NFL Draft Scenarios For The New York Jets And New York Giants

Draft day is finally upon us and it’s going to be an especially exciting edition for the local New York teams, as each team has a franchise-altering decision ahead that could have ramifications a decade down the line.

It all starts with the Browns who have leaked just about every possible candidate at No. 1. With so much indecision in an unstable organization, nobody has any idea where they could go with the pick, though most assume it will be Sam Darnold or Josh Allen. Cleveland also possesses the fourth pick in the draft so keep that in mind.

The New York Football Giants find themselves in unfamiliar territory near the top of the draft for the first time since they traded for Eli Manning in 2004. Do they select his successor? Could they move down and look at Quenton Nelson? Maybe the Bronx kid gets to come home and the G-Men pair Odell Beckham Jr. with Saquon Barkley. The Giants could go a multitude of directions here.

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On to LordTreeSap’s beloved Jets who moved up from 6 to 3 last month and will pick a quarterback in the first round for just the fifth time since the Joe Namath era and only second in the top 5 (Mark Sanchez). It will also be Gang Green’s first time picking in the top three since 1996 when they selected Keyshawn Johnson at No. 1. Which QB will fall to three and be the latest attempt at curing the plague known as the Jets QB situation of the last forty years?

LordTreeSap Playing the Role of Jets General Manager:

My Quarterback Rankings –

  1. Sam Darnold
  2. Josh Rosen
  3. Josh Allen
  4. Baker Mayfield

I’ve finally got my quarterback rankings set after a couple months of back and forth on who will be NYJ’s savior, deciphering who is going to be “our guy.” This is a franchise-changing decision that will make or break the careers of GM Mike Maccagnan and coach Todd Bowles. Sam Darnold is the clear-cut No. 1 in my eyes. As a prospect, he has all the qualities you look for in a QB at the next level and is just 20-years-old. If he falls to the Jets, that means the football gods were finally looking out for us, but I expect the Browns to select him when 8:15 PM EST strikes Thursday night.

Baker Mayfield scares the shit out of me as a Jets fan. Too many bad scenarios that end up in disaster pop into my head when I picture him donning the green and white. Being undersized, already 23-years-old, the Big 12 and his antics in NYC are just a few reasons I’m avoiding the Heisman Trophy winner. I’m looking through the smokescreen. The Jets did not move up to No. 3 to take Baker Mayfield. Cross the former Texas Tech walk-on off the list. I will give him props for recreating Brett Favre’s draft day photo. A+ content.

It’s really been a tossup between juggling the Josh’s (say that 10 times fast). I could see both being there at No. 3 when the Jets are on the clock. This week, I finally gave Josh Rosen the slight edge for the following reasons. The attitude concerns from “NFL Insiders” questioning his love for the game are complete bullshit, first off. He’s the most NFL-ready quarterback of the bunch and I love the fact he actually spent a considerable amount of time under center during his college career at UCLA. As Mike Mayock put it, “He’s the most natural thrower of the football in this draft class.” The repeated concussions he’s suffered are probably the largest red flag for me.

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That brings us to Josh Allen, the kind of prospect scouts have been drooling over during the draft process, a true workout warrior. The Wyoming product is your prototypical QB at 6’5″ 225 pounds. Allen has the best arm the draft has seen since JaMarcus Russell and may have the highest ceiling/star power of the bunch. Even Mel Kiper believes the Browns will call his name at No. 1. To be honest with you, I just don’t have the faith in the Jets coaching staff to maximize the 21-year-old’s ability down the line. Don’t get me wrong, he was impressive at the Senior Bowl and I definitely won’t be mad if he ends up being our guy. You have to respect my hesitancy as a Jets fan, though.

The New York Jets Select: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

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DG Playing the Role of Giants General Manager:

My Quarterback Rankings –

  1. Sam Darnold
  2. Josh Rosen
  3. Josh Allen
  4. Baker Mayfield

LTS and I both see eye to eye on the quarterbacks. Ever since I saw Sam Darnold put on a show in the Rose Bowl, I was sold. He’s everything you want in a quarterback. He has the arm strength, he can extend plays, he’s smart, and has a great attitude. You won’t find Sam Darnold’s name in the media for the wrong reasons, which is exactly the type of guy you need under center in New York.

This is an “uhh ya think” statement, but the Giants pick will be determined by what the Browns do at #1. It’s no secret that the Browns are going to go QB at #1, but as I sit here and write this on Thursday morning, no one knows who they are going to take. Mel Kiper has stuck by Josh Allen at #1 while Todd McShay has leaned towards Sam Darnold. Now, there are talks of Baker Mayfield going at #1, which would be shocking to me.

My take on this is the Browns have known who they have wanted to take for a few weeks now. Leaking these rumors is a way of creating a smokescreen so they don’t tip their hand for what they want to do at #4. When Roger Goodell walks across the stage tonight, I believe the name he will have in his hand will be Josh Allen to the Browns. New offensive coordinator Todd Haley will want to recreate Big Ben 2.0 from his time in Pittsburgh and Allen is the perfect prototype.

Then, we go to my beloved Giants. This team needs a lot of help. Both offensive and defensive lines need to be strengthened, running back has always been an issue, and Eli is 37 years old with 2 years left on his contract. We can go a few ways with our pick, but the way I look at it, the odds of the Giants being the #2 pick again are slim. Because of that, they need to go impact player who can be on the team for 8-10 years.

Like I said before, our pick will be based on what Cleveland does at #1, but in my mind, the Giants have two guys in mind: Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley. I’m a Catholic so I am saying my prayers that the Browns do not take Sam Darnold at #1. Darnold would be the perfect successor to Eli. There would be no rush to play him and Eli would be excellent at showing Darnold how to be a professional QB in the NFL. I would love for Eli to play the remaining two years on his contract, have Darnold sit and learn, and then step right into the starting position come 2020. That’s best case scenario.

If Darnold goes at #1, the Giants are not looking at any other QBs. The pick would then be Saquon Barkley. Barkley is the best player in this draft. He is a 3 down back who can not only catch out of the backfield, but run between the tackles. Barkley has the ability to change the game with the ball in his hands. This is a franchise running back, Day 1 starter, which is something the Giants have not had since Tiki Barber. However, the RB has evolved so much that teams can get so much value in the middle rounds. Just last year, Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt were middle round selections and both made significant impacts for their teams. Is taking Barkley at #2 worth it if one, the line can’t block for him and two, the Giants can get the same value for a RB in a later round? This is the debate of all debates and I tend to lean towards taking a RB in the later rounds. However, I won’t be mad at all if we take Barkley if Darnold is not on the board.

GM Dave Gettleman is a wildcard so if the Giants trade back, don’t be surprised.

If Sam Darnold is on the board, The New York Giants Select: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

If Sam Darnold is off the board, The New york Giants Select: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn St.

This is one of the most unpredictable drafts in recent memory. It should make great television. Here’s to your team making the right selection!

NFL Draft In Review: Analyzing The New York Jets Selections

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So the 2017 NFL draft came and went this past weekend, and after having a few days to digest the New York Jets selections, I think General Manager Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles did a solid job. Obviously, this year is going to a be a tough one at MetLife for Gang Green. I respect the direction the franchise is going in. For the first time we are actually committing to a true rebuild and focusing on building a strong roster through the draft rather than band-aiding the team with aging veterans.

Coming into the draft I felt the teams biggest needs were at: OT, CB, QB, and TE. Going the “best player available” route and sticking to your board with a roster that is arguably the worst in the league is understandable. That seemed to be the strategy, as the J-E-T-E Jets doubled up on safeties and wide receivers through the first 4 rounds.

It’s Christian Hackenberg time ladies and gentleman! After investing a 2nd rounder in the Penn St. product last year I respect not jumping at any of this year’s crop of quarterbacks. As this group of o-lineman was seen as one of the weakest in years, I guess I can’t kill the team for not picking one up. My biggest gripe with the haul was not selecting a corner earlier, which was arguably the largest of the holes on the roster with Darrelle Revis departing an already putrid position.

Let’s get into the picks, shall we.

1st Round #6 – Jamal Adams, S – LSU

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft

Fell right into our laps at six, as the Bears and Titans shocked the top five. All the reviews on this kid have been positive. A leader in every sense of the word, the complete package at safety.  Adams continues the DBU legacy at LSU and hopefully we see him on some All-Pro teams in a few years. Between Jamal and Leonard Williams the Jets have the cornerstones to sure up the front and back end of the defense for the next decade. The start of a culture change in NY.

Is this the end of 2014 1st round pick Calvin Pryor as a Jet?

2nd Round #39 – Marcus Maye, S – Florida

The only defensible thought process behind the All-Day Maye selection would be he was the highest player on the Jets draft board. Other than that, I’m baffled at the pick from a fit stand-point as the safety position is a congested one. With a home-run hitter like Dalvin Cook available, I was begging for the running back as he slid down draft boards. Corners like Sidney Jones or Maye’s teammate Quincy Wilson should have been the pick in my opinion. Prove me wrong Marcus. Hopefully Maye and Adams team up to become one of the best safety duos in the league down the line. One alarming statistic on the Florida safety, he is credited with giving up 10 touchdowns and struggles to track the ball in flight. Major no-no for me.

Never a bad weekend when you graduate and get selected in the NFL draft, congrats kid!

** The Jets haven’t hit on a 2nd round pick since taking David Harris way back in 2007**

3rd Round (#79) – ArDarius Stewart, WR – Alabama

Caught 8 TDs for Alabama this year and seemed to always come through on tough third down conversions. The slot receiver has drawn comparisons to Anquan Boldin in that regard. With a plethora of receivers, Steward should fit in nicely alongside Decker and Enunwa.

4th Round (#141) – Chad Hansen, WR – California

A prospect that came out of nowhere (no major scholarships out of high school) and blossomed on the scene as a junior transfer, leading Cal’s receiving corps by hauling in 92 passes for 1,249 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2016. The more highlights I watch of the 22-year-old the more impressed I get. Good size (6′ 2″) and hands should help the California kid stick around in the league for a long time. It’s crazy how quickly the Jets have revamped their receiving core the last couple years. Good value on the two receivers, but who will be throwing them the ball this year is the real question?

5th Round (#151) – Jordan Leggett, TE – Clemson

Man was I hoping the Jets would move up to take Jake Butt, who went five selections earlier. Gang Green settled for Leggett out of Clemson in an attempt to sure up a position they just can’t seem to get right. You don’t earn the nickname “Lazy” for nothing, but Jordan’s physical attributes are through the roof. When you can land a 6’6″ tight end with good speed in the 5th round you do it, well worth a flier. He’ll definitely have opportunities to play early on.

Rest Of The Picks: Finally addressed some needs including the cornerback position with some intriguing developmental prospects. Hopefully these guys just make the roster and can contribute on special teams this year, as Maccagnan moved back multiple times in the draft to pick up the extra selections.

Overall, it’s tough to judge a draft right away obviously, so let’s revisit this article in a few years and hopefully at least 2-3 of these selections are major contributors on an up and coming Jets team. See everyone at training camp!

Draft Grade: B

Exclusive: Leonard Fournette Got Asked Some Weird Questions By Teams At The NFL Combine


Throughout the draft process, NFL teams want to do their homework on players and sometimes they can go overboard. When coaches and front office executives sit down with potential draft picks at the combine, they try to find out everything they can about a player. This years batch of random questions include things like “are you afraid of clowns?” “If you could be a fish which would you choose,” or even “cats or dogs?”

These obviously have little to do with football and we’re still not sure what teams get out of asking them. Prior to getting selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars 4th overall Thursday, Leonard Fournette sat down with ESPN’s Adam Caplan for a MET-RX sponsored live-chat with the media.

The DMR was on the scene and asked the running back what were the weirdest questions he was asked throughout the draft process?

“They asked me who was Sherlock Holmes and they asked me what’s the capital of China, I can’t remember the rest, but I had some crazy ones,” said Fournette.

I even had to think to myself for those two. Wait Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character, right? Beijing, not Hong-Kong is the capital. Either way these have nothing to do with football, but the teams probably get a kick out of some of the answers from kids in their early 20’s.

3rd Official Annual DMR First Round NFL Mock Draft

2011 NFL Draft

Here at the Daily Mix Report we are all about tradition, and today we continue one of our favorites with the official first round NFL mock draft featuring LordTreeSap and local football “expert” Brandon Trager. We will do our best to give you who will end up where, but with an abundance of trades happening an accurate “mock draft” is tough to come by. Make sure to tune in for round one Friday night at 8 PM EST on ESPN.

So without further ado, strap in because the Cleveland Browns are on the clock.

1. Cleveland Browns 

LTS: Myles Garrett, DE – Texas A&M

I know some in the Browns organization want the QB here, but Garrett it just too talented to pass up on. The only prospect with an all-pro draft grade across the board. Cleveland gets its stud pass rusher at number one.

BT: Myles Garrett, DE – Texas A&M

No surprises here. Ladies and Gentleman, Jadeveon Clowney 2.0. There’s too much upside (and hype) to not go Garrett here. The Browns would be crazy to reach for Big Mitch right here. Garrett has all the tools to be special. It’s all about work ethic and help. A must pick at number one.

2. San Francisco 49ers

LTS: Solomon Thomas, DT – Stanford

The few times I caught Stanford this year, Thomas jumped off the screen. The Aussie is an amazing run-stopper partnered with a motor that doesn’t stop. The gentle giant checks off all the boxes and was even a junior captain at a school that only selects seniors for that job.

BT: Jamal Adams, S – LSU

There hasn’t been much talk about Adams at two, but I’m going to take a flier here. New GM John Lynch is a former strong safety. As a former player playing the position, how could you not love this guy? A do-it-all safety that looks like a LB, Adams is going to be a stud.

3. Chicago Bears 

LTS: Marshon Lattimore, CB – Ohio State

The 20-year-old corner is just what the doctor ordered for a porous Bears secondary. Even though Lattimore was only a one-year starter his size and press-coverage ability should translate very well at the next level, just needs to stay on the field.

BT: Marshon Lattimore, CB – Ohio State

The Bears had one of the worst secondaries in the NFL last season. Lattimore is the best cover corner in this draft and should be a no brainer here. Corners are so valuable in today’s “50-pass-a-game” NFL and will make an immediate impact.


4. Jacksonville Jaguars

LTS: Leonard Fournette, RB – LSU

It’s funny, 15 years ago Fournette is the type of formidable back that goes number one overall, but today’s league is different and doesn’t reward the traditional workhouse type of runner. Tom Coughlin makes his first stamp on the Jags with an offensive playmaker they’ve been lacking since the MJD era in Jacksonville after breaking the bank on defensive studs in free agency (Bouye, Campbell, Church).

BT: Soloman Thomas, DE – Stanford

I tuned into Stanford games as much as I could because I was a huge Christian McCaffrey fan. Every time I watched, I would always end up saying, “#90 is an absolute stud on Stanford’s defense.” Well, that’s Soloman Thomas. This dude has a motor that cannot be stopped. He may not have Garrett athleticism, but you know what you’re getting each and every play. Thomas is going to be a very good pro.

5. **Trade Alert** Cleveland Browns (From Tennessee)

LTS: Mitchell Trubisky, QB – North Carolina 

BT: Mitchell Trubisky, QB – North Carolina

Cleveland comes back up in front of the Jets to get their franchise QB, the first one off the board. Even though Mitch possesses only one year of starts under his belt. He proves he has the mental make-up to handle the NFL and make all the throws. Trubisky benefits from a weak QB class, but the kid looks the part. Only time will tell Cleveland.


6. New York Jets 

LTS: O.J. Howard, TE – Alabama

The Jets have struck out on the tight end position four times in the first round through out the last 25 years (Mitchell, Brady, Becht, Keller) That streak ends tonight, landing the stud out of ‘Bama. Think Jimmy Graham on the Saints, but he can actually block too. The freak athlete will be a blessing for a team that hasn’t used the tight end position in years. The juice is loose.

BT: O.J. Howard, TE – Alabama

I know my friend LordTreeSap is going to like this pick. O.J. Howard has all the tools to be a stud all over the field on offense. He can be a traditional TE and block, he can run routes down the seam opening up 1-on-1’s for receivers, and he can split out as a WR as well. Although the Jets don’t have a QB to get him the ball, they are in a desperate need for a playmaker. Howard is their guy.


7. San Diego Chargers

LTS: Jamal Adams, S – LSU

Arguably the best secondary prospect in the draft falls to the Los Angeles Chargers, that sounds weird, at number seven. A true leader in every sense of the word that will have some highlight reel hits on his resume early in his career. Probably better suited in the box than center field, but has the chance to be a stud.

BT: Jonathan Allen, DE – Alabama

Jonathan Allen + Joey Bosa = ?? I’m not sure but it sounds very good. Allen comes from an Alabama defense filled with stud’s, but it all started with him up front. A very consistent player over his career, he’s one of the safer picks in this year’s draft. First year coach Anthony Lynn will know what he’s getting with this pick.

 8. Carolina Panthers

LTS: Dalvin Cook, RB – Florida State

My personal favorite running back in the draft. A home-run hitter that is a threat to take it to the house from anywhere on the field. He reminds me of Jamaal Charles in a lot of ways. Cook finished his junior campaign with over 2,000 total yards and 20 touchdowns, eclipsing the century mark on the ground in 9 out of the 13 contests.

BT: Leonard Fournette, RB – LSU

Imagine the Carolina Panthers physical, downhill running game with Cam Newton and Leonard Fournette? I honestly can’t, it’d be scary. I believe Fournette is a perfect fit for this offense. He is a physical freak that can be a true 3-down back. He isn’t a great receiver out of the backfield, but he’s serviceable. He will help absorb some of the beating that Cam has taken over the past couple of years. I love this pick.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

LTS: Jonathan Allen, DT/DE – Alabama

Allen may very well be the best defensive player in this draft when we look back in five years. Notching 10.5 sacks on a loaded Alabama defense, Jonathan went on to take home the nation’s top defender award for his decorated senior season. He should fit in nicely next to Geno Atkins, a dream scenario for Cincy here.

BT: Reuben Foster, LB – Alabama

The Bengals love taking chances on a “controversial” player like this. Burfict and Foster sounds like a pretty good LB tandem to me. Foster plays LB sideline to sideline and has drawn some very high praise from some very knowledgeable football minds. The Bengals need another LB, and Foster is their guy. 

10. Buffalo Bills

LTS: Reuben Foster, LB – Alabama

Foster is an absolute beast. The All-American backer should make for a nice pro, but that doesn’t come without some red flags. He tested positive for a diluted sample at the combine and was later sent home for arguing with the medical staff. If he can keep it under control, the Bills have the heart and soul of their defense for the next decade.

BT: Corey Davis, WR – Western Michigan

Davis is one of the “toss-ups” in this draft because of his inability to do any workouts (ankle injury) and the lack of talent he played against in college. However, production speaks for itself. Davis put up insane numbers at Western Michigan and was always head and shoulders the best player on the field. He will be a great addition to play alongside Sammy Watkins. This could be a “boom or bust” pick, but I believe it’s a good one.

11. New Orleans Saints

LTS: Derek Barnett, DE – Tennessee

Tennessee’s all-time sack leader penned a letter on The Players’ Tribune pleading with GMs and owners to let him become the next great member of their franchise.

BT: Haason Reddick, LB – Temple

12. Tennessee Titans

LTS: Corey Davis, WR – Western Michigan

BT: Mike Williams, WR – Clemson

Picking Williams at 5 would be early, but 12 makes much more sense as the Clemson Tiger is going to be a very good NFL receiver. He BEASTED out against the best defense in the country and has unbelievable ball skills. Williams defines “getting the ball at it’s highest point.” He will be a great addition to Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense who made huge strides last season.

13. Arizona Cardinals

LTS: Deshaun Watson, QB – Clemson

BT: Patrick Mahomes, QB – Texas Tech

14. Philadelphia Eagles

LTS: Marlon Humphrey, CB – Alabama

BT: Christian McCaffrey, RB – Stanford

My Philadelphia Eagles. Fans will be fired up to say the least with the draft being in Philly. The NFL is in for an exciting night. Our biggest need is Corner and I know it’s a dire need. However, I think the eagles were targeting Conley here. They will not take him at 14 now due to the rape allegations that just surfaced. Most people think McCaffrey won’t be on the board at this point. Well, I’m praying that he is. He’d be a perfect fit for Pederson’s offense and he’s a “do-it-all” type of player. He reminds me of Shady McCoy in some ways. I love this kid. FLY EAGLES FLY.


15. Indianapolis Colts

LTS: Ryan Ramczyk, OT – Wisconsin

BT: Cam Robinson, OT – Alabama

16. Baltimore Ravens

LTS: Mike Williams, WR – Clemson

BT: Garett Bolles, OT – Utah

17. Washington Redskins

LTS: Haasan Reddick, DE – Temple

BT:  Malik Hooker, S – Ohio State

18. Tennessee Titans

LTS: Malik Hooker, S – Ohio State

BT: David Njoku, TE – Miami

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LTS: Christian McCaffrey, RB – Stanford

BT: Evan Engram, TE – Ole Miss

20. Denver Broncos 

LTS: Garett Bolles, OT – Utah

BT: Derek Barnett, DE – Tennessee

21. Detroit Lions

LTS: John Ross, WR – Washington

BT: Charles Harris, DE – Missouri

22. Miami Dolphins

LTS: Charles Harris, DE – Missouri

BT: Forrest Lamp, OG – Western Kentucky

23. New York Giants


LTS: David Njoku, TE – Miami

BT: Jarrad Davis, LB – Florida

DG: The Best OL or DL Available

DG stepping in here to represent Big Blue fans. I’m not good with prospects besides QBs so I’m useless on mock drafts. That being said, if the Giants use all of their picks on offensive and defensive lineman, I’ll be a happy man. This team probably has a 3 year window for success with the team they have so tonight marks Night 1 on the March To The Playoffs

24. Oakland Raiders 

LTS: Adoree Jackson, CB – USC

BT: Kevin King, CB – Washington

25. Houston Texans

LTS: Patrick Mahomes, QB – Texas Tech

BT: Deshaun Watson, QB – Clemson

26. Seattle Seahawks

LTS: Cam Robinson, OT – Alabama

BT: Marlon Humphrey, CB – Alabama

27. Kansas City Chiefs

LTS: Takkarist McKinley, LB – UCLA 

BT: Zach Cunningham, LB – Vanderbilt

28. Dallas Cowboys

tenor (2).gif

LTS: Jabrill Peppers, S – Michigan

BT: DeMarcus Walker, DE – Florida State

29. Green Bay Packers

LTS: TJ Watt, DE – Wisconsin

BT: Dalvin Cook, RB – Florida State

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

LTS: Jordan Willis, DE – Kansas State

BT: Takkarist McKinley, OLB – UCLA

31. Atlanta Falcons

LTS: Taco Charlton, DE – Michigan

BT: John Ross, WR – Washington

32. New Orleans Saints

LTS: Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster, WR – USC

BT: Adoree Jackson, CB – USC