I Would Do Anything To See Trevor Lawrence As A New York Giant

I’m drunk. I’m actually wasted and yet, I have not had a sip of alcohol. I am drunk on the Trevor Lawrence Kool Aid. When my head hit the pillow last night, Lawrence was all I could think about. His back shoulder throws, his poise in the pocket, his hair, etc. Trevor Lawrence owns my entire brain at this current moment in time and you know what, I’m perfectly ok with that.

I’ve watched these throws over and over and I’m still impressed.

Also, to Quinnen Williams, Lawrence did throw some 50-50 balls and yes, he did get away with some throws thanks to miraculous catches.

My counterpoint would be that the Alabama receiving core is just as good as Clemson’s and yet Tua was not making those throws or taking care of the ball. People always want to bring down quarterbacks and say, “Well, if he didn’t have good receivers, he wouldn’t be that good.” Really? Do you not want your quarterback to have good receivers? You can’t make chicken salad with chicken shit. I’m not holding the talented Clemson receiving corps against Lawrence’s 50-50 balls.

In my lifetime (just about 26 years), there has been one NFL prospect that I can remember that has been a “can’t miss, no brainer.” One prospect that everyone believed would be a star in the NFL and a franchise talent for over a decade. That prospect was Andrew Luck. I firmly believe Trevor Lawrence will be added to that list when he declares for the draft.

Now before you tell me to simmer down, I get it. I’m throwing out a lot of hot takes for a freshman that has only played one season. I’m 200% on the hype train, but Joel Klatt rationally explains why Lawrence still needs reps even though he would be the number one prospect in this year’s draft and next year’s draft.

I said to my friends that Lawrence could have come out of the high school and played in the NFL. Obviously, I’m exaggerating. (Truthfully, I stand by it to an extent. Lawrence would not have been selected in the early rounds, but could he be taken in the middle / late rounds, sit on a practice squad for a season, work his way up to backup, and start on a team when he’s 21 / 22? I think he could. Lawrence threw for 3,042 yards and 26 touchdowns as a FRESHMAN in high school. Lawrence was also considered the best quarterback prospect out of high school ever by Rivals. Some NFL team would’ve gotten drafted Lawrence out of high school).

So here we are. The day is January 8, 2019. Fans everywhere have to wait until mid-January 2021 to see if Lawrence declares for the NFL draft. I don’t care what happens in this draft nor do I care what happens in next year’s draft. (Well, I do care. Draft a billion offensive and defensive lineman.) I want Trevor Lawrence on the New York Football Giants. I’m willing to do whatever it takes *Imagine Dragons voice* to make sure this kid ends up on Big Blue. I tweeted this out last night and the offer still stands. If selling my soul is what it takes, where do I sign?

Trevor Lawrence is Peyton Manning with the ability to throw on the move and lower his shoulder when he runs the ball. I want him and so should you, but he’s going to the New York Giants in 2021.

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