Ariana Grande And Adele Laughing Like Seth Rogen Is The Video Of The Day

The perfect amount of dumb humor that I needed on this Thursday. I don’t know what it is, but Seth Rogen’s laugh is contagious. If a stoner and a surf bro had a baby, it would be Seth Rogen and his laugh. I think his laugh is one you come to love after hearing it over a hundred times. At first, you probably hate it but like any good virus, it comes to grow on you. It’s almost like he’s coughing after he just inhaled a big puff of smoke and is trying to let it out while smiling. I mean, I think that’s what happens when you smoke. I still haven’t graduated D.A.R.E. so I’m still learning these things.

While we’re on the topic of Seth Rogen, if you put him and James Franco in a room together, who laughs first? Seriously, I have no idea. Between Seth’s coughing laugh and Franco’s deep “ahhhhhh” laugh, those two together are instant entertainment.

I thought hurricane season was over!

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 9

Trump Tower Climber. Olympics. Atlantic City Stories. The life of a B-List Celebrity.

Episode 9 of the Podcast is here. This is arguably our best podcast to date. We talked about the idiot who climbed Trump Tower, talked about the Olympics, and an interesting question about celebrities: Would you want to be an A list celebrity or the friend of one / B lister? For me, I’m choosing the B list. I still get all of the perks, but I get less paparazzi. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.