NBA Draft Broadcast Needs Overhauling

Some parts of the NBA Draft will be frustrating. We know this going in (word to Hubie Brown). There is too much time in between picks. It will likely run past the projected midnight finish. This year’s edition went past 12:30. However, so much nonsense could be avoided. Putting hats on guys when they are not going to be playing for whatever team is on their head has got to be one of the dumbest sports traditions that we have not yet ended. Why do they even need to wear these ugly hats? If getting the proper hat just can’t happen, let the guy go without one. Or, have him wear a hat with the NBA logo.


ESPN’s SVP has bashed this hat nonsense. He also talked about not knowing what teams people were on. Although sites had the teams that players were going to, at least two did not put Michigan’s Iggy Brazdeikis with the Knicks. Sacramento’s logo was next to his name. Trades are finally announced at the podium hours later. Far from breaking news at that point. The whole thing is awkward.

SVP did not seem to agree with me on my next complaint. Tipping picks is ridiculous. Scott was probably being a company guy by not blasting Woj. Although, he praised him and laughed about it last year. This time was more of a comment about how no thesaurus had to be used because the tweets were all similar. I think the idea is moronic to begin with, but having an ESPN employee tip picks when the show is on ESPN makes it even more insane. Phrasing your tweet so that it does not necessarily guarantee that your information is set in stone just mocks this whole process. I really do not understand any of it. One person tweeted about muting the person tipping picks but still seeing tweets through another account.

In fact, Frank Isola aggravated me last month. The NBA Draft Lottery is supposed to be supervised by people who had their phones taken away. Isola flaunted that someone was able to pass along some type of information. Frank basically stated that the fix was in. It helped narrow down what we would see. In my case, it made me think that either the Knicks or Lakers had won. So, I got my hopes up for nothing. Regardless, that should be kept secret. At least we knew that there would be tweets tipping picks on Thursday. I didn’t think we needed to stay off social media when those envelopes were being opened. The whole thing sucks!

I know I’ll get aggravated again when the NFL says that moves will be made on a certain date or they have been agreed upon but are not yet official. This isn’t strictly a complaint about basketball. It is a stupidity issue. Hopefully common sense can prevail at some point. Until then, I must stay on the flip phone and away from society if I’m looking to be surprised.

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