WFAN’s ‘CMB’ Continues to Mediocrely Chug Along in New Timeslot

The trio of Carlin, Maggie, and Bart has been hosting weekdays from 1-3 on WFAN for almost a month now. Except for the occasional day when Francesa needed off or the Yankees had an afternoon game. I feel like there has been very little talk about them lately. In this case, no news is bad news. You want some kind of buzz for your show. When the people stop complaining, it often means that they no longer care. With radio, it probably means that they have stopped listening.

I will usually listen to the end of Joe and Evan. Mike comes on a couple hours later. If I’m sitting at the computer and have my radio on, I will usually start listening to them. Even if that was not necessarily my intention.

As I told Lord Treesap, Francesa did not come back making less money to work all summer. Mike recently talked about the summer finally getting here. Although he mentioned that this year was different because he wasn’t working all winter, Francesa said nothing about working on more warm days this time around. Mike has downplayed the summer months and said that ratings don’t matter then. So, it looks like CMB will probably get their long show back for a bit. We know that Benigno wants no part of those hours. Of course, the race card comes into play a lot with Bart Scott. I don’t want to get too much into the specifics right now. They only have two hours. When you spend the first hour on anthem stuff, it probably chases away much of your audience. A popular cry from fans is that they want to watch their sports without being preached to. Fans look for an escape from their problems and want a pleasant distraction. I have to believe that most people also would like the same from WFAN.

One time Carlin talked about Travis Kelce’s behavior. He said this was tolerated because Kelce is white, and accused Kansas City of basically being an extremely racist area. I don’t know what his experiences are in this part of the country other than turning down a job in radio there. Even Maggie had to chime in and point out that Tyreek Hill did something way worse but still played there and didn’t seem to be unfairly blasted by the crowds.

I feel like there could be a great SNL skit about these three if more people knew who they were. The storylines are so obvious. Bart saying ridiculous things and mispronouncing names. Carlin laughing way too hard at things that are marginally funny at best. Maggie referencing Seinfeld. Asdrubal Cabrera is now the ass man when she talks about him. That is from Seinfeld for those who don’t know.

Throw in her knocking Friends, talking about being from Binghamton, and mentioning Sports Illustrated. Maggie used to work there. If you have spent any significant time listening to them, you probably know that. Forget just one skit. Make it a regular program. People thought Seinfeld was a show about nothing. Oh wait. They already have a show. For now.