Alex Ovechkin Just Killed A Man

Hey kid, what are you doing?

Andrei Svechnikov is the youngest player in the NHL Playoffs this year at age 19. Andrei Svechnikov is also the stupidest player in the NHL Playoffs. Fighting usually doesn’t happen too often in the playoffs. Fighting with a star player RARELY happens in general. So this young and stupid kid decided to take on Alex Ovechkin, the heart and soul of the Washington Capitals.


I don’t want to hear that this kid had guts. Eating spaghetti on a first date takes guts. Fighting a 6’3″, 256 pound machine is beyond foolish. This is the best knockout in a hockey game that I have ever seen. Maybe next time this kid will think twice before fighting someone who can kill him. Then again, he may not have any brain cells left.

RIP to Andrei Svechnikov and his confidence.

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