This Is Us Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: This Is Beth

This Is Us loves to change the subject abruptly throughout the season. We just experienced an emotional rollercoaster with Nicky and now, we get a break to zero in on Beth. I dig it. This Beth episode has been teased for awhile now so I was excited to learn more about her background.

Let’s go.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 13 Recap: “Our Little Island Girl”

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

– For an ensemble show that showcases multiple timelines per episode, This Is Us has a history of hitting home runs when it comes to focusing on 1-2 characters in one timeline for the entire episode. The first episode that comes to mind is Randall and William’s trip to Memphis in Season 1, which is a top 5 episode for the show and arguably the best episode of the entire series. This Is Us hit another home run with this episode as it’s easily one of the best episodes of Season 3.

– Beth has always been an important character. Now, we finally saw an inside-look into her past and what makes her “tick.” Beth is Randall’s rock and always seems to be cool under pressure and gives sage wisdom, which is why it’s so surprising when Beth freaks out and “clams up” when she sees her mother, Carol.

– You might as well just nominate Phylicia Rashad for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series at the Emmys. Why waste time when it’s inevitable?

– Love seeing Goran Višnjić on NBC. No, kids, he’s not Garcia Flynn on Timeless. He’s Dr. Luka Kovač on ER.

– Zoey being featured in this episode leads me to believe that she is involved in the bigger picture for the show and will be in Season 4. Kevin’s previous “flings” only last a few episodes so the fact that she’s been a focal point this entire season leads me to believe that this relationship will last more than a season.

– My favorite sequence of events involved Beth standing up to Carol followed by Carol apologizing to Beth the next morning. Beth blames her mother for taking away her dreams of being a dancer. Beth says that the rest of her siblings (Will we ever meet them?) never visit Carol because she has “no air around her – no air to be sad, no air to fail.” Throw in the fact that Beth lost her father to cancer and it makes sense as to why Beth can’t connect with her mother. Beth still longs to be a dancer (more on this shortly), but because of the fear she developed when her mother made her quit, she is hesitant to tell Randall.

– Then, the next morning, Carol makes amends with Beth, saying that she only wanted what’s best for Beth and her children because her mother did the same thing to her when she was growing up. Carol is a strong, independent woman, which makes sense as to why Beth is the same way. I find it interesting that when it comes to Beth and her mother, Beth is a dreamer and the mother is the realist. When it comes to Beth and Randall, Beth is a realist and Randall is a dreamer. Beth became the person she resented as a teenager. Beth sacrificed her dreams to start a life with Randall. Towards the end of episode, Beth finally realizes that it’s her turn to dream again and become a dance teacher.

– Unfortunately, thanks to the future timeline where we saw Beth in a dance studio alone, Beth and Randall’s marriage could be on the rocks so this decision to teach dancing could be the beginning of the end within their marriage.

– I can’t wait to revisit teenage Randall and teenage Beth. Great tease. I would imagine that they will bond over the losses of their fathers.

– Promo for next episode looks like a tearjerker and…

My “Kate is going to die” Theory may be in its beginning stages.

See you next week.

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