Monday Memories – Mrs. Doubtfire

Euphegenia Doubtfire, dear.



Mrs. Doubtfire is an all-time classic in every sense of the word. It holds a special place in my heart because it used to be my family’s go-to movie for long car trips. You knew it was a great ride when the Mrs. Doubtfire VCR was brought out and the whole entire car was laughing.

Robin Williams. Robin Fucking Williams. Man, do I miss him. Was there anything this guy could not do? He could make you laugh as Mrs. Doubtfire. He could make you cry in Good Will Hunting (and win an Oscar). He could inspire you like he did in Dead Poets Society. Phenomenal range for a a so called “funny man.” Give the guy one idea and he will improvise the rest.

This is still the best episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway Ever.

So many one liners in Mrs. Doubtfire. It’s almost as if I learn a new one every time. As I get older, I start to appreciate more jokes because I finally understand them.

Everyone will always remember the “we’re his goddamn kids too” line, but “the Dances with Wolves Motif” remark is so underrated.

Cake Scene. “I must look like a Yetti in this getup.”

HOT JAMBALAYA. My personal favorite scene. From beginning to end, pure genius. If James Bond himself can choke on a piece of shrimp, then this proves that there is a god. Best line of the scene: When Mrs. Doubtfire sees Stu choking. “Oh no, I killed the bastard…HELP IS ON THE WAY, DEAR!”

I don’t even need to explain why this movie is funny. The clips speak for itself. Plus, I didn’t feel like explaining it myself so there’s that.


Greatest Hits is a Show I Can Get Behind


As great as the summer is, it’s not that great when it comes to television. Fall and Spring shows go on hiatus and I find myself channel surfing into oblivion. I was lucky to scroll onto ABC and a show called “Greatest Hits” was on. At first, I thought it was just a lame idea to get old stars a paycheck.

It turns out that this show is FIRE. What a steal. Yes, old stars do need that paycheck, but the songs they are playing are awesome and entertaining. It’s a cool concept. Mix old stars with new and play the classics for a certain time period. What’s not to like?

This week’s episode had two of the biggest fire jams in the late 90s.

First, there was Backstreet Boys and Meghan Trainor with “I Want It That Way.”

The Backstreet Boys are somehow still together after all of these years so credit to them. I’d say I’m a BSB > N’sync kind’ve guy. I Want It That Way, Everybody, Incomplete, Larger Than Life. Gimme those 4 songs and I’ll tear the roof off of a party.

If you didn’t have this album, then you weren’t cool.


However, the song that stole the show was Hanson with an accoustic version of “MMMBop.”

I’ve listened to this song close to 10 times today and it gets better every time. Just when you think Hanson is a thing of the past, they come back with a 95 mph fastball and tell everyone to respect their elders. If I’m Hanson, I throw this version back on the charts and see where it ends up. If it was up to me, it goes Top 10 EASILY.

Have a good weekend.

Nick Young aka Swaggy P Almost Blows Up Hand In Firework Explosion

TMZ Sports: Nick Young came this close to losing his hand in a stupid fireworks accident … when the NBA star picked up a tube holding a lit artillery shell … and it exploded while he was holding it. 

It all went down at Nick’s massive 4th of July party at his L.A. home — when Nick saw the lit fuse … and thought it would be fun if he set it off while holding it over his head. 

Swaggy P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be the first to say this. I am a Swaggy P fan. Swaggy is a Daily Mix Report legend. The guy is nuts. He’s a walking cartoon character who happens to shoot basketballs for a living. The guy craves media attention and is always trying to #StayRelevant. Throw in the fact that I can barely understand a word he says and I’m sold.

I thought Swaggy was leaving the limelight this year, but he has shot up in pop culture ranks these last couple months.

First, D’Angelo Russell began brewing the pot by filming and recording a convo he had with Swaggy, where Swaggy basically admitted to cheating on his then fiance, Iggy Azalea.

Then, Swaggy tries to take the spotlight away from Game 7 of the NBA Finals to let the Twitter World know that he is single. Genius move on his part to get his name in the media.

Then, Iggy Azalea put Swaggy on BLAST when she called him out for cheating on her and Iggy said that she even caught Nick on tape doing it.

To make matters worse, Swaggy cheated on Iggy with his ex-girlfriend, Keonna Green, and got her pregnant. SAY IT AINT SO, SWAGGY.


If we’re being honest, if I got caught in a web of lies, I would’ve probably picked up that firework too and let it explode in my hand. I feel for my girl Iggy because Swaggy was an asshole to her, but this was probably a blessing in disguise for her. There’s no stopping Swaggy P now. I predict that he goes to the NBA All Star game next year…Notice how I said “goes” and not “plays.” A guy can dream, right?

This is still the greatest gif of all time. CREDIT: GIPHY

P.S. Swaggy should’ve listened to my man, JPP #FireworksHurt #ThatsMyDefensiveEnd


Hot Dogs > Cheeseburgers

Eat Hot Dogs. Sleep. Repeat.

CREDIT: Visual Photos

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend. Believe me, I am still recovering.

The Fourth of July is built for beaches, fireworks, and most importantly, barbecues. Who doesn’t love a good barbecue. There is nothing better than firing up the grill after a nice day at the beach and indulging in some hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

I’m a proponent of eating one of each, but I ask a simple question: If you have to choose one, are you taking hot dogs or cheeseburgers?

Cheeseburgers are good. They definitely fill you up and the taste great with some bacon on top. They are a staple at McDonald’s so you have to respect the Fast Food King.

However, for this guy, it’s a no brainer. I am officially on #TeamHotDog. When I’m craving food off the grill, I automatically gravitate towards hot dogs. Yes, I understand they are made up of an assortment of unused pig parts and preservatives and that you’re not supposed to have more than like 10 a year. Screw that. I know what I’m getting into. I’m not eating hot dogs for their nutritional value. I’m eating them because they taste damn good.


Mustard. Ketchup. Hot Sauce. Onions. Chili. Cheese. Pickles. Bacon. The toppings are endless.

When you go to a baseball game, what’s the first food you think of? Hot Dogs. When you think of the Fourth of July, what’s the one food that has its own eating contest? Hot Dogs. When you think of the street cart outside of Grand Central Station, what food is always there? Hot Dogs. You might be able to eat 2 cheeseburgers, but you can definitely eat double the amount of hot dogs.

I rest my case. Keep Calm and Eat Hot Dogs

Remember When I Said The Warriors Should Go After Kevin Durant? It Looks Like They Listened

I hate to say I told you so

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.39.10 PM

Hey Warriors, You’re Welcome.

Ok, I can’t take all of the credit for the story. The Warriors had to beat the Thunder in the playoffs and then had to blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals in order for this move to happen so I’ll share the credit with the players.

I said this on February 2nd and I will say it again. The Warriors should go after Kevin Durant.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.46.16 PM

I’m probably in the minority when I say this but I do not blame stars for wanting to play with other stars. Why should Kevin Durant stay in Oklahoma City when he feels that he has a better chance to win in Golden State? Kevin Durant gave everything he had to OKC, and now he’s hated? Why play with Russell Westbrook when you can play with Steph, Klay, and Draymond? Isn’t this a no brainer?

All I keep hearing is how Durant is soft and Durant is weak and blah blah blah. If KD went to your team, you would be CHEERING this move. Hypocritical fans at it again. I do not blame Kevin Durant whatsoever for leaving. There are only two reasons as to why you leave a team. You either get paid more or you increase your chances of winning. It’s no secret that Durant wants to win a title in order to add his name to the list of the greatest players of all time. If the Warriors give him that chance, then going to the Warriors was the right decision. As much as the front office gets praised in Oklahoma City, they should’ve seen this coming. OKC had a big 3 with Westbrook, Durant, and Harden but they traded The Beard away. They fired Durant’s friend / coach, Scott Brooks. Kevin Durant is Top 5 in the NBA, and yet it started to feel like Russell Westbrook’s team towards the end. Durant did not like his cards anymore so he decided to get new ones.

I don’t understand the criticism towards Durant, but I do understand the criticism of the NBA and specifically, the owners. The owners knew the salary cap was going to go up. They knew the formation of a super team was possible. It finally happened, and now the fans are pissed.

Don’t be mad at Durant. Be mad at the system.



Better Late Than Never, I Caught The Game Of Thrones Fever

It took 6 seasons, but we here.

Over the years I’ve heard all about Game of Thrones from my friends, and how much I was missing out on it in my life. This was the year I finally had had enough and decided to dive in. One of the reasons that pushed me to the edge was my friends (fuck you guys) getting together Sunday after Sunday and I was not catching the invite to chill.

So last month I jumped in and immediately got hooked within the first season. I set a goal to be ready to watch the finale live. Let me get this out there, I am not a show guy and won’t pretend to be like most people. I talk about something in depth after I’ve put in the necessary hours. The only shows I claim are Keeping Up With The Kardashians (fan since 08′), Entourage, Empire and Power. I know, what diversity. It doesn’t mean much, but Thrones is by far the best show I’ve ever watched, and it feels good to add it to my weak repertoire.


It was very tough, but I somehow managed to avoid everyone landmine spoilers for the most part. Tweeting spoilers is not a good look y’all so stop live tweeting your shows, nobody cares. Finishing off with the Battle of The Bastards was epic and is definitely my favorite episode to date. That battle had my adrenaline flowing like I was watching game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Only to be followed by the best finale of a show I’ve ever seen. Game of Thrones absolutely delivered on an epic finale that had a little bit of everything to quench your thirst. With no cliff hanger, “The Winds of  Winter” satisfied its viewers with what they wanted to see. These back to back episodes to end the season are in a different stratosphere of entertainment.


The scene is set for season 7 as we are left with the visual of Daenerys sailing west with Tyrion at her side, a fleet of ships, her allies and her dragons. It took her six seasons, but she is finally on her way to ruling the seven kingdoms. With the NBA being over along with no Game Of Thrones I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself this summer. Season 7 can’t get here soon enough.


Overall, deciding to join the Game of Thrones gang was a major power move and the best decision I made in 2016. Anyone that is thinking about diving in, as Nike says, “Just Do It”.


We made it fam!



The Project X Soundtrack is One of The Best Soundtracks of All Time

I typically spend my Wednesday nights watching MTV The Challenge at 10 PM. It’s arguably the best show on MTV. The Challenge will always have a special place in my heart. Before 10, I usually spend aimless hours channeling surfing, hoping to find something that catches my interest before I die of boredom.

So I was pumped to find out that MTV was giving us an appetizer of Project X before The Challenge. Awesome, awesome move on MTV’s part because I love everything about Project X. This movie should not have worked. “A bunch of nerds decide to throw a party and tape the whole experience.” If I were to see that preview now, I probably wouldn’t be sold and I for sure would not spend money on a ticket.

That being said, Project X rules. It simply rules. Killer characters. Beautiful women. The nostalgia factor of partying in high school. So many one liners. My personal favorite is “The only thing you’re working on is diabetes.” Such a low blow by Costa to JB, but hilarious.

But the real star of the movie is the music. Fire flames to the tenth power. Jam after Jam. The perfect mix of rap and electronic music (Click here to listen to all of the songs from the movie.). Pusha T, Tyler the Creator, Nas, Kid Cudi, Steve Aoki, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Unbelievable. Here’s my Top 5.

5. Tipsy (Club Mix) – J-Kwon

Listening to Tipsy in 5th grade? Yeah, I was a badass.

4. Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki Remix)

Some might argue this is the best song from the movie. I can respect that. Still brings people to the dance floor.

3. White Trash Party – Eminem 

An under-the-radar song from Eminem and it definitely gets forgotten during Project X.

2. Trouble On My Mind – Pusha T feat. Tyler, the Creator

What a banger. You better believe I bump this song while driving my baby blue Volkswagen convertible buggy.

1. Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The GOAT. So catchy. So fire. So good.


Thank You Buddy Ryan

The Defensive guru died peacefully at his Kentucky Ranch Tuesday (June 28).

The sports world mourns after losing two legends today. In addition to basketball legend Pat Summit, former NFL head coach Buddy Ryan passed away this morning at his Kentucky ranch. The cause has yet to be released, he was 85.

James “Buddy” Ryan was the ultimate defensive guru, coaching in the NFL for 26 seasons with his signature in your face, bully type style. Buddy was an innovator as he created modern day blitz schemes we still see today. Like his sons Rex and Rob, Buddy wasn’t scared to speak his mind and was full of colorful quotes. You could see where his sons get their brash bravado from.

The Korean war veteran’s first NFL gig was as the linebackers coach for the New York Jets in 1968 when Joe Namath shocked the world as we defeated the Colts 16-7 for our only Super Bowl win. A game that Jets fans will always remember.


After moving on to the Minnesota Viking, coaching the “Purple People Eaters,” he gained his notoriety concocting the 46 Defense for the Chicago Bears. The 46 defense was founded on sending more blitzing players than an offense could block. And in 1984, the Bears tallied 72 sacks, a record that is standing to this day. The ’85 Bears capped their Super Bowl title with seven sacks. He was carried off the field by his defense side by side with head coach Mike Ditka.


Panthers head coach and former Bear on the ’85 defense, Ron Rivera had kind words for Buddy.

He later went on to be the head coach of the Eagles and Cardinals. Buddy had a record of 55-55-1 in the regular season and 0-3 in the playoffs, all with the Eagles.

I’ve always heard about the influences Buddy has had on today’s defenses. It was great to see him around the team when his son Rex was the coach of the Jets from 2009-2014. I got to see the qualities of Buddy through Rex as a coach. A players favorite that would have guys run through a wall for him. A defensive mastermind with an aggressive blitzing mindset that was relentless. Someone that isn’t scared to speak his mind, and is going to come out and hit you in the mouth. He is going to be missed.

You would see the Rex led Jets hop into the signature 46 defense occasionally throughout the season, for example against the Texans below.



As Rex Ryan enters his second season as head coach for the Bills, he hired his twin brother Rob as assistant to help run the defense. They both go into it with their backs against the wall, looking to honor their late father.


Buddy Ryan’s impact will never be forgotten, his spirit lives on through his coaching sons. Thank you for allowing my defense to thrive in Madden with the 46 playbook.


RIP Buddy.