If You Are A Human, You Should Be Praying That Zion Williamson Is Ok

Just kill me.

Awful, awful news for every single human being on Earth. I don’t care if you hate Duke with a burning passion and you love to see their fans suffer. Zion Williamson going down with a knee injury is the worst case scenario for basketball fans. Zion was the frontrunner for National Player of the Year and the unanimous number one pick in the NBA Draft. Depending on how serious this knee injury is will determine if one, if not both of those items are in jeopardy. Full disclosure, I’m a Duke fan so this sucks. Without Zion, Duke goes from a National Title contender to struggling to get past the first weekend. I’m not saying the season is over if Zion is out for the year, but it’s hard to replace a walking double-double who controls all facets of the game.

I pray that Zion’s career at Duke is not over, but I don’t blame him if he never plays for the Blue Devils again. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Oh, I’m also a Knicks fan.


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