Greta Van Fleet Receives A 1.6 Album Score From Pitchfork

In the most polarizing album review of 2018, Pitchfork described Greta Van Fleet’s debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, as “stiff, hackneyed, overly precious retro-fetishism.”

Pitchfork – “Greta Van Fleet sound like they did weed exactly once, called the cops, and tried to record a Led Zeppelin album before they arrested themselves. The poor kids from Frankenmuth, Michigan don’t even realize they’re more of an algorithmic fever dream than an actual rock band. While they’re selling out shows all over the world, somewhere in a boardroom, a half-dozen people are figuring out just how, exactly, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are supposed to fit into the SUV with the rest of the Greta Van Fleet boys on ‘Carpool Karaoke.'”

It turns out that Greta Van Fleet is more polarizing than I thought. Last Friday, Greta Van Fleet released their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army, last Friday to predominantly positive reviews. However, Pitchfork was nowehre in the congratulatory mood. In fact, the writer of the article, Jeremy D. Larson, went above and beyond to say in simplest terms, “I didn’t like the album.” This is not the first time Pitchfork has written an overly negative review about an album.

The Mumford & Sons review needs to be rewritten right now because there is no way in hell that Sigh No More is a 2.1. A 2.1! That’s a crime in all 50 states. This is why I tend to not rely on Pitchfork for album reviews.

Back to Greta Van Fleet. I’m all for giving your opinion. Hell, I’m a blogger. I give my opinion on a daily basis. I understand that it’s important to stand out and be different. However, that Greta Van Fleet review seemed to focus on creating shock value to drive the review. I’m sure their traffic was through the roof. You want to know whose traffic probably increased today as well?

Greta Van Fleet.

“Any publicity is good publicity.”

Maybe I’m naive, but I do not understand the hate for Greta Van Fleet. The biggest argument that the opposition uses is that they are unoriginal and a knockoff Led Zeppelin. I will counter with this. What’s wrong with being compared to Led Zeppelin? In an era where mumble rap and autotune dominate the streaming era, is hearing a young band that sounds like one of the greatest rock bands of all time such a horrible thing? It’s quite the opposite. It’s refreshing. I am fully aware that Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin and that’s not a bad thing. I’m getting a vibe that finding new ways to make fun of Greta Van Fleet is the cool thing to do. It’s like hating on Nickelback.

Listen to these songs and tell me you dislike them all. I dare you.

Folks, I’m not seeing it. Long live Greta Van Fleet. This band is here to stay.

Greta Van Fleet Crushed Their Debut On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If you don’t know the name Greta Van Fleet, write it down, store it in a safe, and remember it because this band is going to be the one of the biggest acts in rock music within 5 years. Last night, the band from Frankenmuth, Michigan, had their biggest television gig to date on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

Greta Van Fleet consists of Josh Kiszka (vocals), Jake Kiszka (lead guitar), Sam Kiszka (bass), and Danny Wagner (drummer). The band has been around since 2012 and they found some small success early on, but the big break came when their song, “Highway Tune,” was featured on Shameless in 2016. Fast forward to April 2017, the band released their EP, Black Smoke Rising. Ever since that release, Greta Van Fleet has soared in popularity with two #1 singles on the US Main. Rock charts. The band’s second EP, From The Fires, went to #1 on US Hard Rock charts. Here are some of the band’s singles.

After watching these videos and listening to these songs, you can tell that these four guys have something special brewing. The band is keeping the sound of classic rock alive. Have you guessed Greta Van Fleet’s comparison yet?




Led Zeppelin. Duh. It’s SCARY how much this band sounds like Zeppelin. Is Josh Kiszka the son of legendary singer Robert Plant? Josh’s husky howl is so distinct that I can’t think of anyone in music (besides Robert Plant) who has that similar vocal style. I would love to sync both of their vocals up and see if there’s any difference. My guess is it would be minuscule at best. Add in the fact that Jake Kiszka is Jimmy Page in 2018 and you could see why this group gets compared to Zeppelin.

The kids of Greta Van Fleet, and they’re kids because no one is older than 22, are rockstars. From their vintage style to their old school sound, Greta Van Fleet is one of a kind in 2018. They are currently on a huge tour that ends in November and hopefully, their first album drops sometime within the next few months. All I have to say is hop on the bandwagon now. Greta Van Fleet is here to stay.