Stranger Things Season 3 Poster And Trailer Reactions

One Summer Can Change Everything. It’s time for Stranger Things Season 3.

Well, almost time I should say. Over the holiday, Netflix released a poster and date announcement for the third season of Stranger Things, which happens to be one of my favorite television shows.

Stranger things / Via Netflix

July 4, 2019. Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Caleb, Will, Lucas, Max, Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce, and Hopper (apologies if I forgot anyone) are coming back in July. Here are my instant reactions to the poster and teaser trailer.

Hate the date: Out of all the days of the year, the Duffer Brothers picked July 4 to release the new season? Don’t they know I go down to the Jersey Shore for July 4th weekend? They couldn’t pick another date where nothing is going on? July 4 is on a Thursday this year so I plan on binging the entire season on that Sunday when I’m battling a hangover and a sunburn.

Summer, Summer, Summertime: Season 1 and Season 2 revolved around the school year. Season 3 is going to take place during the Summer of 1985. The Fourth of July is going to be a huge theme. Something big will happen on that date and it will effect the gang throughout the entire summer months.

The Mind Flayer is back: In the final scene of Season 2, the Mind Flayer was still alive, watching Hawkins from the Upside Down. In the new poster, the Mind Flayer is at the bottom of the image and it appears it is ready to wreak havoc once again.

Eleven and Will sense danger: Take a look at all of the characters in the poster. Dustin, Max, and Lucas are blinded by the fireworks. Mike is infatuated with Eleven. However, Will and Eleven sense danger is on the way. The Mind Flayer controlled Will and Eleven battled it. Expect these two to team up this season.

The Starcourt Mall: The Starcourt Mall is going to be a central location for this upcoming season. Playboy Steve Harrington and Robin, a new character, will be working at an ice cream shop.

Decoding the Hidden Messages: Thank you, Reddit, for decoding the messages.

The entire post does a great job explaining each message, but the one I want to focus on is “when blue and yellow meet.” This is a clear reference to the mall and in particular, the clock. The minute and hour hands are blue and yellow. In the video, the time is approximately 6:30. Does something supernatural happen at 6:30 in the mall? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Screaming: In the date announcement video, Mike is screaming for Eleven. I, for one, is shocked! In all seriousness, every relationship (Mike and Eleven, Lucas and Max, Nancy and Jonathan) will go through their bumps in the road per usual. I also expect Steve to get into the action with Robin.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going into hibernation until the July. Carry on.

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