The Legend of Funhouse: The Account For Everything Mike Francesa

*** Written By Joe Saponara***

By now you probably know about Sports Funhouse. Maybe not first hand, but chances are you have at least heard about him. The guy who catches Mike Francesa making mistakes or telling lies. Probably both. Occasionally Mike will reference him in an interview or on WFAN. Producer Brian Monzo has gone back and forth with Funhouse on a number of occasions. On Twitter Monzo mocked Funhouse when his account was suspended. Big mistake. You had to think he’d return. After temporarily posting under another name, we indeed have an account once again run by the man who calls himself Sports Funhouse. All indications are that the account suspension had to do with posting sports highlights. Not the clips of Mike contradicting himself or giving incorrect information. Little is known about the man himself. He likes to be secretive. The current account says that his location is Rhode Island. I knew he was from somewhere in the New England area.

One WFAN host speculated that Funhouse might be a tech guy when we spoke for about 20 minutes earlier this year. That could explain his schedule and ability to maintain the account. Think about it. Recording every show. Posting clips. Funhouse has said he likes to wake up at 1:00 for Mike’s show. He listens to overnight radio. Funhouse has been known to bet and post about gambling. One would assume the guy makes a decent living. Years ago I used to blog about WFAN. Particularly the overnight. Often I would document the mistakes from hosts, and callers. However, there was no audio posted by me. Funhouse has taken it to another level. He has revolutionized how we follow Mike’s show. Years ago I felt like listening to WFAN had almost become more important than the games themselves.

Now Funhouse seems more important than listening to the program. If something important happens, chances are you can find it on his account. Plus, I want his take on the show. Similar to how I anticipated Mike breaking down big games. I hear Mike say something and instantly think about how Funhouse will have a ball with the particular comment or take. You know Funhouse will go over Mike repeating certain phrases. Sometimes I wonder how much of this would catch my attention if Funhouse had not pointed it out.

Of course nobody is perfect. Occasionally Funhouse might nitpick or go too far in my opinion. His dislike for Evan Roberts bothers me. Funhouse does not like Joe Benigno, either. It almost seems like they don’t do a bad enough job for him. The lack of incorrect information means he has little to mock them with. Those guys don’t provide enough foolish clips for Funhouse. Being stubborn and posting sports content minutes after it happens apparently cost him the old account. Still, it’s hard to picture life without him. I felt lost after the suspension. People like Neil Best of Newsday were thrilled when Funhouse resurfaced. He has captured the hearts of local sports media members.

I’m a little concerned about the new account. So far Funhouse has been pretty quiet. He also vowed to be nicer. Who wants that? Funhouse says he’ll retire from frequent tweeting when Mike goes. None of this is good. I guess the big question has to do with whether he’ll follow in Mike’s footsteps. We need to see if Funhouse will leave with several farewell celebrations.