Dreams Come True: Genie Bouchard And Super Bowl Twitter Date Reunite

Shoot for the stars, kids! It’s happening again!

This is amazing. The ultimate “Shooters Shoot” moment happened when kid on Twitter bet Tennis Star Genie Bouchard that if the Patriots came back in the Super Bowl to beat the Falcons, they would go on a date.

The Falcons don’t run the ball, Tom Brady goes into Pyscho Tom mode, and┬ácollege student┬áJohn Goehrke┬ágets a date with Genie. Just like that. Does this always work? Am I not shooting my shot enough?

Fast forward to now and my man John gets another date. Some guys just get all of the luck. I’m jealous, but I’m happy for this relationship. It gives me hope in the world that I will one day date a powerful woman with an accent. You think I’m kidding. It’s my dream to date someone with an accent and it doesn’t even have to be a celebrity. That would be just icing on the cake. Irish, British, Australian, Latin American. I don’t care. My wife is out there. I just need to find the right accent.

P.S. If this relationship is just a friendship between Bouchard and John, I’ll be crushed.