Jessie Graff Continues To Dominate On American Ninja Warrior

Girl is a MONSTER

I mean, I GUESS that was impressive…

Male, female, human, alien, wildebeest, etc. Whoever you are, that was fucking nuts. The amount of athleticism there was insane. I struggle when it comes to doing 1 pullup so I can’t even imagine the upperbody strength here. Apparently, Jessie Graff is a stunt woman on Supergirl so it makes sense that she is a freak athlete. Maybe Graff should just become the new Supergirl after that performance.

I pose a simple question: Could you do what Graff just did if you were to train for 3 months? The answer: NO. There’s no way in hell I could do this. I get a pain in my neck if I move it side to side too quickly. Do you think I could hold myself on logs and swing on ropes over water? Definitely not. Upperbody strength is one thing I lack (sorry, ladies). So you won’t see me on any American Ninja Obstacle Courses any time soon. How about we just let the modern day Tomb Raider beat up the boys on the course, shall we?

This obstacle was not in the video, but there is NO SHOT I could do this if you gave me 100 tries. Throw $1 million at me and I couldn’t even advance up one rung. Once again, sorry ladies.

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10 Movies To See This Awards Season

Time for some quality movies

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Get me to awards season ASAP. I’m in desperate need of a good, quality movie. I can’t take another popcorn blockbuster / superhero movie. Gimme the awards season movies. The so called creme de la creme of movies for 2016. Sure, there have been some solid movies in 2016 so far (…gotta get back to you on that), but all the big players are going to be hitting the theaters from September – Early january. So I’m giving you my preliminary list of movies to see this fall / winter. In other words, its time to become a hype beast.

(In order of when they hit theaters)

The Light Between Oceans – Sept. 2nd

I have a lot of celebrity wives’ and Alicia Vikander is one of them. I bet you were strangely attracted to her as a robot in Ex, Machina and the love was strengthened during The Danish Girl. Vikander has a good chance to score some major acting nominees for a second straight year with The Light Between Oceans, the story of how Vikander and Michael Fassbender find a baby on the shore and adopt them as their own, only to question the child’s true family as she gets older. It’s important to note that Vikander and Fassbender started dating after this movie so their chemistry must be off the charts. Get the tissues, ready!

The Birth of a Nation – Oct. 7th

Get ready for some controversy, but not during the film. The Birth of a Nation tells the story of Nat Turner and his journey from preacher to slave rebellion leader. Nate Parker is the star, writer, producer and director and should be a MAJOR player come awards season. The movie premiered at Sundance and was sold for an unreal $17.5 million deal, which is absolutely unheard of for a movie at Sundance. The only thing holding Parker back from success is whether or not the studio supports him in light of a college rape scandal from his past.


Bleed for This – Nov. 4th

Boxing movies are the new “It Thing” as of late. Creed was money. Hands of Stone opens later this week and in November, Bleed For This hits theaters. Bleed for This tells the true story of Vinny Paz, a struggling boxer who looks to make a comeback after a severe injury. The reason why I’m hype beasting this movie is because of my boy, Miles Teller. Miles Teller continues to creep his way up the ranks of Top Actors in Hollywood. He can do both drama and comedy, which is rare to find someone who does both and does them well. To think, this guy was starring in rom coms like Footloose and is now a well-respected in Hollywood. Kudos all around. Miles is a dark horse to get a Best Actor nomination for this role and I think he’s going to get it. However, this should’ve been his second nomination, as he should’ve gotten one for his role in Project X, but that’s just me.

The Girl on the Train – Oct. 7th

Time for you to meet my next wife, Emily Blunt. Blunt stars in this thriller as Rachel, a divorced alcoholic who spends her days riding the train and fantasizing about a young couple until she sees something shocking that will shape the rest of her life. Calling it now: This will be 2016’s version of Gone Girl. You go, Em.


Arrival – Nov. 11th

So Litttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Aliens and Amy Adams, a product for success. Sci-Fi is continuing to go up in my favorite genre rankings as of late (Thank You, Stranger Things). I’m praying that this movie is not a flop because that trailer was AWESOME. I know most people don’t particularly know the names of directors, but Arrival’s director, Denis Villeneuve, is no slouch especially after Sicario and Prisoners. Both were lit. I sound like a teenager, but the only way to describe this movie is lit so that’s what I’m going to say. Calling it now: This will be 2016’s version of The Martian.


Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – Nov. 11

HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. I have watched this trailer about 5 times and I am always left with goosebumps. My god does this movie look intense. Totally taking the easy way out by using IMDB’s synopsis because I can’t comprehend as to how good this movie will be. “19-year-old Billy Lynn is brought home for a victory tour after a harrowing Iraq battle. Through flashbacks the film shows what really happened to his squad – contrasting the realities of war with America’s perceptions.”

Calling it now: This movie WILL WIN Best Picture at the Oscars 2017. Mark it down.


Manchester By The Sea – Nov. 18th

Credit: Variety

I call this “The Movie that stars actors that are usually supporting players in big movies but are finally going to get the credit they deserve as stars.” The movie is about Lee (Casey Affleck) returning to his hometown, after his brother (Kyle Chandler) suddenly dies, and has to deal with all of the aftermath. This movie scored big with critics at Sundance and is a shoe-in to get some nominations. Casey Affleck might give Ben a run for his money in “Best Actor in a Boston Movie” because Casey knocks the Boston accent out of the park every damn time. Also, Coach Taylor is in this movie so that’s a must see no matter what movie it is.


La La Land – Dec. 2nd

A musical on the list? Really? Yes, really. For starters, it stars two of the most beautiful people on planet Earth, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. This is going to be a tough sell to all the manly man out there who don’t like singing dramas, but it’s something different from your usual explosions and superheroes. This will be the perfect movie for guys to bring their girlfriends to come Christmas time. You’ll thank me later, fellas.


Passengers – Dec 21

Credit: Sony

Probably the first movie on this list where I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Apparently, it’s about space travel and hibernation. 2 people wake up early on a 120 year voyage and have to spend 90 years together waiting to reach their destination. Yeah I know, I’m confused too. I’m going off of the actors in this one. Jennifer Lawrence (another wife) and Chris Pratt are two of the biggest stars IN DA LEAGUE. These two are huge box office draws so I’m not expecting them to put out a shitty movie. Yay for Sci-fi!


Live by Night –  Limited in Dec. / Jan. 17th 2017 Nationwide

Credit: Projectcasting

Another movie where I don’t know a lot about, but I’m going to rattle off some things. Ben Affleck stars and directs. 1920s and 1930s. Police prodigal son turned Bootlegger, rum-runner, and gangster. Movie was pushed up to get an awards season release. Do I need to keep talking? I think not.


The future of movies is bright. Grab your popcorn because the show is about to begin.

Why Kanye West Should Perform During Halftime Of Super Bowl 51


14037564_10210408122226447_1549487614_oKanye West and the NFL, two of my favorite things in the world. In a perfect world, Kanye would be playing at the halftime show of the Super Bowl the Jets are playing in. If I could witness that, I would die a happy man. I’m thinking of the limbs and organs I’d give up right now just to have the chance to be in the building for that experience. A foot, a toe, finger, kidney, take it all.

Alright back to reality, I know it’s a long shot for Kanye to get the halftime gig and an even longer shot for the Jets to make it there so you don’t have to tell me twice. With that being said, there is definitely a case for Yeezy to be in Houston as Adele recently rejected the NFL’s offer, saying “that show is not about music”.

The hashtag #KanyeWestForSuperBowl51 has taken off and his fans are doing their best to get the NFL’s attention.

First off, Kanye puts on a great performance in any environment to diverse audiences, and you know he would take advantage of the big stage in Houston. His music catalogue is unprecedented in hip-hop, he has a number of hits he could perform, as the Chicago rapper recently passed the great Michael Jackson on the top 40 hits list. ‘Ye would be coming off his Saint Pablo Tour, and may have a new project he would want to promote.

It’s time to let hip-hop in the door as the headliner for the Super Bowl, let Kanye tear the stage up. Bring out Paul McCartney to make the old heads happy, as he plays the guitar on Kanye’s “Only One” track. We’ve seen in recent performances the NFL has tried to appeal to different audiences by synchronizing artists from different genres. I know he can be controversial as we see time to time ‘Ye could explode at any moment (See Below) or go on one of his streams of consciousness (rants), so I understand the NFL’s hesitancy, as he would not appeal to some of the audience. You cannot deny his talent and creative ability though, the guy is a genius. It is the perfect time for a Kanye West halftime performance.

Listen to the kids bro!

My Favorite 7 Films #fav7films

Ready. Set. Go.

What are your favorite 7 films? I’m definitely going to forget some, but off the top of my head, here is my list. Also, I tried to include movies from different genres. You gotta mix it up. These are not the seven greatest movies of all time, but they’re my personal favorites.

The Shawshank Redemption 

Credit: IMDB

I took a random communications class in college and we had to go around the room and say our favorite movie of all time. I said Shawshank. The movie has everything. Drama, murder, romance (if you count Andy getting beat up by the Sisters), suspense, and Morgan Freeman’s voice. Get busy Living or Get Busy Dying…Bitch

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The Silence of the Lambs

Credit: Sky

No, I am not a serial killer. Once again, I love a good thriller. Edge of your seat suspense. One of the rare movies to win Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, and Best Director. So clearly others agree with my taste in movies. This movie has the potential to give you nightmares for weeks so maybe I am a little messed up if this is one of my Favorite 7 Films. Oh well.

Watch this gif and try not to get a nightmare. I dare you.

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The Breakfast Club

Credit: Newsweek

The 80s, baby! This is easily one of the Top 5 Coming of Age movies of all time. Everyone went to high school so it’s extremely relatable. Drinking, fitting in, Cliques. All stuff that is relevant for a 16 year old kid. Jon Bender is the guy I always wanted to be but never had the guts to be. Depressing, right? DONT YOUUUUUUUU FORGETTTTTTT ABOUTTTT MEEEEE

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Dazed and Confused

Credit: Playbuzz

Alright, Alright, Alright. The 70s, baby! I firmly believe I was born in the wrong decade. Another great coming of age movie. Once again, anyone going into their senior year of high school can relate. All that was on my 17 year old mind was football, girls, and parties (granted, I didn’t drive around with a trunk full of beer). Dazed might also have the greatest soundtrack of all time.


Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia


Credit: Mentalfloss

My favorite comedy of all time. This is what I like to call Quote Heaven because there are so many one liners. The Dream Team of Nervous Evan and Fake Tough Guy Seth is one of my favorite duos of all time. Too many scenes to discuss and not enough time. I leave you with Seth Buys Vodka.


Home Alone

Credit: Vice

Such an important film in my childhood. When my family and I went on long car rides, this was always the VHS of choice. Home Alone season usually starts in November, but this movie is good all year round. I only have one gripe with Kevin McCallister: WHY DID YOU NOT EAT YOUR MAC N’ CHEESE? I mean come on. You lit candles for this special occasion. You just cooked yourself a delicious meal of Kraft Mac N’ Cheese via the microwave. The clock strikes 9 and you don’t even take one bite? ONE BITE?!?!? Such a waste.

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The Dark Knight

Credit: Moviepilot

The GOAT of superhero movies. Heath Ledger’s Joker is the GOAT character from any superhero movie ever. Christian Bale is the GOAT of Batmen. The Dark Knight is the GOAT when in comes to flipping through the channels and stopping to watch a movie when its on. A lot of GOATs being thrown around, but The Dark Knight deserves it all and then some.

Credit: Tumblr

Agree with me? Hate my list? Maybe you just hate me in general? All the above? Tweet @Dailymixreport and let me know what you think!

Are You Rooting For This Guy to Fall?

Yes? No? Maybe?

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PR 101: America stops to watch the Summer Olympics for two weeks every four years. Steal the spotlight by doing something that mentions Donald Trump. Ding, we’ve got a winner!

So some psycho has decided to climb Trump Tower with suction cups. Wait what? Suction cups? I thought that was not a thing unless you are Tom Cruise.

Credit: Linkedin

People are still trying to find out why the dude is climbing the tower, but initial reports say the guys is Pro Trump and simply wants to have a conversation with Trump. I would’ve bet millions of dollars that this guy was Pro Hillary so that might be the strangest thing out of all of this. Apparently, his name is Steve and posted this video yesterday saying he was going to do it.

With all that being said, I ask a simple question: Are you rooting for this guy to fall?

My answer: YES. If you’re stupid enough to climb a tower via suction cups, then you deserve to fall if you slip. You want to a be hot shot? Fine. You want to be an idiot? ok. Deal with the consequences if you mess up. Think about it. This guy has been climbing for about 3 hours. Imagine if he slips up and falls? This would be talked about forever. It would be a “where were you” type of moment. Now before you say I don’t have a soul, I’m not saying the guy has to die. I’m pretty sure they set up a landing area if this guy falls so he should survive this. I honestly think it would be a good PR move for him to fall. I bet he gets his convo with Donald Trump if he falls because The Don would feel bad for him. Climbed all that way only to fall to his (nonexistent) death.

UPDATE: THE CLIMBER WAS CAUGHT BY THE POLICE AND I AM PISSED. Really guys? Let the guy climb! Worst case scenario right here. If he made it to the top, then the guy succeeded in his climb and got to make his statement. If he falls, then he falls. If you’re stupid enough to climb a tower, then you have to face the consequences if you mess up. Why should the cops risk their lives in order to save an idiot who clearly does not want to be caught? Easy answer: They shouldn’t! We missed out on a great television moment even though I just spent the last two hours watching his climb. 1-0, Climber.

Who Would You Want To See Star In Space Jam 2?

“Who would I choose? I would probably pick Blake Griffin.” said Michael Jordan.


Space Jam will always have a special place in my heart. I still have the VHS in my house to this day. Space Jam 2 recently got the green light and I just hope they do it right. Don’t ruin the movie of my childhood. LeBron James was tabbed to be the star of the show in the upcoming sequel directed by Justin Lin.

Michael Jordan was recently asked at a basketball camp if he could chose anyone to star in the next Space Jam, who would it be? His answer came as a surprise, Choosing Blake Griffin to put on the Tune Squad jersey to take on the Mon$tars.

Who from the NBA would you want to see in Looney Tune Land?


I feel LeBron is the perfect man for the job. I thought he was hysterical starring in “Trainwreck”. Let my boy J.R. Smith play the Bill Murray role and you have an instant classic.

Get it done Warner Bros.

‘Power’ Returns This Sunday For Season 3

Power on Starz is back for a third season this Sunday (July 17th) in prime-time at 9 P.M. EST.


With Game of Thrones done for the year and we get into the dog days of summer between the end of the NBA season and the beginning of football, most people are looking for something fresh for entertainment. Here it is, the 50 cent executive produced show on Starz, Power, which returns this Sunday July 17th with an all new time slot of 9 P.M. to kick off season 3.

Power is the most watched show on Starz, and set a record for viewers with the season 2 premiere last year. Each season contains 10 one hour long episodes, so if you haven’t watched yet, you’re not too far behind to catch up for Sunday.


The show is written by Courtney Kemp Agboh, and takes you inside the life of Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) who lives a double life as a kingpin drug dealer on one side, and on the other he is the owner of a ritzy club called “Truth”. He uses the club to essentially clean his dirty drug money.

Credit: Starz

50 cent plays a role in the show as “Kanan”. He was Jamie’s former boss and mentor in the drug game, showing him the ropes growing up. Kanan begins the show in prison for drug charges, but still makes things happen on the outside with his strong ties to the hood.

The show is tough to predict and has you on edge throughout the season with ruthless twists and turns. The soundtrack is dope as well, doing a great job of accompanying the tone of each episode. I have a few of the tracks including the theme song on my iTunes.

To catch up you can watch episodes online with Starz Play if you are a subscriber, or Starz On-Demand with cable television. I’m pumped to get “Power” back in my life with the way season 2 ended, season 3 is sure to entertain.

See you Sunday Ghost. Check out the trailer for the upcoming season below.