‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Demolishes The Single Game Record Score With $110,914

Introducing the smartest person in the world, James Holzhauer.

I don’t care about astrophysicists or mathematicians. Einstein and Newton don’t belong in the same room as Big Jimmy. If you score over $100,000 points on Jeopardy!, you are officially the smartest dude on Planet Earth. It’s not even that James crushed the competition. My guy was COCKY doing it.


True Daily double? Nah bro. I’ll take the window maximum. I don’t even know what that means. What a flex by James. The cockiness did not stop there. The previous one-game record was $77,000. Going into Final Jeopardy, James needed $4,400. Let’s just say he bet a little more than that.

$38,314! Holy shit. This man breathes cockiness. I haven’t seen bigger nuts since Randy Marsh.

He even blew on his fingers after Alex Trebek said it was the new one day record. Suck it, Trebek!

Let’s also not forget that he has the most forced smile in history.

I love this man. I hope he never loses.

P.S. He’ll probably lose now that I put a jinx on him.

‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Announces He Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

This sucks. Alex Trebek announced that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer death. The median survival rate is between two and six months. I’m not ready for a world without Alex Trebek on my television at 7 p.m. on ABC. For a man that is staring at death, his attitude could not be more positive. In typical Trebek fashion, he turned to humor to lighten the mood, saying he has to beat this disease because he has to “host Jeopardy for three more years.”

I’m a big Jeopardy fan. It’s on my Mt. Rushmore of game shows. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Family Feud, The Price is Right, and Jeopardy!. I’m the biggest loser in the world because I had the Jeopardy! video game on PS2. Honestly, I have no shame. That was an awesome purchase. While you were reading Harry Potter, I was determining how much money to bet in Final Jeopardy. There’s no better feeling in the world than answering the Final Jeopardy question correctly. It’s a high that can’t be explained. You could be the dumbest person in the world, but if you correctly answer Final Jeopardy, you’re smarter than Einstein. I used to crush Jeopardy! M-F in college. It would be my nightly ritual. Start cooking at 630ish so my meal would be ready by 7 so I could sit back, relax, and listen to Alex Trebek make fun of the contestants.

The survival rate is not good, but if there’s anyone who can defy the odds, it’s Trebek. Who is the game show host that beat pancreatic cancer?

Who is Alex Trebek?