The DailyMixReport Is Back On Instagram

You may or may not have noticed that the DailyMixReport hasn’t popped up in your Instagram feed with our usual daily posts — mostly from DG — in recent weeks. I (LordTreeSap) am here to fess up to a grave mistake that coincidently sent our Instagram page to the grave due to the negligence of the DMR.

Back on April 27, Kanye West dropped his trolling “Lift Yourself” track or more commonly known now as “Poopity Scoop.” I posted a clip of the catchy tune to our Instagram feed that ended up eclipsing the 1,000 view mark fairly quickly, but it would end up being my last post.

After stupidly disregarding repeated copyright violations from Instagram and Universal Music, our Instagram account was magically disabled on May 14 and we had no idea why until we checked our e-mail and found multiple warning messages. The news hit DG hard as it’s rumored he broke down into tears and didn’t answer my texts for weeks!


I have good news folks, the DailyMixReport Instagram is officially back, so worry no more DG! You can find us @TheDailyMixReport. As part of my punishment for having our original account deleted, I’ve been tasked with the duty of building our following back up after DG’s hard work as a Yodel Kid fan account has gone to waste.

So make sure to hit that follow button and help us get back to where we were prior to disaster striking. The other part of my plea deal agreement says that I would relinquish posting privileges for two months, so DG will be handling the curation duties for the foreseeable future. Gear up for some more Yodel Kid, Lil Tay, and whoever becomes a trending topic this summer. It feels good to be home. The DMR is back in business.



Does This Look Like The Face Of The Man Who Got Our Account Removed From Instagram?

Some of you may have wondered why the Daily Mix Report has not been posting on Instagram lately?

Well, there is a reason for that and it’s bad.

Towards the end of April, I received an email on (hit us up with tips and suggestions!) saying one of our posts was blocked. We have had this happen before. It usually involves copyright infringement on videos or music despite crediting most of / if not all of our videos. Instagram removes the post or we remove it ourselves. We’re not trying to profit off of these posts. We do it to give our audience a good laugh. Pretty harmless in my opinion. It’s like a slap on the wrist. Nothing major usually happens because we’re not trying to fight the complaining parties. We just want to post videos of Yodel kid singing at Coachella.

However, this email was different. Full disclosure, I only check emails about once a week on our account. I caught wind of this email a few days ago. For not seeing the email earlier, hand up, that’s on me.

The other day, when I went to check our account, Instagram said I could not sign in. Granted, I was at a lacrosse game at the time so I had to focus on the game, not the problems on my phone. I thought nothing of it for the remainder of the day. Then, Wednesday morning rolls around and I want to post on our account. I get an instant message saying our account has been removed once I try to access the account. Ruh oh Shaggy. To quote Stephen A Smith…

I saw what we were removed for and it was over music from a certain record company that I will not name just in case I one day receive a record deal. That being said, I had to think what post contained music that could’ve been flagged since I couldn’t see the post anymore. I checked the date and did a quick Google search for something new that came out that day. Let’s just say it rhymed with loopidy droop. Who posted that song to our account?

Oh, that’s right. It was this guy.

This guy right here. Mr. I only post on the Instagram once every so often, LordTreeSap. Michael thinks he’s now a big shot since he posted one blog about Little Tay for his work. Meanwhile, he’s the “broke ass hater.”

So that’s why our account has been suspended. I’ve been emailing Instagram politely to try and win it back. If I can’t get it back within a week, we’ll start a new account and let everyone know. Until then, I’m not saying call out @lordtreesap on Twitter for doing this, but call him out for doing this.

P.S. I don’t have 100% proof that it was LTS because I can’t see the post anymore. But the odds that it was him are 1-5. Please let it be known that the word “allegedly” should be put in front of every accusation. Thank you.