Spoiled Boston Fans Left to Cry While St. Louis Blues Eye First Stanley Cup

The St. Louis Blues are just one win away from finally becoming champions. Bruins fans were left sobbing Thursday night when a penalty was not called and the Blues took advantage as play continued by scoring their second goal of the game. St. Louis held on for a 2-1 victory. The Blues took a 3-2 series lead, with game 6 set for Sunday night in St. Louis.

Boston fans threw trash and towels on the ice after St. Louis scored to go up 2-0. More things were thrown after the final horn. St. Louis knows all about how one bad call can cost you a game. No hand pass was whistled in an overtime game against the Sharks. San Jose continued to play, and scored the winning goal.

This loss put the Blues down 2-1 in that series. San Jose had already benefited from a controversial call in their game 7 victory against Vegas. People started to think that San Jose was a team of destiny. St. Louis responded like champions. The Blues won three straight games after the disappointing loss, and won in six games against the Sharks. Bad calls are not exclusive to hockey, either. There was a little contest called the NFC Championship game. We know how that went. Anybody who watched baseball in Toronto between the Yankees and Blue Jays during the week saw why robots will soon call balls and strikes. Saturday night’s Rockies-Mets game was another example.

Besides, who in their right mind is rooting for Boston? That city has had plenty of championships. The Blues are not only on the verge of their first title. An overtime win less than two weeks ago was the first time they even won a game in this round. Anybody pulling for Boston likely would have been rooting for Goliath over David. Their obnoxious fans fought in the stands Thursday night as Stone Cold’s music played in the arena. I have no idea why there wasn’t any security to be found. No, they were not matched up against Blues fans. With each other! As I mentioned, their behavior was also despicable when protesting after the second goal.

New Yorkers unfairly get a bad reputation. John Tavares had a rough return to Long Island this season. There were boos and chants. Someone gently tossed an Islanders jersey in his direction following warmups. People were quick to bash New Yorkers on social media after these events. Somehow Tavares was able to narrowly escape without serious injury. St. Louis forward Ivan Barbashev has been suspended for game 6. He is the second Blues player to be suspended for a game in this series. Boston’s Brad Marchand was not suspended earlier in the postseason despite sucker punching a Blue Jackets player. One Youtube video shows Marchand cheap shots for nearly six minutes. The guy has been fined numerous times, and suspended on other occasions.

Last year, Marchand was involved in two incidents where he would lick or kiss an opponent. Unless you really are a Bruins fan or have money on them, I don’t know who could possibly want that team to win. St. Louis last played for the Stanley Cup in 1970. They were swept three straight times with inferior teams because their entire conference was made up of expansion teams. One new team had to emerge as a sacrificial lamb. The Bruins are not exactly in a drought. This is Boston’s third time in the championship round this decade. Chicago defeated the Bruins six years ago with a 4-2 series win. Boston beat Vancouver eight years ago for their most recent Stanley Cup. Hopefully St. Louis can close it out. We really do not need another Boston championship. Especially here. When St. Louis wraps this up, know that the correct people won. They just have to.

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