I Could Watch Arya Practice Her Knife Switch All Day

I have watched that clip 100x and I’m completely mesmerized. The execution of the move is perfect. I’d even argue that this flip is more impressive than Arya’s dagger switch on the Night King. That was more of a drop than a flip. This maneuver against Brienne had her dagger flipping like a football on the opening kickoff.

Team Arya for life. Say what you want about the episode, and you can read my thoughts here, Arya will always be the badass on Game of Thrones. That will never change.

Maisie Williams Dropped A HUGE Game Of Thrones Spoiler On Jimmy Fallon

If you are not up-to-date on Game of Thrones and ready to start Season 8, I urge you to stop reading now until you’re caught up. Last night, Maisie Williams went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the final season. However, Maisie mistakenly let a HUGE spoiler slip. Watch at your own risk.

“When I found out that Arya died in the second episode…”

OBVIOUSLY, this wasn’t real. You didn’t need April Fools to realize that this was fake. As soon as I read “accidentally drops major spoiler,” I knew this was a hoax. Did you really think Game of Thrones, a show that filmed multiple endings to avoid hacks and spoilers, would get to the finish line and reveal a major death? HA, please. It’s similar to when Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland drop “spoilers” involving the Avengers. It’s all a marketing ploy. Credit to me for debunking this spoiler right away.

Oh, if Arya dies in the second episode, we riot.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Set To Premiere In April 2019

Variety – HBO has announced the final season of “Game of Thrones” will launch this April.

The news was revealed in a promotional video released by HBO on Tuesday, which teased that all of the conflict fans have seen in the show thus far has all been building to this final confrontation with the White Walkers.

Our prayers have been answered. Game of Thrones is coming back to our screens this April. I don’t even care that the teaser did not show any new footage from the upcoming season. We finally have our date so plan accordingly.

Game of Thrones is so cocky. They’ve barely shown any footage from the final season and yet they have fans in the palm of their hand. If I’m the creators, I don’t show any footage of the upcoming season. Drag out the anticipation even more. Don’t give us any clues whatsoever. Make myself and the rest of the world wait for these final six episodes.

I’m giddy thinking about Jon Snow, Daenerys, and her army arriving at Winterfell as they’re greeted by Sansa and Arya. They all hug and embrace until all of a sudden, a dragon flies over Winterfell for everyone to see. Excuse me, I’m going to need some time alone right now to think about that scene. Enjoy this scene while we wait for Season 8!

When Is It Ok To Talk About TV Shows With Spoilers?

“Woah woah woah. Spoilers!”

“Don’t say it! I haven’t watched it yet!”

“NOOOOOOO! I’m still only on the first episode!”

My biggest fear in life is not death. It’s not spiders or snakes. It’s up there with talking to women. My biggest fear in life…


There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING worse than having your favorite TV show ruined by spoilers. Nothing. It’s the definition of a kick to the nuts. It happens all too often because people can’t keep their mouth shut when it comes to talking about their shows. That’s right. It’s THEIR show. Not YOUR show. Let’s get that through your head right now. You could be one of the billion people on the planet who watches Thrones, but if someone asks you what you are doing on a Sunday night, you’ll 9 times out of 10 say “I’m watching MY show tonight” like the selfish human beings that we are.

Hey, I get it. I don’t own a lot of things in life so I’d like to think that I have some say when it comes to television. There are some things I know I don’t own. Game Of Thrones is one of those things. I can’t stack up with the book readers and I didn’t start watching when it first came out. I’m ok with letting those people own the show. On the contrary, This Is Us is for sure my show. I was on that train early. Do you write recaps of the show every week? No, didn’t think so. Actually, it was my dad who told me to watch so I’m technically the first mate to them.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic of conversation: spoilers. How can they be stopped? Well the most obvious answer is to watch the show on time or finish binge watching it quickly. That will solve all your problems. However, I know a lot of you “popular” kids out there don’t like to sit at home all day and watch TV like yours truly. I get it. You have lives and I don”t, rub it in some more. However, if you miss the show, it’s extremely tough to go on the Internet or go to work the next day and not overhear someone talking about what you missed. It’s like you are a fire and everyone else gasoline. You want to contain the fire while your friends want to throw gasoline on and spread it. If I know I’m missing a show, I try to stay off of the Internet. Since I live on the Internet, it can be extremely difficult to do. This is will power at its finest. Do what you gotta do. Turn it off or put it in airplane mode. Whatever you have to do to avoid what happens to Jon Snow, you do it. Yes, I blame Game Of Thrones because that is the show that comes to mind when it comes to spoilers. I missed the episode where Hodor died (spoiler lol) and I found out from a group text message. Let me tell you, I was DEVASTATED.

Still haven’t answered the question yet, but I’m getting there. I think the answer varies for every show. Is it a popular show? Is it one night a week? Can you stream it right after? Is it on Netflix or another streaming service? You have to consider all of these things. First of all, if you spoil things to be an asshole on social media, then you truly are an asshole. I hope you never enjoy another thing in your life again. If it’s your job to review a show, then I’ll allow it. Don’t get me wrong, I like to tweet reactions to a show but I’ll try to keep it general to help out some people who missed it. ” Oh my god. What a show.” “Another heater tonight!” “The writers did it again.” Shit like that. Generic stuff.

Ok, FINALLY, I think I have created a fair scale depending on the show you watch when it comes to talking about a show with spoilers.

The Game Of Thrones Rule – Watch it live or at worst, later that night. You can barely last one minutes, let alone a few hours without seeing spoilers online.

This IS Us or any other show that’s popular on one night a week – The next morning rule. I write recaps the next morning where I’ll go in depth about what happened. I think this is a fair amount of time waited because it’s not as popping as Thrones on social media. You can even get away with lasting the whole next day if you’re careful.

Less popular once a week show that less people watch – one full day. That’s right. You get a full day without spoilers. If you watch the show on Tuesday night and miss it, you should be in a safe zone until Thursday morning. By then you should’ve watched it.

THE BIG ONE: Netflix or any streaming show – One week. This one is a very, VERY slippery slope. Binge watching a new show is something that is totally user generated. You can watch it as fast or as slow as you want. No shit Sherlock, but it’s true. This also depends on the type of show. Is it super popular or is it brand new? If it comes out on a Friday and you have nothing to do for the weekend, there’s no excuse for you to not finish it by Monday morning. If you’re not home, then you get some slack. I was away this past weekend so I couldn’t start Stranger Things 2 until Sunday night, where I crushed 3 episodes then, 4 episodes Monday night, and 2 episodes Tuesday night. If it’s a big show like that, you have to take the fast approach. That being said, I still think that one week is when you can start talking about it with spoilers. 7 days is more than enough time to finish a show of 8-13 episodes. Light work actually.

So why did I write this article? I wanted to rationalize when it’s ok to write a Stranger Things Season 2 review. Duh. So with that being said, my Stranger Things Season 2 Review will come out Friday morning of November 3rd. See you there and thanks for reading a lot of that crap just to get to the most important part here. Appreciate it.

Game Of Thrones Will Shut Down Production For Kit Harrington And Rose Leslie’s Wedding

IndieWire – A shifted filming schedule isn’t the only reason that “Game of Thrones” might be delayed longer than some fans would have hoped. It turns out that Kit Harington has asked the producers to shut down production for one very special day.

On the UK’s “Jonathan Ross Show” this weekend, Harington revealed that he and co-star Rose Leslie will be tying the knot during the period when the final season would be filming. According to a report by the Radio Times, they have so many friends among the cast and crew that naturally everyone from “Game of Thrones” would need to attend.

“I rang [the producer] up and I said, ‘I’m getting married and it’s your fault actually,’” says the actor. “I think for the final season he is so stressed that he’s reached that peaceful level.“I was like, ‘You need to factor in a “Game of Thrones” wedding by the way.’ They [the cast] have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down.” Of course, the wedding should only take a day, two tops if there’s some residual partying, so we can’t lay the blame of a delayed season at his doorstep. 

First of all, I love happy endings so on behalf of the DailyMixReport, congrats to Kit and Rose on the engagement. I’m glad that the love they shared in the cave translated over to real life despite Rose taking an arrow from that little SOB Olly, which took her off the show.

Who knew Kit was such a prankster!

Back to the story, I’ve been seeing A LOT of hate on social media about how they think this is bad news for the show because any stoppage means the show will be pushed back. Since there’s no guarantee the show will be ready for 2018 and it might be pushed to 2019, people are getting ancy. So although they love Jon and Ygritte, they want their show to arrive in 2018 at all costs.

Here’s what I have to say to those people.

Let Kit, Rose, and the rest of the cast enjoy the wedding for a weekend. They have earned it. It’s 2, 3 days max of no production. I know we’re all upset that GoT only has 6 episodes left, but these 6 episodes are all going to be movie length. There are going to be multiple battles, a lot of deaths, and more twists than a maze. I’ve already come to accept the fact that we’re probably not getting Thrones until 2019. It’s 6 movies, people. You know how hard it is to shoot a movie? I’ll tell you, it’s really hard. This takes A LOT of time especially since they want to get it right. Production starts on Sunday and my guess is it will take 6 months to complete. If they can finish production by March, I do think there is a chance we can see it next Summer. If they want to take their time, they can’t do it in the fall (football) so it’ll be pushed back to (my guess) Spring 2019.

If it’s pushed back, whatever. It sucks, but they say good things come to those who wait and the final season will be spectacular. The wait will only make us miss it more so when it comes back, that first episode will be that much sweeter. Don’t take out your frustration on Kit and Rose. I won’t let it happen. I will defend them to the death.

P.S. Whenever I read about costars falling in love, I am not surprised whatsoever. Frankly, I feel like it’s bound to happen when you spend so much time and fake intimacy with one person. It has to be a real connection. I’m more surprised when two super attractive, single costars don’t fall in love. All I know is if a girl showed me attention and fake fell in love with me, even if she’s paid to do it as an actress, I’m marrying her in real life, no questions asked.

Game Of Thrones Reaction: ‘The Dragon And The Wolf’

Game of Thrones / HBO

How is Game Of Thrones over? I feel like it just started. Oh that’s right, it did just start last month. Overall, I really enjoyed this season despite being 7 episodes. I felt that despite rushing some plot points, every episode move the plot and the audience continued to get more answers to burning questions as the season went on. No need to pander anymore because I suck at intros.. Let’s get into my reaction

***WARNING: Will contain spoilers. Sorry about it.***

Game of Thrones / HBO

-The interactions between Jamie and Bronn have been money. With Jamie leaving King’s Landing (will get into it shortly), I hope Bronn follows him as well. These two provide honest, comedic takes whenever they speak with each other. They tell it like it is and in a show full of deceit and lies, their interactions are refreshing.

-The little reunions when everyone arrives in King’s Landing provided feel good moments for the episode. The Hound and Brienne. Tyrion and Podrick. Tyrion and Bronn. Jamie and Brienne. Will all of these people be on the same side when the Great War begins?

-Cleganebowl theory is going to happen!!! The Hound is skyrocketing up the GOT power rankings. I’m salivating over the thought of the Mountain vs. The Hound. The Hound with an AMAZING statement. “What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter, it’s not how it ends for you, brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.” Chills.

-Cersei is going back on her word about sending her troops North? Shocker! But anyway, I enjoyed the reunions and small, individual conversations more than I did the actual pow wow between everyone in King’s Landing. Cersei seeing a wight definitely put some fear into her, but she couldn’t give two shits. As long as the crown is on her head, that’s all that matters. To quote Tyrion, “we’re fucked.” Speaking of Tyrion, Tyrion and Cersei put on an acting clinic in their interaction in Cersei’s office. That’s how you winn Emmy’s, people. Biggest takeaway: Cersei talks the talk, but cannot walk the walk when it comes to killing her brothers.

-Euron is a sick, sick individual. His cockiness and arrogance will get him killed, but tonight continued to strengthen my theory that Euron is Charlie Conway.

-Speaking of Greyjoys, Theon grew a set of balls without having any balls! I’m not necessarily sure how Theon’s storyline is going to get the time it deserves next season, being that it’s only 6 episodes. Things have to go downhill for Cersei so perhaps Theon is the reason why she loses the Iron Fleet and Psycho Euron, but I’m not sure. This is Game of Thrones. I truthfully do not see Theon surviving. I think he sacrifices himself so that his sister Yara can go free. I really don’t know what they’re going to do. Middleman Dan at it again.

-LOVED Theon and Jon’s talk. Theon is seeking forgiveness for his betrayal of the Stark family. Jon reminded him that Ned was a father to Theon and when choosing between being a Greyjoy and a Stark, Jon said Theon can be both, saying That Ned is in all of the people he raised despite not being his true father. Foreshadow!!! Hey Jon, I think it’s time to listen to your own advice.

-Stark Family Revenge Tour! Just when you think you can predict everything, Benioff and Weiss say not so fast my friend and throw us a curveball. Just when you think Sansa and Arya are going to be duped by Littlefinger, the exact opposite happens. The Starks flip the script on the master manipulator and kill him with the very dagger Baelish gave them (Chekhov’s gun boner). Baelish is truly at the forefront of the reason behind the Starks vs. Lannister rivalry. I’m going to miss him though. He was an unreal character and manipulator. However, seeing his throat slit will be an all-time moment for me when this show ends for good.

-Jamie giving King’s Lannister the deuces sign. What another great scene for Cersei this episode. This time, it’s with her lover. Jamie wants to help the North. Cersei would rather die then do that. She’s got the Golden Company noe and it 20k mercenaries in Essos to come fight for her. A mercenary army? Jeez, nothing can go wrong there! Jamie has finally seen Cersei for the monster that she truly is. Jamie begging Cersei to tell the Mountain to kill him was awesome. Jamie just dragging his nuts on the ground when he called her bluff. So where does Jamie go? I’m honestly not too sure. It’s obviously North, but specifically, Winterfell or Essos are my two guesses. The Kingslayer has a Queen to slay next year.

-Bran and Sam doing Bran and Sam things. It was kind of weird to me how Sam “quickly remembered” the Rhaegar Targaryen annulment when asked during the conversation. Gilly definitely deserves a kiss for that one. That being said, the big news is that Bran AND Sam now both know that Jon Snow is not Jon Snow, but Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Robert’s Rebellion was started over a lie. Side note: If Bran says “we have to tell Jon” one more time, I’m going to snap. No shit you have to tell him! Why don’t you send him a raven or something saying we have to talk?

-Time to study up on your “Is Bran the Night King?” or “Does the Night King have visions like Bran?” theories on Reddit for the next year or so.

-I guess it’s time to talk about incest. Think about this. Not only were fans expecting incest between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, they were rooting for it. Only in Game Of Thrones! I’m not pro incest, but this had to happen. If I had to pick an incest side, I choose Jon / Dany over Jamie / Cersei. Will Dany get preggo? This is going to be an awkward conversation between aunt and nephew when the true news comes out. The Dragons might get a brother!

-For me, Tyrion in the background of the incest scene was far more important than the actual sex between Jon and Dany. Why was he looking on from a far with a disappointed / concerned look on his face? This is killing me. So many thoughts running through my mind. Does Tyrion know that Jon is actually a Targaryen? Maybe, but the popular theory going around is that he loves Dany and is jealous of Jon Snow. BOOK READER ALERT: When first pitching his book, George RR Martin wrote a letter to publishers saying what he wanted to happen in the future. It went something like this:

“Exiled, Tyrion will change sides, making common cause with the surviving Starks to bring his brother down, and falling helplessly in love with Arya Stark while he’s at it. His passion is, alas, unreciprocated, but no less intense for that, and it will lead to a deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow.”

The plan was for Jon to fall in love with Arya and him and Tyrion essentially fight over her. Just switch out Arya for Dany and this statement holds true. This is one of the storylines I’m most excited for next year. Love Triangle SZN.

-Finally, my boy, The Night King, rode the back of the blue eyes white dragon (YUGIOHHHHHHH) and destroyed part of the wall, clearing a path for the army of the dead. There’s really not much for me to say. The Night King is a badass. Winter is here.

The end.

See you in 2027 when the final season airs.

People Who Are Upset With The Timeline In ‘Beyond The Wall’ Are The Worst

Game Of Thrones / HBO

Variety – While the “Game of Thrones” episode “Beyond the Wall” had many talking about the insane fight sequences between humans, zombies, and dragons, others were more concerned with gaps in the timeline of the storytelling.

After the episode aired, fans vented frustrations online that Gendry running back to Eastwatch, sending a raven to Daenerys, and Daenerys arriving to save the day with her dragons all happened far too quickly. Alan Taylor, who directed “Beyond the Wall,” explained how the production team approached the timeline during filming.

“We were aware that timing was getting a little hazy,” Taylor told Variety. “We’ve got Gendry running back, ravens flying a certain distance, dragons having to fly back a certain distance…In terms of the emotional experience, [Jon and company] sort of spent one dark night on the island in terms of storytelling moments. We tried to hedge it a little bit with the eternal twilight up there north of The Wall. I think there was some effort to fudge the timeline a little bit by not declaring exactly how long we were there. I think that worked for some people, for other people it didn’t. They seemed to be very concerned about how fast a raven can fly but there’s a thing called plausible impossibilities, which is what you try to achieve, rather than impossible plausibilities. So I think we were straining plausibility a little bit, but I hope the story’s momentum carries over some of that stuff.”

No no no no no no no no NO. This should not be an issue. It was such a great episode of television, but fans are still upset. I did not want to write this because I EXPLODED this morning while reading this article on the bus. It has been the topic of conversation all day so I can’t avoid it. No turning back. I am triggered.
Read the first sentence of that article. “Insane fight sequences between humans, zombies, and dragons, others were more concerned with gaps in the timeline of storytelling.” OHHHHHHHHHHHHH OKKKKKK. So you’re fine with Dany riding the back of a dragon while Jon and the Gang battle white walkers led by their zombie leader, the Night King. But when Gendry runs a marathon in under 10 minutes and Dany showed up the next day because she received a raven at light speed is where we are pissed. Got it.

WHO CARES THAT THE TIMELINE IS UNREALISTIC! Game Of Thrones is a FANTASY SHOW. It’s not based on a true story. Since when do fantasy shows have to be realistic? There are dragons roaming the Earth and people coming back from the dead, but a raven flying across the world in a matter of hours AND 3 dragons flying back across the world to rescue their crew is where people are drawing the line. It’s almost such a ridiculous take that I have to respect it. I don’t even think online trolls are making these takes. These are legit fans of the show who are upset that the real elements in the show aren’t “real enough.” Baffling.

As if that wasn’t enough, I saw people saying there’s no way the Night King could spear a dragon the way he did.

Really? The Night King. The NIGHT KING. The man who brought people back from the dead at Hardhome.

Night GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yet, he can’t throw an ice spear on a dime and kill a dragon? He’s the Night King! HE DOESN’T PLAY BY THE RULES OF HUMANS! I feel like this is trying to argue against someone who says Spongebob is too unrealistic because he can breathe underwater or light fires. It’s a television show. A fantasy television show that could go down as the greatest show of all-time. Stop nitpicking a timeline issue and just enjoy the remaining 7 episodes we have left of greatness.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go figure out how the white walkers had large chains handy to pull the dragon out of the water. Now THAT’S an important question!

Game of Thrones / HBO

After Last Night, The Night King Is My New Favorite Character On Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones

This guy. Is there a bigger badass on the planet right now than the Night King? Notice how I said planet and not Westeros. The Night King is the biggest badass on planet Earth and he’s not even real.

***May contain spoilers. You’ve been warned.***

What an episode last night. For any Game of Thrones nerd, you know the penultimate episode of any Thrones season usually has a big battle or a lot of action. Last night was no different as the Flying V went North of the Wall to capture a White Walker.

Game of Thrones

As a lot of people predicted (including myself, humblebrag) WITHOUT WATCHING THE LEAK, the all-star team would run into trouble and need help. Enter the new White Power Ranger, Daenery’s Targaryen and ALL 3 of her dragons.

As expected, the dragons did what the dragons do best: fuck shit up. I mean they went absolutely HAM on the fire, dracarys left and right and it looked like the good guys were going to get a win for once.

Enter The Night King.

What an arm! The Night King sat in the pocket, cocked back that spear and NAILED Viserion right out of the sky like it was nothing. Precision passing at its finest. If it hadn’t been for Jon, a 2nd dragon would’ve died that day as well. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the badass made his peasants drag Viserion out of water (where did they get the chains?!?!?!?!) and in one short move, to quote MTV’s The Challenge, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

The Night King has an Ice Dragon. Holy shit I love this show and I love this character. Just think of how impactful the Night King has been and he hasn’t even said one word. He strikes fear into everyone who has seen him. He owns real estate the size of the Texas in Jon Snow’s brain. The Night King hasn’t even been in a lot of episodes, but every time he is on screen, I get giddy with excitement. I almost jumped out of my seat when he scared the ravens.

Do I even need to mention Hardhome?

Are you not entertained? No one has had a bigger impact on this show than the Night King. He’s only been in a few episodes, but the Night King is what keeps you up at night. He gets the people going. When he rides the dragon into Westeros, I honestly might faint in excitement. His impending 1-on-1 battle with Jon Snow might be the most important television scene in the history of mankind.

I need more Night King and it looks like we’re going to be seeing his face again pretty soon. Valar Morghulis