Happy 10 Year Anniversary To The Hangover

Ten years ago, The Hangover premiered in theaters and catapulted into the upper tier of great comedic movies of the 21st century. I remember seeing The Hangover with my sister in the theaters and I couldn’t stop laughing. I kept thinking “Is this what really happens in Las Vegas?” (Vegas Trip TBD. That’s on me.) Watching old clips makes me realize that The Hangover almost has an underrated appeal to it because of the sour taste left in our mouths from Hangover II and Hangover III. Let’s not mention those again. What I love about The Hangover (and any great comedic movie) is the plethora of one-liners. I tweeted one out today. I don’t care if this is wrong and makes me an immature 12-year-old. I will always laugh when Alan simulates Carlos masturbating. It’s funny!

There’s no point in having the “could this movie be made today” debate because it would never be made. Let’s just enjoy The Hangover for what it is, which is a fucking hysterical film. It launched the careers of (my boy) Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and especially Zach Galifianakis. All three are throwing in the 90 mph for their performances, but Galifianakis is approaching 100mph. Enjoy these clips from The Hangover. Thanks a lot, Bin Laden.

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