A Quick Listen to Michael Kay’s Show Exposes His Lack of Baseball Knowledge

First let me say that I like Michael Kay personally. He seems like a nice guy. Definitely more down to Earth than Mike Francesa. I have seen Kay at Siragusa’s restaurant hosting shows. Don La Greca has also been there, and La Greca taught me at CSB. That stands for Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Not to be confused with WFAN’s CMB. I think Kay is a good baseball broadcaster. Since I’m a loyal WFAN listener, I almost never hear Kay’s show. Maybe I’ll catch a youtube clip or flip over during a commercial, but usually I’ll go through music stations when I am driving and Francesa goes to break.

Anyway, Friday afternoon was different. I spent a few minutes waiting for my friend as he prepared for his playoff softball game. The goofy afternoon programs on ESPN do not interest me. Dan Le Batard and his father, for example. I was not near a radio. Years ago I could have just flipped to YES for Mike. In this case, it would be Kay’s show, but I figured at least there would still be some local baseball talk. You would think that Kay knows more about the Yankees than Francesa.

We all know about the tweets making fun of Francesa’s program. Kay has tweeted about his show being better than Mike’s. I figured there was some truth to that. With three hosts, there should be at least one who can provide accurate information. Especially if they all tweet and have access to read tweets from other people. Francesa admits that he doesn’t even use the site properly, and Mike does not reply to others. I’m sure he does not read corrections.

With all that said, the topic was how either Boston or the Yankees will be forced to play a Wild Card game. Do fans remember that the Yankees were in a Wild Card game last year? They won it and went on to face Houston after beating Cleveland. Nevertheless, Kay could not recall when baseball began using their current format that features two teams per league in a one-game Wild Card. I knew that began in 2012, but so be it.

Then came the real disgrace. Kay claimed that baseball started the Wild Card in 1997. They started that years earlier. It would have been 1994. There was no postseason that year due to a strike. The 1995 Yankees played a classic series against Seattle after qualifying as the first American League Wild Card. Kay called those games. Soon, La Greca chimed in. Don stated that baseball went to the second Wild Card in 2012, and agreed that 1997 was when baseball began to have a Wild Card.

As for Peter Rosenberg, we know he is useless in terms of baseball knowledge. When somebody tries to do two or three things, they often struggle with all of them. Recently I saw an old interview with former wrestler Zeus. Rosenberg thought the steel cage match involving Zeus was at Survivor Series. Maybe he misspoke, but that’s what Rosenberg said. It was not. Sounded like a misunderstanding and basic lack of knowledge to me. Now I can confirm that he is terrible with both baseball knowledge and wrestling history. Hopefully, his music knowledge is better. If not, make it 0-for-3.

Back to Kay. A caller suggested shortening the season to 154 games. Kay said owners wouldn’t give up money. He tried to calculate what percentage that would be. Since 8 times 20 is 160, about 5% of games (or 1/20) would be eliminated. His math was off. Kay thought the answer was 20 percent. After realizing that didn’t make sense, Kay guessed 2 percent instead. Apparently, he figured a decimal point wasn’t in the right place. So, 20 became 2.0 for his final answer. It was kind of like listening to CMB. You start to wonder how much terrible radio you’re missing on a daily basis. If 30 minutes produces this many errors, imagine how much more is out there.

Previously I wrote daily blogs that were often centered around how bad Tony Paige was. I’m sure I could do something similar on either Kay or CMB. Hopefully, somebody will offer to pay me. I work cheap, and I’ll do a good job.