I Could Watch Arya Practice Her Knife Switch All Day

I have watched that clip 100x and I’m completely mesmerized. The execution of the move is perfect. I’d even argue that this flip is more impressive than Arya’s dagger switch on the Night King. That was more of a drop than a flip. This maneuver against Brienne had her dagger flipping like a football on the opening kickoff.

Team Arya for life. Say what you want about the episode, and you can read my thoughts here, Arya will always be the badass on Game of Thrones. That will never change.

Maisie Williams Dropped A HUGE Game Of Thrones Spoiler On Jimmy Fallon

If you are not up-to-date on Game of Thrones and ready to start Season 8, I urge you to stop reading now until you’re caught up. Last night, Maisie Williams went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the final season. However, Maisie mistakenly let a HUGE spoiler slip. Watch at your own risk.

“When I found out that Arya died in the second episode…”

OBVIOUSLY, this wasn’t real. You didn’t need April Fools to realize that this was fake. As soon as I read “accidentally drops major spoiler,” I knew this was a hoax. Did you really think Game of Thrones, a show that filmed multiple endings to avoid hacks and spoilers, would get to the finish line and reveal a major death? HA, please. It’s similar to when Mark Ruffalo or Tom Holland drop “spoilers” involving the Avengers. It’s all a marketing ploy. Credit to me for debunking this spoiler right away.

Oh, if Arya dies in the second episode, we riot.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Set To Premiere In April 2019

Variety – HBO has announced the final season of “Game of Thrones” will launch this April.

The news was revealed in a promotional video released by HBO on Tuesday, which teased that all of the conflict fans have seen in the show thus far has all been building to this final confrontation with the White Walkers.

Our prayers have been answered. Game of Thrones is coming back to our screens this April. I don’t even care that the teaser did not show any new footage from the upcoming season. We finally have our date so plan accordingly.

Game of Thrones is so cocky. They’ve barely shown any footage from the final season and yet they have fans in the palm of their hand. If I’m the creators, I don’t show any footage of the upcoming season. Drag out the anticipation even more. Don’t give us any clues whatsoever. Make myself and the rest of the world wait for these final six episodes.

I’m giddy thinking about Jon Snow, Daenerys, and her army arriving at Winterfell as they’re greeted by Sansa and Arya. They all hug and embrace until all of a sudden, a dragon flies over Winterfell for everyone to see. Excuse me, I’m going to need some time alone right now to think about that scene. Enjoy this scene while we wait for Season 8!

Eliza Scanlen Was The MVP Of Sharp Objects

Eliza Scanlen, take a bow. You earned it.

It’s been two days since the finale of Sharp Objects and the only thing on my mind is Eliza Scanlen, who played Amma Crellin in the HBO series. Those final five minutes provided one of the biggest twists I can remember.

*This is your warning. If you have not seen the finale of Sharp Objects, stop reading now. Spoilers are coming.*

The dollhouse. What a moment in television history. When Camille picks up the tooth and looks in Amma’s dollhouse bedroom, my jaw dropped. I gasped when I saw the floor was made up of teeth from Natalie Keene, Ann Nash, and potentially the latest victim, Mae. Adora Crellin may have killed her daughter, Marian Crellin, but it was Amma who killed Natalie, Ann, and Mae. Unlike Adora, who killed Marian via Munchausen syndrome by proxy, Amma was a stone cold killer who brutally murdered innocent children and removed their teeth. Taking a page out of Marvel’s playbook, after the abrupt ending, the mid-credit scene displayed how Amma murdered the three girls (with the help of her roller skating buddies for Natalie and Ann) and the post-credit scene portrayed how Amma was the “Woman In White,” who lured the girls into the woods.

There are so many things you can discuss about the ending of Sharp Objects. You can go back and try to find clues that hinted at Amma being the killer. However, I want to use this time to praise the actress who played Amma, Eliza Scanlen. With only a few acting credits to her name, it’s safe to say that studios will be lining up to hire Scanlen after a spectacular performance. The 19-year-old Australian actress not only held her own with Amy Adams, but surpassed her in overall performance. Scanlen was so good in auditions that Amy Adams said she was “jealous of her confidence.”

What stands out in Scanlen’s performance was her ability to change the narrative of Amma’s personality each episode. When she was with Adora, Amma was a sweet, somewhat innocent girl who only wanted to make her mother happy. When she was out of the house, a switch flipped. The innocent girl was rowdy, manipulative, and controlling. We later found out that there was another dimension of aggression and rage that made her deadly. Scanlen was the hypnotist of the show, drawing the audience in with every breath as her character begins to unravel. I can’t get her “killing face” out of my head. It is an image that will forever be in my mind.

Scanlen’s supporting performance reminds me of how I feel about Ann Dowd’s performance in The Handmaid’s Tale. Most of the praise will go to Elisabeth Moss and Amy Adams (and rightfully so) as the leads of each show, but Dowd and Scanlen are the performances that I will remember the most. I expect Scanlen to receive supporting nominations at close to every awards show. Whether Scanlen wins is yet to be determined, but she deserves to be in the discussion.

Eliza Scanlen, your career is about to skyrocket.

Reviewing HBO’s Andre The Giant Documentary

After watching HBO’s documentary about Andre The Giant, I must say it was well done. In today’s world, you can watch so much old wrestling (and just about anything else). Seeing this years ago probably would have taken it from a home run to grand slam. It’s not 2005 anymore. I have seen lots of interviews over the years. Sure, more wrestling would have been nice. Obviously they had time constraints. My point is these things can’t be held against anyone associated with putting it together. Considering everything, Andre The Giant gets an A.

I was pleased with how much time was devoted to WrestleMania III. The interviews and wrestling footage really helped set the scene for how anticipated this event was. People who were not born yet gained a better understanding. They also did a good job with behind the scenes stuff. At that time, I didn’t know about Andre’s injuries and struggles. When you’re 9 or 10, you are just enjoying it from the innocent and naïve fan’s perspective. There were some spoilers, but no sites to check out. I pretty much just liked to watch the show and see what would happen.

One historian spoke about knowing wrestling was fake or scripted and still breaking it down with friends from a strategic standpoint. Andre was built up. How could Hogan defeat the man that was undefeated for 15 years? At least that was what they claimed. Andre turning bad or heel only added to his intimidation. Now he was an angry giant. Even as a friendly and gentle giant, nobody could beat him. I wondered who could possibly beat Hogan if Andre couldn’t. The giant had been off having surgery or recovering. We hardly saw him. Instead of witnessing a man who had physical problems, the hype and reputation seemed to grow.

They got into Andre passing the torch. His family. Relationships with people who were involved in wrestling. Troubles when traveling on planes. The Princess Bride. Pretty much everything.

There were two minor issues I had with the documentary. One was that very little was mentioned about Andre’s late career other than his match with Hogan. Winning WrestleMania II’s battle royal that included NFL players comes to mind, but Andre getting his hair cut by Bobby Heenan’s men was incredible. They humbled the giant. Amazing storyline. Andre eliminating Hogan in a battle royal shortly before facing Hogan in 1987 wasn’t included, either. He also busted open Lanny Poffo during that match. This helped cement him as the evil giant and made people think he could win his huge showdown for the title.


Andre beat Hogan a year later in one of the most memorable matches ever, but surrendered his championship to Ted DiBiase. There was talk about him now being booed instead of cheered. He turned back to a good guy in 1990 after dropping the tag titles. Teaming up with a partner late in his career came up as a topic, so they could have done a better job there.

The other thing I noticed was how much time they spent talking about Hulk Hogan and wrestling changing. Less time on that could have meant more about Andre’s feuds and opponents. They went way too deep into that. At one point I forgot that it was a documentary about Andre. I’m just an honest person. I had to present the negatives. Call me fair and balanced. Obviously there was a lot more good than bad. If you have not seen it yet, be sure to watch the documentary on HBO.

Previewing The Heavily Anticipated Andre The Giant Documentary On HBO

After a week off, I have a lot to say this week. My first article is about the upcoming HBO documentary. Andre The Giant will be featured on Tuesday night. I was already pumped, but recently read someone’s review and am now even more excited. We can expect plenty about wrestling history, and because Andre very rarely spoke out of character it should be mostly about him in the ring or just wrestling in general.

Even during his later years, Andre was a big draw. The word describes him literally and figuratively. He was definitely big. Vince used him for 1987’s huge main event in Michigan. Largest indoor crowd at the time, and that attendance record stood for many years. Definitely one of the biggest events in wrestling history. This set the stage for huge crowds and PPVs in the future.

Both Ric Flair and the XFL had a 30 for 30. It gave me a small taste of wrestling from my childhood, but this will be so much more. The XFL 30 for 30 was really about football and business. My interest in wrestling ended well before the XFL existed. Ric Flair was not one of my favorites, and his prime was spent wrestling for the WWF’s rival promotion. This documentary will be right up my alley. It should combine childhood memories with footage from times when I wasn’t old enough to stay up or appreciate what was happening.

Hopefully Bill Simmons did a good job on what is likely his final project for HBO. Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan will have plenty to say. Plus, Phil Mushnick is already complaining. That’s an added bonus! Don’t forget to check it out. Tuesday night at 10PM. Andre The Giant on HBO.

Game Of Thrones Will Shut Down Production For Kit Harrington And Rose Leslie’s Wedding

IndieWire – A shifted filming schedule isn’t the only reason that “Game of Thrones” might be delayed longer than some fans would have hoped. It turns out that Kit Harington has asked the producers to shut down production for one very special day.

On the UK’s “Jonathan Ross Show” this weekend, Harington revealed that he and co-star Rose Leslie will be tying the knot during the period when the final season would be filming. According to a report by the Radio Times, they have so many friends among the cast and crew that naturally everyone from “Game of Thrones” would need to attend.

“I rang [the producer] up and I said, ‘I’m getting married and it’s your fault actually,’” says the actor. “I think for the final season he is so stressed that he’s reached that peaceful level.“I was like, ‘You need to factor in a “Game of Thrones” wedding by the way.’ They [the cast] have all got to be there so the whole thing has got to shut down.” Of course, the wedding should only take a day, two tops if there’s some residual partying, so we can’t lay the blame of a delayed season at his doorstep. 

First of all, I love happy endings so on behalf of the DailyMixReport, congrats to Kit and Rose on the engagement. I’m glad that the love they shared in the cave translated over to real life despite Rose taking an arrow from that little SOB Olly, which took her off the show.

Who knew Kit was such a prankster!

Back to the story, I’ve been seeing A LOT of hate on social media about how they think this is bad news for the show because any stoppage means the show will be pushed back. Since there’s no guarantee the show will be ready for 2018 and it might be pushed to 2019, people are getting ancy. So although they love Jon and Ygritte, they want their show to arrive in 2018 at all costs.

Here’s what I have to say to those people.

Let Kit, Rose, and the rest of the cast enjoy the wedding for a weekend. They have earned it. It’s 2, 3 days max of no production. I know we’re all upset that GoT only has 6 episodes left, but these 6 episodes are all going to be movie length. There are going to be multiple battles, a lot of deaths, and more twists than a maze. I’ve already come to accept the fact that we’re probably not getting Thrones until 2019. It’s 6 movies, people. You know how hard it is to shoot a movie? I’ll tell you, it’s really hard. This takes A LOT of time especially since they want to get it right. Production starts on Sunday and my guess is it will take 6 months to complete. If they can finish production by March, I do think there is a chance we can see it next Summer. If they want to take their time, they can’t do it in the fall (football) so it’ll be pushed back to (my guess) Spring 2019.

If it’s pushed back, whatever. It sucks, but they say good things come to those who wait and the final season will be spectacular. The wait will only make us miss it more so when it comes back, that first episode will be that much sweeter. Don’t take out your frustration on Kit and Rose. I won’t let it happen. I will defend them to the death.

P.S. Whenever I read about costars falling in love, I am not surprised whatsoever. Frankly, I feel like it’s bound to happen when you spend so much time and fake intimacy with one person. It has to be a real connection. I’m more surprised when two super attractive, single costars don’t fall in love. All I know is if a girl showed me attention and fake fell in love with me, even if she’s paid to do it as an actress, I’m marrying her in real life, no questions asked.

Game Of Thrones Reaction: ‘The Dragon And The Wolf’

Game of Thrones / HBO

How is Game Of Thrones over? I feel like it just started. Oh that’s right, it did just start last month. Overall, I really enjoyed this season despite being 7 episodes. I felt that despite rushing some plot points, every episode move the plot and the audience continued to get more answers to burning questions as the season went on. No need to pander anymore because I suck at intros.. Let’s get into my reaction

***WARNING: Will contain spoilers. Sorry about it.***

Game of Thrones / HBO

-The interactions between Jamie and Bronn have been money. With Jamie leaving King’s Landing (will get into it shortly), I hope Bronn follows him as well. These two provide honest, comedic takes whenever they speak with each other. They tell it like it is and in a show full of deceit and lies, their interactions are refreshing.

-The little reunions when everyone arrives in King’s Landing provided feel good moments for the episode. The Hound and Brienne. Tyrion and Podrick. Tyrion and Bronn. Jamie and Brienne. Will all of these people be on the same side when the Great War begins?

-Cleganebowl theory is going to happen!!! The Hound is skyrocketing up the GOT power rankings. I’m salivating over the thought of the Mountain vs. The Hound. The Hound with an AMAZING statement. “What did they do to you? Doesn’t matter, it’s not how it ends for you, brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.” Chills.

-Cersei is going back on her word about sending her troops North? Shocker! But anyway, I enjoyed the reunions and small, individual conversations more than I did the actual pow wow between everyone in King’s Landing. Cersei seeing a wight definitely put some fear into her, but she couldn’t give two shits. As long as the crown is on her head, that’s all that matters. To quote Tyrion, “we’re fucked.” Speaking of Tyrion, Tyrion and Cersei put on an acting clinic in their interaction in Cersei’s office. That’s how you winn Emmy’s, people. Biggest takeaway: Cersei talks the talk, but cannot walk the walk when it comes to killing her brothers.

-Euron is a sick, sick individual. His cockiness and arrogance will get him killed, but tonight continued to strengthen my theory that Euron is Charlie Conway.

-Speaking of Greyjoys, Theon grew a set of balls without having any balls! I’m not necessarily sure how Theon’s storyline is going to get the time it deserves next season, being that it’s only 6 episodes. Things have to go downhill for Cersei so perhaps Theon is the reason why she loses the Iron Fleet and Psycho Euron, but I’m not sure. This is Game of Thrones. I truthfully do not see Theon surviving. I think he sacrifices himself so that his sister Yara can go free. I really don’t know what they’re going to do. Middleman Dan at it again.

-LOVED Theon and Jon’s talk. Theon is seeking forgiveness for his betrayal of the Stark family. Jon reminded him that Ned was a father to Theon and when choosing between being a Greyjoy and a Stark, Jon said Theon can be both, saying That Ned is in all of the people he raised despite not being his true father. Foreshadow!!! Hey Jon, I think it’s time to listen to your own advice.

-Stark Family Revenge Tour! Just when you think you can predict everything, Benioff and Weiss say not so fast my friend and throw us a curveball. Just when you think Sansa and Arya are going to be duped by Littlefinger, the exact opposite happens. The Starks flip the script on the master manipulator and kill him with the very dagger Baelish gave them (Chekhov’s gun boner). Baelish is truly at the forefront of the reason behind the Starks vs. Lannister rivalry. I’m going to miss him though. He was an unreal character and manipulator. However, seeing his throat slit will be an all-time moment for me when this show ends for good.

-Jamie giving King’s Lannister the deuces sign. What another great scene for Cersei this episode. This time, it’s with her lover. Jamie wants to help the North. Cersei would rather die then do that. She’s got the Golden Company noe and it 20k mercenaries in Essos to come fight for her. A mercenary army? Jeez, nothing can go wrong there! Jamie has finally seen Cersei for the monster that she truly is. Jamie begging Cersei to tell the Mountain to kill him was awesome. Jamie just dragging his nuts on the ground when he called her bluff. So where does Jamie go? I’m honestly not too sure. It’s obviously North, but specifically, Winterfell or Essos are my two guesses. The Kingslayer has a Queen to slay next year.

-Bran and Sam doing Bran and Sam things. It was kind of weird to me how Sam “quickly remembered” the Rhaegar Targaryen annulment when asked during the conversation. Gilly definitely deserves a kiss for that one. That being said, the big news is that Bran AND Sam now both know that Jon Snow is not Jon Snow, but Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Robert’s Rebellion was started over a lie. Side note: If Bran says “we have to tell Jon” one more time, I’m going to snap. No shit you have to tell him! Why don’t you send him a raven or something saying we have to talk?

-Time to study up on your “Is Bran the Night King?” or “Does the Night King have visions like Bran?” theories on Reddit for the next year or so.

-I guess it’s time to talk about incest. Think about this. Not only were fans expecting incest between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, they were rooting for it. Only in Game Of Thrones! I’m not pro incest, but this had to happen. If I had to pick an incest side, I choose Jon / Dany over Jamie / Cersei. Will Dany get preggo? This is going to be an awkward conversation between aunt and nephew when the true news comes out. The Dragons might get a brother!

-For me, Tyrion in the background of the incest scene was far more important than the actual sex between Jon and Dany. Why was he looking on from a far with a disappointed / concerned look on his face? This is killing me. So many thoughts running through my mind. Does Tyrion know that Jon is actually a Targaryen? Maybe, but the popular theory going around is that he loves Dany and is jealous of Jon Snow. BOOK READER ALERT: When first pitching his book, George RR Martin wrote a letter to publishers saying what he wanted to happen in the future. It went something like this:

“Exiled, Tyrion will change sides, making common cause with the surviving Starks to bring his brother down, and falling helplessly in love with Arya Stark while he’s at it. His passion is, alas, unreciprocated, but no less intense for that, and it will lead to a deadly rivalry between Tyrion and Jon Snow.”

The plan was for Jon to fall in love with Arya and him and Tyrion essentially fight over her. Just switch out Arya for Dany and this statement holds true. This is one of the storylines I’m most excited for next year. Love Triangle SZN.

-Finally, my boy, The Night King, rode the back of the blue eyes white dragon (YUGIOHHHHHHH) and destroyed part of the wall, clearing a path for the army of the dead. There’s really not much for me to say. The Night King is a badass. Winter is here.

The end.

See you in 2027 when the final season airs.