Shawn Mendes Shows Off Harry Potter Obsession And Hockey Skills In Latest ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Shawn Mendes kicked off his week long residency at the Late Late Show with James Corden by joining the host in the popular ‘Carpool Karaoke.’ Throughout the ride, Mendes sang an abundance of his hits such as “Mercy,” “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back,” and “In My Blood,” which was the lead single off of his latest album. The Canadian singer even discussed his Harry Potter obsession and showed off his hockey skills.

The main takeaway from this video is that Shawn Mendes is not just a star, but a superstar. A few years ago, this kid was a star in the making, but not anymore. Mendes is the complete package. He’s good-looking and charming. His voice and guitar abilities are top-notch. Every one of his songs is a head-bopper. It’s hard to look at Mendes and not see a superstar. Mendes draws a lot of comparisons to his idol, John Mayer, but I also see a lot of Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran in him. The craziest part about Mendes is his age. He’s 19 years old (!!!). At 19, Mendes has had three #1 albums and he can’t even drink a beer in the US. If you haven’t already, buy your Shawn Mendes stock now before it’s too late. I can’t even imagine where this kid will be in 5 years. It would not surprise me at all if Mendes passes his fellow Canadian, Justin Bieber, in superstardom. Sky is the limit for Shawn Mendes.

Enjoy my favorite Shawn Mendes song and performance.

Stranger Things Cast Sang A Motown Medley With James Corden

Unbelievable. We are currently witnessing the most talented group of kids the world has ever seen. Excuse me while I change that statement. We are currently witnessed the most talented group of people the world has ever seen. These kids never cease to amaze me. They can do everything and then some. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have my boy James Corden leading the group and providing the electricity.

We all knew Millie Bobby Brown had BARS, but now we know that the boys could be bigger than the NSYNC. I truly do think this is the best cast in television and a lot of it has to do with the Fab Five Kids.  Whoever was the casting director for  Stranger Things deserves a billion dollars. Thank you for bringing these kids into my life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch the Snowball dance for the 100th time.

Here’s the full segment from Corden.

James Corden Delivers Heartfelt Message To Manchester

Gut-wrenching. It’s hard to find the right words to say in times of terrible tragedy. I know I am at a loss for words. I usually turn to someone else to figure out what to say and I think James Corden genuinely summed up what everyone is thinking right now. It’s hard to hold back tears honestly.

As of now, there are at least 22 people who were killed in the attacks and dozens injured. Just recently, Isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. I’m sure we will learn more about the attacker and what actually happened as reports come in.

There’s only one word that comes to mind right now for me: children. There were so many children at the Ariana Grande concert last night. They probably were so excited to see one of their favorite pop stars perform as they sing and dance to all of her songs. Children went to this show thinking they would be safe. Now, reports have confirmed that an 18 year old girl and an 8 year old girl both died tragically last night.

No words. All I know is that a selfish coward took the lives of innocent people last night. Innocent victims that won’t ever get to see their families again. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Georgia Callander and Saffe Rose Roussos as well as all of the people in Manchester. Thank you to all of the staff and emergency services in Manchester for their bravery last night.

We are thinking of you.

Harry Styles Crushed It On Carpool Karaoke

Harry Styles is an international superstar. If it’s even possible, he is going to soar past that and become a global icon at this rate.

So last night, Harry did Carpool Karaoke with my boy James Corden. Harry has been on the whole week with Corden, acting as a guest, doing skits, and performing every night. First of all, if you’re not watching James Corden yet, you’re doing it wrong. JC is without a doubt the best late night host in the game. He does everything well, which is so hard to do. He does a good monologue, GREAT skits, and he’s pure entertainment. I also love how he interviews everyone at once on the couch aka the British model. Thank you England for giving us Corden. If Colbert didn’t climb in the ratings like he has been doing, Corden would’ve slid into that 11:35 slot sooner rather than later.

Back to Styles. This segment was a home run because Harry came off as such a likable dude. Him and Corden had some serious chemistry and it would not shock me if they continue to collaborate in the future. I think of Harry as the cool older cousin you see at family parties. You’d do anything to sit around them. You try to act cool and impress them and when they acknowledge you and perhaps take you under their wing, it’s like winning the lottery.

I’m actually surprised at how relatively successful everyone has been since One Direction went on a hiatus. With Liam’s song release today, they have all put out music projects. My pick was always Harry to achieve the most fame. Harry’s album is probably going to go #1 and Sign of the Times has climbed rapidly climbed charts.

The scary part is I think he’s only touching the surface of how big and successful he can truly get. I’m actually super excited to see his acting debut in the new Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk, which comes out in July. Harry has a big supporting role so who knows. If he does well, he could be seeing some starring roles in his future and be the next Timberlake or Jared Leto.

See you at the top, Harry.