Gosling would star as Neil Armstrong in a biopic, these positive reviews were not only predicted, but expected. If First Man is a hit, Chazelle’s three movie run of WhiplashLa La Land, and First Man will be one of the best stretches ever.

Back to Gosling. I tweeted this out earlier today about Gosling’s acting transformation.

Who would’ve thought that the kid who couldn’t play cornerback if his life depended on it in Remember The Titans would turn into an Academy Award nominated actor? Gosling had some hits in mid 2000s with The Notebook and Half Nelson (nominated for Oscar), but Gosling disappeared for 3 years from about 2007 – 2010. It turns out that this was the best decision he could have ever made because Gosling came back with a vengeance in Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love in 2011. Fast forward a few years and Gosling has been in some of my favorite movies of recent memory such as The Big ShortLa La Land, and Blade Runner 2049. Gosling can now do any project he wants because he is a must-see attraction.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Ryan Gosling is going to be nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. See you at the ceremony.

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