Crazier Story: Kobe Bryant Playing In The Big 3 Or Bret Michaels’ Tweet To Post Malone?

This is supposed to be the dog days of summer, but today, August 21, there were two crazy stories that caught my eye for different reasons.

The first one involves Kobe Bryant and his so-called “retirement.” Kobe Bryant is returning to basketball, but it’s not with the Lakers. It’s not even in the NBA. Kobe Bryant, 5-time NBA Champion, is coming out of retirement to play in…

The Big3! There’s no chance this happens. Why would Kobe come back to play in the Big3? It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe Kobe Bryant will attend the event when it’s in Los Angeles and who knows, maybe he’ll suit up for one game. Technically, I guess that means the report is true if he plays in at least one game. That can happen, but play a whole season in the Big3? Doubt it.

It’s crazy, but is it crazier than Post Malone’s emergency landing at Stewart Airport in NY?

Thankfully, Post is alive and well after the scary situation. However, the crazier story (in my mind) was the tweet that Bret Michaels sent out in regards to the Post Malone situation.

I don’t even know where to begin. The first sentence is fine. There’s nothing wrong with sending condolences to someone in a scary situation. However, things went off the rails after that. The fact that he took a picture of himself in his private plane to send his Ts and Ps is a wild move. The fact that he put his Twitter handle in the picture is an OUTRAGEOUS move. The upset of the century is that Bret Michaels has a private plane. The Poison money is still good in 2018! Bret finishes the tweet off with an update on what the pilots must do to land safely. The tweet is all over the place and it reminds me of Madonna’s tribute to Aretha Franklin at last night’s VMAs. It’s a bananaland tweet that is so “out there” that I find myself respecting him even more.

So, what’s the crazier story, Kobe in the Big3 or the tweet from Bret Michaels?

That title belongs to Mr. Rock of Love.