Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 33 – Baked Zidi

Baked Zidi is back in the house with a new name and a new game.

We sat down with Baked Zidi, who was formerly known as the French Prince, for another interview to talk about the name change, his new Tape Up Tour, and he even spit some fire at the end. We also discussed what the best playoffs in sports are and Zidi shared a story of how he met Tiger Woods. Yes, the real golfer. Check out the first episode of the Tape Up Tour below.

Here’s Baked Zidi free-styling at the end. Give him a follow @bakedzidi on Instgram

Cheat Sheet – The boys are once again joined by Baked Zidi, formerly known as The French Prince. Topics include recapping the Yankees (2:30 – 3:50), the best playoffs in sports (3:50 – 12:00), NBA story lines (12:00 – 16:00), Tidal Concert (16:00 – 18:00), and how Zidi met Tiger Woods (18:00 -23:00). For the second half, we interviewed Baked Zidi about the name change, the Tape Up tour, what’s next for his rap career, and he gave a freestyle at the end.

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Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 30 – Tommy G

Tommy G returned to the dungeon to talk about post abroad life. If you don’t remember, we had Big Tom on before his trip to Italy. We soon found out that Tommy lived large in Italy. Traveling, crazy stories, the whole nine yards. We covered it all so enjoy the interview.

Cheat Sheet

Tommy G joined the boys in the dungeon to discuss his recent study abroad trip to Italy. We talked about the end of Ladies Night at Murphy’s (2:00 – 8:20), Tommy’s trip abroad / memorable stories / favorite trips (8:20 – 32:00).

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BREAKING NEWS: The Daily Mix Report Podcast Is Now On iTunes

When you find out your podcast is now on iTunes.

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Them Boys Did It Again.

I am proud to announce that the Daily Mix Report Podcast is officially on iTunes.

Now in true DMR fashion, this took a while, but hey, that’s our charm. That’s what makes us, us. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now the podcast will still be on our Soundcloud page, but we know that Apple runs the podcast game so it was time to step up to the plate and join the big leagues. You can easily take the podcast wherever you go. On the train (highly recommend it), At work, In the car, To the gym if you that’s what you do, On the plane, Bump it at your next high school party, etc. Wherever you want to listen to it, do it.

To get serious for one second, I want to thank my co-hosts, LordTreeSap and Producer Jim. We all bring something different to the table and that’s why our site has started to take off especially these last two months. It’s a total team effort and I’m proud to work with them. Also, shout out to Hannah of Pyrraway for the new podcast logo.

Now, it’s up to our awesome listeners. Please smash that subscribe button, like it, review it, comment it, praise it, talk shit about it. It does not matter to me. We’ve got some good plans in place for the future including incorporating more guests and calls into the show. We need your help to take it to the next level so I know we can count on you.

We’re also looking for sponsors so if you would like to sponsor the podcast and get your brand or business out there, shoot us an email at thedailymixreport@gmail.com. 

Let’s keep the DMR Train rolling.

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