The Astros Beat The Athletics On The Weirdest Play In Baseball History

What did I just watch? The Astros beat the A’s on an Alex Bregman hit that went about three feet. All the catcher had to do was relax and let Bregman come to him. He can’t go backwards to the plate. Instead, he played a game of hot potato and the Astros won. There are crazy endings, and then there are sad endings. I don’t even have a word to describe that ending. Weird? One-in-a-million? Then again, the Astros once won on a pop fly that went five feet.

If you play for the A’s, do you even bother showing up to the next game? If I’m Commissioner Rob Manfred, I am suspending the entire A’s organization for one game. You can’t have three foot hits winning baseball games. Also, if I’m the commissioner, I’m investigating the Astros for sorcery and magic. It’s impossible to win two games the way they did without casting a spell on the opposing team. Not on my watch!