This Is Us Season 2, Episode 12 Reaction: Batteries

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Before we get into business as usual, I just wanted to apologize to my This Is Us fam for posting this review a day late. I was unable to watch the show on Tuesday night so I had to go Zero Dark Thirty DG yesterday and stay off of social media until I could watch it. I’ll warn you if it happens again.

No BS. Game time.

Season 2, Episode 12: ‘Clooney’

NBC / This Is Us

– I know, I know. You want to talk about the last scene. I get it. So do I. BUT, let’s just get everything out of the way before we dive into the final moments.

– Kevin is fresh out of rehab and moves right in with Rebecca and Miguel. Awkward… Kevin has always had this vendetta against Miguel, like he’s trying to replace Jack. Last week, we were teased with the idea that Miguel might’ve loved Rebecca when she was married to Jack. Miguel cleared the air with Kevin and said that it was impossible for him to do that. Smart move by the writers. We’re supposed to end up liking Miguel, not hating him. Saying that Miguel fell in love with Rebecca while she was with Jack would be bad news for his character. As I said last week, Miguel is going to have an important season and I do still think he is hiding something. Only time will tell.

– Kate has a new best friend. It turns out that Madison actually does have weight issues so the egg was on Kate’s face when she found out that Madison was bulimic. Not that many takeaways from this storyline besides the fact that Kate now has a girlfriend and (probably) Maid of Honor for her wedding. Perhaps a wedding in the season finale?

– BRING. BACK. WILLIAM. Will the Thrill was a Top 3 character in Season 1 so anytime he can be featured again is a win for the fans. The Lady poem being about a billboard was a nice touch. Clooney the cat coming back was nice, too. Ghost of William? Who knows! Randall misses his father(s) dearly and it clearly has an effect on him everyday. Randall continues to search for that missing something in his life to honor both his father’s. Buying the building = Living out Jack’s dream of Big 3 Homes. Strays always end up with someone who needs them. The building is Randall’s stray cat. He needs it now more than ever.

– The Mall: Kate has issues with her weight, Randall freaks out over a girl, and Kevin is searching for answers in what to do for the rest of his life. Ironic that Kevin and Miguel bonded here, but really don’t bond in the present. That’s the power of Jack Pearson. Notice how we are inching closer towards Jack’s death and his bond with Kevin is becoming even stronger. I saw on Twitter that Jack tightening Kevin’s tie symbolizes their bond strengthening. Kevin even let out a “thank you,” which basically meant “I have been an asshole these past couple of weeks. You have sacrificed your whole life for me and you still love me. Thank you, Dad. I love you.” Going to be HORRIBLE when Jack dies.

– Final point before we get into the batteries. Beth, what is up? Why are you being so tough on Randall? I get that she thinks she’s losing her husband. Totally valid point, but I think there is something else. Conspiracy theory time: Beth is pregnant or Beth is sick. Both options are ridiculous, but make sense in my head. Why else would she “want her husband back?”


– Once again, it is time to play my favorite / least favorite game: “What Did We Learn About Jack’s Death This Episode?” It was a nice flowing episode with zero crying or emotional moments until……………..

There are no batteries in the smoke alarm. Our biggest clue since the burnt down house. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. House burnt down. No batteries in the smoke alarm. But wait, there’s more! Could the day Jack died be the night of the Formal? It would explain why everyone was out of the house. Kevin also said he was debating on not going with Sophie to the Formal because of his leg. That would explain why he wasn’t present at Miguel’s house. Also, we meet the red head, Alisson, that was at Miguel’s with Randall, crying over Jack’s death. My guess is Randall took her out the night of the Jack’s death.

– Spitballing here:

  • Jack dies in a fire
  • No batteries in the smoke alarm, no warning for when it started
  • Randall has a new love interest, Alisson. Probably took her out on Jack’ death
  • Kevin is probably hanging out with Sophie the night of Jack’s death
  • Kate is still unaccounted for, but she says it’s “her fault.” Was she there?
  • Was the fire the night of the Formal?
  • Rebecca wore a Steelers jersey the night of the fire

– Little cheating but not really. Dan Fogelman said the the death would not be in the season finale and we are very close to figuring it out. Also, in the promo for next week, you can infer that we have reached the day of the fire. Kids are out of the house and Rebecca is wearing the Steelers jersey. It’s also titled “That’ll Be The Day.” I don’t think we find out next week, but a storm is coming, Mr. Wayne.

– Final Way Out From Left Field Theory On How Jack Died: Why do none of them smoke cigarettes? From a family of addicts with a bunch of emotional problems, I find it hard to believe that none of them smoke cigarettes. If they don’t smoke cigarettes in the present, did they do it in the past? Are they afraid of fire? In my theory, Kate smoking a cigarette to lose weight or celebrate / cry over college causes the fire. It’s really out there, but fire plays such an important part in this death that a spark has to start somewhere. Maybe the dog knocked over a candle? Just keep the idea of cigarettes in your head.

– Tune in next week! Thanks for reading. Follow me on Twitter @danny_giro.