Michael B. Jordan Being Considered To Replace Henry Cavill As Superman

Deadline – This has been in the wind for some time, but Henry Cavill will not be reprising his role as Superman in Warner Bros.’ DC films as others from Justice League such as Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa move forward on their respective superhero features Wonder Woman 1984 and Aquaman. The word has been out that Warner Bros. has been mulling a completely different direction with its Superman canon for some time, even considering casting Michael B. Jordan in the role down the road. 

Big news from the DC Universe. After the success of Mission Impossible: Fallout, you could see this one coming once Henry Cavill signed onto a new Netflix series. Henry Cavill is reportedly out as Superman. With no plans for a sequel to Man of Steel in the near future, I don’t blame Cavill for wanting to leave. There’s no point in waiting around for a movie that might never come and after the disappointing box office performance from Justice League, the future of the DCEU is in limbo. Despite mixed reviews, I enjoyed Man of Steel and would argue that it’s the second best DCEU film behind Wonder Woman. I hated how Superman did not get a true sequel. If DCEU had to do it again, I bet they would’ve scraped Batman from Batman v Superman and made a Man of Steel sequel that leads into Justice League.

Back to the news. Although Superman is not a priority as of now, Michael B. Jordan is reportedly being targeted to wear the red cape in the future. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I LOVE Michael B. Jordan as an actor. If given the right director to work with (looking at you, Ryan Coogler), Jordan is a superstar in every sense of the word. Fruitvale Station, Creed, and Black Panther are all examples of Jordan at his best. I would even throw Chronicle and That Awkward Moment (guilty pleasure) into the underrated category. However, Jordan has had some misses in the superhero genre before with Fantastic Four. Jordan has already played two characters in the superhero universe. Would he be willing to play another superhero, which happens to be one of the most recognizable heroes of all-time?

It all comes down to the script and director. If I’m Jordan, I would want to be in the decision-making process when it comes to the director just like Daniel Craig has a say in the directors for the James Bond franchise. The DCEU has had quite a few misses. If they reboot Superman, the studio cannot have another setback. Bring in a director with a proven track record that Jordan wants to work with. That is the only way I see Jordan considering the role of Superman.

Until then, at least we can look forward to Wonder Woman 1984. 

The Creed II Trailer Is Out And It Sets The Stage For Adonis Vs. Drago

Nothing like an exciting trailer to start your morning! Based off the trailer, Creed II has everything that made Creed successful. Fast action, great music (Hello, Kendrick), and Michael B. Jordan. I will be the first to say that Creed was such a pleasant surprise. When I first heard that the studio was adding a new addition to the Rocky series that would be based on Apollo Creed’s son, I was not interested. Rocky V left such a bad taste in my mouth that I never thought the franchise would recover. Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI) was solid and a huge improvement from Rocky V, but I had little interest in continuing the story of the Italian Stallion.

I am proud to say that I was completely wrong. Creed was amazing from start to finish. The underdog spirit of Rocky Balboa was updated to reflect the current times and Sly Stallone pass the torch to Michael B. Jordan. Everything from the camera work (the one-take fight scene is spectacular) to the storyline to the music worked to perfection and that can be credited to Ryan Coogler. Coogler provided the breath of fresh air that the series needed while still keeping the same themes and principles that were implemented by Stallone over 40 years ago. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have the acting ability and charisma of Michael B. Jordan leading your film. That’s a recipe for success.

Creed II sets the stage for Adonis vs. Viktor Drago. Adonis is fighting to avenge his father’s death at the hands of Viktor’s father, Ivan. The Drago family vs. Rocky and Adonis is a tag team match that I would pay good money to see. I have high hopes for Creed II and I can’t wait to see it come November.