Madden is FINALLY Upgrading Franchise Mode (Sort Of, and Also It Might Take Years)

We worked so hard for this moment. All it took was weeks, months, years of publicly slandering Madden and EA for the way that they comprehensively and systematically ruined Franchise Mode. Specifically, I’m not sure that they did anything actively to kill the mode (I have not bought a Madden since 2012, as the first signs of a reckoning were upon us), but rather ignored Franchise Mode in it’s entirety all while promoting “brand new features” and “up to date, ultra realistic graphics” that were essentially just a more in-depth sweat generators and increased fatigue on long runs.

Franchise mode is beloved by die-hard Madden fans, many of whom grew up without online play and wanted a break from exhibition games against the AI. For years, this portion of the game has laid stagnant all while EA promotes Ultimate Team in search of those sweet, sweet in game purchases. Trading was never fixed (seriously, it was impossible to trade whenever I’d snag a game at my buddy’s house), the in game physics are constantly broken, and it just was not that fun. Years of mismanaging this mode in favor of Ultimate Team and the quest for a more functional spin move have festered frustration in fans of the game for years.

That frustration came to a head about a month ago, when fans of the game (including several players) came forward in a campaign to get EA to #FixFranchiseMode. After years of pent up frustrations came to the fore, Madden finally issued a statement on the matter.

It was a sincere effort at letting people know they were heard, and appreciated. But words meant so much, only actions would truly mean anything. Today, just over a month on, EA announced upgrades and updates to Franchise Mode for today and Madden 2022.

The reason that they are focusing a lot on 2022 is naturally that the latest iteration of the game is due to drop soon and it’s simply too late to scrap it and update everything. So, they let us know their plans moving forward; what are the notable changesĀ possibly coming over the next couple of years?

-Fixing trading logic

-Engine enhancements (heard this one before)

-Team chemistry

-Increased content such as management, relocating, new uniforms, scouting, and coaching improvements

What does this mean exactly? Well, it might lead to a deeper Franchise Mode, which would be excellent given that the mode has been heavily criticized for being very surface level. It might make the game make more sense, which, sure. Overall, I’m not sure there are a ton of improvements coming. What can not get overlooked is that this was possible because they finally listened to the people and are open to criticism. That’s a tough first step to make and an important one. It kind of reminds me of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, where fan backlash made the film re-animate entirely. The effort is there and that’s a big step. I don’t think this is a groundbreaking change to the game and I’m not sure that it’s enough to get a lot of people back into Madden, especially with minimal changes coming this year. But a brighter future *might* just lie ahead for Madden, one where they have a deeper, more meaningful gaming experience.

It’s not much, for now, but it’s a start. FIFA, we’re coming for your broken ass Manager Career Mode next.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 10

Madden. Kony 2016. Las Vegas. In Studio Guests: Ain’t No Daisy

The DB’sĀ of the DMR are back. We have reached double digits, folks! Thank you for all the feedback so far. We really appreciate it. The future is bright for the podcast. More in-studio guests and a call-in line are in the workds so stay tuned!

We talked about LordTreeSap’s ridiculous love for Madden, the power of Internet trends, Las Vegas, and brought back the boys of Ain’t No Daisy to talk about music and the Yankees.

We will be releasing our Fantasy Football Podcast this week as well because it’s a huge draft week. Tips, draft strategies, breakouts, and player rankings were just some of the topics discussed. If you love fantasy football, this is a podcast that you DO NOT want to miss.

Monday Memories – Greg Jennings Madden Video

Greg Jennings. He broke his leg.


Greg Jennings retired from the NFL after 10 seasons today on his Youtube Page. Jennings had a respectable career with 521 Receptions, 8,291 Yards, and 64 TDs. His career was never the same after he left the Packers. 3 words: No Aaron Rodgers. Regardless, playing 10 years in the NFL is a hard thing to do so props to Jennings.

That being said, what will Greg Jennings be remembered for the most? It’s a no brainer. The Greg Jennings Broken Leg Madden Video.


Such a classic YouTube clip. From start to finish, I’m in tears. Excellent commentary by Demetry James aka G-bread. It made you ask the question, “how is he running with a broken leg?” Am I a Madden amateur if I ask how can injured players go back in Madden? I thought once they were hurt, there was no way of putting them back in especially after Greg Jennings BROKE HIS FUCKING LEG. In hindsight, what a stupid move by G-bread. Why would you ever put back in a guy who broke his leg? HOW THE HELL WAS HE RUNNING? Yes, I understand I’m arguing about a video game, but they’re supposed to be realistic. Just from the gameplay alone, this video should’ve never happened. Impossible.

But the best part of the video is when Darren Sharper appears. If you go up to any dude in the street and say Darren Sharper, I guarantee they will say “one of the most HARDEST hitting safeties IN DA LEAGUE.” Once again, there is no shot anyone could run 99 yards with a broken leg, but if you put the team on your back doe like Greg Jennings, then you’ll make Youtube history.