Breaking: Jets Hire Adam Gase

For what seems like the millionth time, the Jets took a wet, smelly crap all over themselves and their fan base. This time, it was with the hiring of their new head coach. A man who has essentially been Jeff Fisher with a tan is now the man in charge of working with Sam Darnold, the teams 21 year old wunderkind quarterback. Not long ago, he was considered a genius and the architect of an offense that resurrected Peyton Manning’s career in Denver. Now, he has become a laughingstock. A person hated by his own team and fanbase. A guy who alienated his teams best wide receiver for the majority of the season. A guy who even Frank Gore seemed to detest. A guy who didn’t use his teams best running back last season. This is the guy the Jets have hitched their wagon to. Awesome.

There are some positives to the hire. He has experience as a head coach, and he is an offensive guy, two key aspects the Jets were looking for in a new head coach. He’s been behind some incredibly successful offenses before as a coordinator, and he’s done adequately making Ryan Tannehill and Brock Osweiler look like relatively competent QB’s. He’s also coming over from within the division, from a team that has been the Jets’ boogeyman the past few years (spoiler alert: the Jets don’t win many games anyways so everyone is really their boogeyman).

You know what this hire is? It’s the perfect guy to hire, bring you to 8-8, and have your teams logo in the “In The Hunt” graphic during week 16 when you’re 7-8. General Manager Mike Maccagnan gets to say that the team improved and get handed a shiny new contract because of it, and the Jets stay in the 7-9 win spectrum. It’s embarrassing. This is what losing franchises do. While not a lateral move from Todd Bowles, there is zero excitement from the fan base about the hire. The Jets spent last offseason promoting themselves as a young, fun, energetic team. They’re starting this offseason ruining that work. So welcome to being In The Hunt Jets fans, now it’s up to you to determine if being in Football Purgatory is better than being in Football Hell. They might just be one in the same.

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