The Month of May Introduces Newfound Misery For New York Mets Fans

Remember when everything was looking great for Mets fans? Not everybody can think back to April. The Mets were 11-1. Even as May started, their record was 17-9. No wins in May after five games. Their series against Atlanta started with Noah Syndergaard pitching at home. Atlanta won 3-2. Then, things really began to fall apart. Jacob deGrom hurt his arm swinging the bat. In true Mets fashion, he was sent out to pitch another inning. Perhaps more damage was done, although word is he can or at least might make Monday’s start. Even that announcement didn’t go smoothly. It was reported that deGrom would miss four starts before another report came out. The Mets fell 7-0 on Wednesday. (Update: Degrom placed on 10-day DL retroactive to May 3)

Thursday appeared to be rock bottom. Atlanta embarrassed the Mets by a final of 11-0. Matt Harvey made another relief appearance. He was predictably hammered, but must have thought that was fake news. Harvey continued to speak positively. His tactic has been to stress batters and innings when things went well. As if the home runs and walks never happened or mean little. This was it for him. Harvey has officially been designated for assignment.

I could write an entire article on this clown, but most people know his story. Usually Harvey gets attention for all the wrong reasons. Frank Isola has been all over him. Tweets about Harvey being overrated and accomplishing next to nothing have been right on target. I have been telling people about Harvey for years. It’s always about Matt. All kinds of drama. He blew the last World Series game in 2015 by insisting on coming out for the ninth inning when his manager and most other people knew better. Harvey put two runners on before departing. His refusal to challenge the leadoff man with a 2-0 lead was inexcusable. This after nonsense about whether or not he would even pitch in the postseason.

Recently I was reminded of a game he pitched against the Yankees. Harvey went way too long in a game that seemed all but decided. When it was about bringing him fame, Harvey didn’t mind throwing extra pitches. Even when it wasn’t best for the Mets. This year he was reluctant about going to the bullpen, and acted like it wasn’t even an option. As if that was his decision to make. When Matt refused to take a minor league assignment, his time with the Mets was finished.

Agent Scott Boras is likely to blame for much of Harvey’s stubbornness. Years ago Mike Francesa thought that Harvey should sign a deal that would lock him up for years beyond arbitration, but I knew there was no chance that Boras would settle for anything like 50-100 million. He wanted 200-300 million when Harvey reached free agency. Obviously Harvey would have been much better off taking the early security.

Getting back to the team, Colorado has come to town and picked up where Atlanta left off. When the Rockies held an 8-2 lead during their series opener, I turned my attention elsewhere. It finished 8-7. Two Mets were left on base when Michael Conforto was retired to conclude matters. Colorado followed that up with a 2-0 win. I’m writing this article before Sunday’s series finale. There will probably be a lot more to say in a few days. If you hate the Yankees, you’re also not happy. They are 14-1 in their last 15 games. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.