I Spent My Weekend Watching Cheesy Christmas Movies On Netflix And I Loved It

How was your Thanksgiving Weekend? Did you act like a man and watch some football? Maybe you stuffed your face with turkey and mashed potatoes like you were Joey Chestnut? Perhaps you ran to your nearest outlet store to buy a Canada Goose jacket to show that you have money.

What did I do? I watched cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix and I loved it.

Every Sunday (if the Giants play at 1) at about 4:30 pm, I usually mute NFL RedZone in frustration over a Giants loss. I plop my ass on the couch, fire up my computer, and pick a movie. This week, I watched The Meg and it was everything I wanted and more. A giant shark, over-the-top deaths, and ridiculous action sequences. It was perfect. After The Meg, I perused Netflix for another movie and in the trending section, I saw A Christmas Prince.

Rose McIver and Ben Lamb in A Christmas Prince / Via Netflix

Here’s the official synopsis: “Christmas comes early for an aspiring young journalist when she’s sent abroad to get the scoop on a dashing prince who’s poised to be king.”

A cheesy movie about finding love in a foreign country with a prince? Sure, why not. If you remember, A Christmas Prince gained attention after Netflix revealed that 53 people watched the movie for 18 straight days.

It’s a bit excessive, but to each his own. Anyways, I enjoyed the movie. It was exactly what I wanted, which was a cheesy rom-com that made you feel good about relationships even though it’s an unrealistic plot that would never happen in real life. I’m not even putting it in the “so bad it’s good” category. I liked it and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Do I care what you think? Absolutely not.

So what did I do after I watched A Christmas Prince? I went back to trending and saw the movie, Christmas Inheritance.

Eliza Taylor in Christmas Inheritance / Via Netflix

Here’s the official synopsis: “Before ambitious heiress Ellen Langford can inherit her father’s business, she must deliver a special Christmas card to her dad’s former partner in Snow Falls. When a snowstorm strands her at the town inn, she discovers the true gift of Christmas.”

It’s your basic “rich girl gets cutoff from her dad and has to learn the value of working hard.” It’s a trope that’s been repeated so many times, but guess what? I also enjoyed Christmas Inheritance.

So in conclusion. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I watch Netflix Christmas rom-coms to feel good. I want to believe in love just as much as I want the Yankees to win the World Series. I like sports. I like movies. I can do both and love it. Guilty pleasures, folks. It’s how I get by. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m preparing for the sequel to A Christmas Prince titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

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