Happy 10 Year Anniversary To The Hangover

Ten years ago, The Hangover premiered in theaters and catapulted into the upper tier of great comedic movies of the 21st century. I remember seeing The Hangover with my sister in the theaters and I couldn’t stop laughing. I kept thinking “Is this what really happens in Las Vegas?” (Vegas Trip TBD. That’s on me.) Watching old clips makes me realize that The Hangover almost has an underrated appeal to it because of the sour taste left in our mouths from Hangover II and Hangover III. Let’s not mention those again. What I love about The Hangover (and any great comedic movie) is the plethora of one-liners. I tweeted one out today. I don’t care if this is wrong and makes me an immature 12-year-old. I will always laugh when Alan simulates Carlos masturbating. It’s funny!

There’s no point in having the “could this movie be made today” debate because it would never be made. Let’s just enjoy The Hangover for what it is, which is a fucking hysterical film. It launched the careers of (my boy) Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and especially Zach Galifianakis. All three are throwing in the 90 mph for their performances, but Galifianakis is approaching 100mph. Enjoy these clips from The Hangover. Thanks a lot, Bin Laden.

A Star Is Born: Can Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Both Win An Oscar?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of weeks, the entertainment world has been captivated by A Star Is Born. From Bradley Cooper’s direction to Lady Gaga’s first performance on the big screen, audiences can’t get enough of this tragic love story. The film has been in theaters since October 5th and has already grossed over $135 million worldwide. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Once Lady Gaga let out her famous “HAAAA AHHHHHH ahh ahh ahhhhhh” in the trailer, this movie was going to be a hit.

Here is my quick review of the film in one tweet.

The hype was real. Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut exceeded my expectations. His ability to craft a fresh take on a story that has previously been told three times was magnificent. Cooper’s dedication to the role and three year transformation to become Jackson Maine was insane. Cooper learned how to play guitar and piano as well as lower his voice down a whole octave to play the aging superstar. It also helps that Lady Gaga shined in her debut on the big screen. In simplest terms, Gaga was born to play this part.

With the movie in theaters, the topic of conversation shifts towards awards season. Can A Star Is Born win big at the Oscars? The film is a lock to receive multiple nominations. However, will Cooper and Gaga walk away with acting hardware come February? Here’s how they stack up against the field.

*All odds are taken from Goldderby.com. I’m going to focus on Best Actor and Best Actress. A Star Is Born will win for Best Original Song and will most likely receive nominations in Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture.*


Can Cooper finally win an Oscar for acting? Cooper was previously nominated in the best acting category for Silver Linings Playbook and American Sniper as well as the best supporting category for American Hustle. Is the year he finally breaks through with the Academy? Right now, Cooper is the favorite on Goldderby with 9/2 odds. Second place is at 6/1. If A Star Is Born continues to explode at the box office, his campaign will only gain traction and stability with voters. Other contenders for the prize will be Viggo Mortensen (Green Book), Ryan Gosling (First Man), and Christian Bale (Vice). However, I believe the biggest disruptor to Cooper’s campaign could be Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody. No official reviews have been released, but if Malek puts on a tour de force performance as Freddie Mercury, voters will then have to choose between two musical performances for the top prize. This conflict may split the vote and someone like Mortensen or Bale might emerge when the dust settles. If I had to guess on October 15 as to who wins Best Actor, I’m choosing Bradley Cooper, but that could change in a few short months.


Lady Gaga is going to win Best Actress at the 2019 Oscars. Full disclosure, I have not seen all of Gaga’s competition yet because the films have yet to be released, but I can’t see anyone overtaking her lead. Right now, she’s a 39/10 favorite. The next closest odds are 9/2 so that’s not an insurmountable lead, but it’s solid for now. Her biggest competition will be Glenn Close (The Wife) and Olivia Colman (The Favourite). In my opinion, these roles are not as flashy in the public’s eye as Gaga’s. Gaga plays an up-and-coming singing sensation alongside Bradley Cooper. Close plays a wife attending the Nobel Prize ceremony with her husband and Colman plays Anne, Queen of Great Britain. Critics have lauded both Close and Colman for their scene-stealing performances. Plus, Close is a six-time nominee with zero wins. Is it time to reward Close with an Oscar to make up for lost times? Close deserves an Oscar, but it’s not going to be this year. Gaga’s star power and glamour alone will be on full display during the huge Oscar campaign the studio will build for her. Plus, let’s not forget about the heart of the matter, which is her magnificent performance. Between her strong chemistry with Cooper and her electrifying musical numbers, Gaga injected such life and vulnerability into a character that felt so personal and real. Gaga should start practicing her acceptance speeches now.

Do you think Cooper and Gaga will win Oscars?

A Star Is Born Is The Greatest Movie Of All-Time (And It Hasn’t Even Come Out Yet)

Do you want to know when I knew A Star Is Born was going to be a hit? It happened the second Lady Gaga grabbed the mic in the trailer and let out a “haaaaaa ah ah ah ahhhhhhhh.”

I tweeted this out over a week ago and after reading reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival, the sentiment remains the same. The hype for A Star Is Born is meteoric.

A Star Is Born has been on the radar of many film enthusiasts since the official announcement in 2016. The notion that Bradley Cooper would make his directorial debut with Lady Gaga is major news because of the possibilities it presents. Cooper has never stepped behind the camera and Gaga has never starred in a film of this nature. How will these two coexist on screen? Will the chemistry seem real? Will Bradley Cooper be able to sing onscreen and will his voice be able to compliment Lady Gaga’s? You could make a movie solely on the anticipation and question marks around this film.

Then, the trailer dropped and people FLIPPED OUT. (I did too, by the way.)

If trailers could win Oscars, A Star is Born would sweep every major category. Before its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, stories began to surface about the filmmaking procedures. There was the time Cooper wiped off Gaga’s makeup because he wanted her to be “completely open.” There was the story about how Cooper convinced Lorne Michaels to let him use the SNL stage for a performance in the film. Finally, after the premiere in Venice, the initial reviews swept the Internet by storm.

A Star Is Born is not good. It’s great.

Plus, Lady Gaga made a spectacular entrance on a boat.

Fast forward to the other day when the film screened at TIFF. More critics have now seen the movie and more positive reviews have occurred. This movie is going to be special.

It seems like A Star Is Born is going to be the greatest movie of all-time.

Well, I know that’s not going to be the case, but if you had your doubts if the hype was real, think again. A Star Is Born is going to be a special film and I can’t wait to watch.