Daily Mix Report Podcast – Fantasy Football Special

Got a fantasy draft this week? The DMR has got you covered with everything fantasy football. Listen in for who you need to win your league.


Got a fantasy draft this week? The DMR has got you covered with everything fantasy football. Listen in for who you need to win your league. We covered every aspect of your draft from sleepers, to breakouts, busts and potential draft strategies. Special guest, Brandon Trager joined us in studio to dish out some expert advice to help you out as well.

Give our first Fantasy Football podcast a listen below!

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 10

Madden. Kony 2016. Las Vegas. In Studio Guests: Ain’t No Daisy

The DB’s of the DMR are back. We have reached double digits, folks! Thank you for all the feedback so far. We really appreciate it. The future is bright for the podcast. More in-studio guests and a call-in line are in the workds so stay tuned!

We talked about LordTreeSap’s ridiculous love for Madden, the power of Internet trends, Las Vegas, and brought back the boys of Ain’t No Daisy to talk about music and the Yankees.

We will be releasing our Fantasy Football Podcast this week as well because it’s a huge draft week. Tips, draft strategies, breakouts, and player rankings were just some of the topics discussed. If you love fantasy football, this is a podcast that you DO NOT want to miss.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 9

Trump Tower Climber. Olympics. Atlantic City Stories. The life of a B-List Celebrity.

Episode 9 of the Podcast is here. This is arguably our best podcast to date. We talked about the idiot who climbed Trump Tower, talked about the Olympics, and an interesting question about celebrities: Would you want to be an A list celebrity or the friend of one / B lister? For me, I’m choosing the B list. I still get all of the perks, but I get less paparazzi. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 8

It all goes down live from “The Basement”. #RipHarambe


Episode 8 is here, live from “The Basement” of LordTreeSap. No producer Jimmy this week, so the sonic game is not A1. DG and LordTreeSap held it down in his absence, though. Give us a listen as we talk Arthur memes, Blackjack, DJ Khaled and the NFL, as training camp is in full swing.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 6

Better Late Than Never. Episode 6 is here.

What’s good everyone? Sorry for the delay in posting the podcast this week, we faced some technical difficulties. During this episode the gang breaks down NBA free agency, UFC 200’s debacle, and gives an update on the journey to making Murphy’s great again and much more. Check it out!

Thanks homies.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 5

New Studio. Same Madness.

I know what you’re thinking. We didn’t skip over Episode 4. We recorded it, but it was all over the place. Between dogs barking and technical difficulties, we decided to not release it at this time. One day, we’ll post it, but for now, enjoy the usual shenanigans from your favorite team of podcasters. Game of Thrones, Pizza, and OJ Simpson. Enjoy.