A Star Is Born Is The Greatest Movie Of All-Time (And It Hasn’t Even Come Out Yet)

Do you want to know when I knew A Star Is Born was going to be a hit? It happened the second Lady Gaga grabbed the mic in the trailer and let out a “haaaaaa ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh.”

I tweeted this out over a week ago and after reading reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival, the sentiment remains the same. The hype for A Star Is Born is meteoric.

A Star Is Born has been on the radar of many film enthusiasts since the official announcement in 2016. The notion that Bradley Cooper would make his directorial debut with Lady Gaga is major news because of the possibilities it presents. Cooper has never stepped behind the camera and Gaga has never starred in a film of this nature. How will these two coexist on screen? Will the chemistry seem real? Will Bradley Cooper be able to sing onscreen and will his voice be able to compliment Lady Gaga’s? You could make a movie solely on the anticipation and question marks around this film.

Then, the trailer dropped and people FLIPPED OUT. (I did too, by the way.)

If trailers could win Oscars, A Star is Born would sweep every major category. Before its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, stories began to surface about the filmmaking procedures. There was the time Cooper wiped off Gaga’s makeup because he wanted her to be “completely open.” There was the story about how Cooper convinced Lorne Michaels to let him use the SNL stage for a performance in the film. Finally, after the premiere in Venice, the initial reviews swept the Internet by storm.

A Star Is Born is not good. It’s great.

Plus, Lady Gaga made a spectacular entrance on a boat.

Fast forward to the other day when the film screened at TIFF. More critics have now seen the movie and more positive reviews have occurred. This movie is going to be special.

It seems like A Star Is Born is going to be the greatest movie of all-time.

Well, I know that’s not going to be the case, but if you had your doubts if the hype was real, think again. A Star Is Born is going to be a special film and I can’t wait to watch.

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