Este Haim Hilariously Videobombs Liam Payne And Cheryl At Brit Awards

Add this to the “HAIM are legendary” books. Want to get in a few words with superstar Liam Payne and his wife, Cheryl? Fine, but Este Haim is going to steal the damn spotlight. Mouthing the words “Call Me” in the background, it seemed as if Twitter immediately thought she was drunk.

“Mystery Drunk Woman.” Shaking My Damn Head. HAIM is so, so good and so, so talented. Show Este, Danielle, and Baby some respect! The three badass sisters are breakin necks and cashin checks. I’m such a huge HAIM guy. If you follow them on social media, which I obviously do, they are always goofing off and never taking themselves seriously. Este even “apologized” to Cheryl after. What a nice thing to do!

I can’t wait to see HAIM when they come to NYC in May. I also have an extra ticket if anyone wants to come with. No pressure or anything. It’s just a ticket to one of the best soft rock bands in the game who only put out jams. It will be a grand ole time.

Obligatory Top 5 HAIM songs. This list rotates all the time so it’s 100% subject to change.

5. Found It In Silence

4. Pray To God (Kind’ve Cheating, but Calvin Harris and HAIM is straight FIRE)

3. Want You Back

2. The Wire

1. If I Could Change Your Mind

Hip-Hop/R&B Dominate 2018 Grammy Award Nominations


The 60th GRAMMY Award nominations were released today, sending social media into a frenzy about who got too much love and how their favorite artist was once again snubbed. I’m not going to get too much into that, but speaking more in generality that looking at the noms, hip-hop and R&B are the big winners here.

The genres have been wildly underrepresented in the past and now with hip-hop at music’s forefront, it can no longer be denied as it has become the most popular genre of music to be consumed on the open marketplace. A 48-year-old JAY-Z leads all artists with 8 nominations, including having 4:44 up for Album of The Year.

Check out the complete list of nominees here.

Album of the Year:

• “Awaken, My Love!” – Childish Gambino

4:44 – JAY-Z

DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

Melodrama – Lorde

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

What’s amazing here? This will be the first time since 1999 that there are no white males represented in the major category. Have no problem with the Academy’s choices, but I believe The Weeknd’s Starboy should have gotten more recognition. Early prediction: Going to ride with Kendrick Lamar, he absolutely dominated 2017, showing he’s one of the all-time greats, while offering up a masterpiece with DAMN.

Record Of The Year:

• “Redbone” – Childish Gambino

• “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber

• “The Story Of O.J.” – JAY-Z

• “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar

• “24K Magic” – Bruno Mars

More urban music domination in 2017, and it’s only going to be more powerful as the years go on. I’m honestly surprised to see “The Story Of O.J.” in this category, not even the best record off of 4:44. Talking it over with DG, I guess “Despacito” will have to get some nominations because of just how huge of a record it was this year. Where is Ed Sheeran?!?!?! “Shape Of You” has to get a nomination here. Love the other three choices, would have no problem with them winning too. “Redbone”‘s organic rise was one of the special events to witness in music in 2017.

Best New Artist: (My Favorite Category)

• Alessia Cara

• Khalid

• Lil Uzi Vert

• Julia Michaels



This category has birthed so many superstars over the years, even though most years I disagree with who is really considered a “New Artist” by the Academy. Any of these talented artists could win and I’d think it was fair. This may be the most talented “New Artist” field I’ve seen in a long time. Kehlani should be in the conversation with these artists as well, let’s not forget about her ability. Recent winners of the category include: Chance The Rapper, Adele, John Legend, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Maroon 5.

Outside of SZA (28) the others mentioned are just 24 or younger with Khalid still a teenager. Alessia Cara has shown she can dominate the pop charts, Khalid’s American Teen impressed critics, Lil Uzi Vert is hip-hops’s biggest rockstar, Julia Michaels is one of the most talented writers in music, SZA is the next R&B star to carry the torch for strong-minded women after her CTRL debut. The future is bright.

Best Rap Album:

4:44 – JAY-Z

DAMN. – Kendrick Lamar

Culture – Migos

Laila’s Wisdom – Rapsody

Flower Boy – Tyler, The Creator

Expected to see the top three on this list with Jay, Kenny and Migos. The bottom two is where I have somewhat of an issue. I don’t believe Rapsody’s project was strong enough to make this list in my opinion. Flower Boy, is another story. Definitely needs to be recognized for it’s artistic creativity as Tyler produced all of the 14-track album. I’m cool with him getting his first nomination here, well deserved Ty. If it was up to me I would’ve liked to see Vince Staples’ Big Fish Theory, Big Sean’s I Decided or Logic’s Everybody up there.

Before I sign off I just want to highlight some of the younger artist’s in hip-hop/R&B to get nominations because that should be celebrated. Congrats to Khalid, Cardi B, 6lack, GoldLink, Rapsody, and Daniel Caesar on notching their first nominations. This is a life-long labor of love coming to fruition. The future of the genre is brighter than ever. See everyone at the 60th GRAMMY’s on January 28th. Good luck to the nominees.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 6.41.48 PM.png

2017 AMAs: Top 5 Performances From The Show

If you were like me last night, you elected to watch the American Music Awards over the football game. It sounds like I made the right choice after seeing the final score of that game. Anyways, I’m a fan of the AMAs. It’s a show where there’s less presenting on stage and more performances. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the group of performers. It was a little weird having an awards show without some of the biggest stars of 2017 in attendance (Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift). I think there was a far and away best performance of the night, but 2-5 are still up for debate. Let’s see what I liked.

5. P!nk Performs On The Side Of A Hotel

To be honest, I had no idea what P!nk was singing and that’s ok. Needless to say, I was a little distracted / mesmerized by her PERFORMING ON THE SIDE OF A HOTEL. You could not pay me enough money to put my life on the line for a 3 minute performance. This is coming from the guy who once froze up on the stairs of a waterslide 50 feet in the air. P!nk is a badass and so was this performance.

4. Alessia Cara Puts On A Singing Clinic

Damn. This girl can singggggggggggggggggggggg. I like Alessia Cara a lot. She seems like a casual, lowkey pop star. She lets her music shine instead of all of the other elements. She’s got this soul to her voice at such a young age that is so refreshing to the ear. I love the original rendition of Stay, but this stripped-down performance might be better as it really showcased Alessia’s vocal range. If I’m Zedd, I release this version of the song right now and watch the money come in.

3. Shawn Mendes Is A Monster

I think this comes as a surprise to no one that I fuck with Shawn Mendes. The dude is a MONSTER. He puts out hit after hit. Every live performance he does is electric. The guitar. The stage presence. 19 years old. Infinite amounts of talent. Yup, I got a man crush on the guy. Sue me.

Also, shoutout to Keith Urban with the lip sync. Fake it til you make it, ba-BAY!

2. Skylar Grey Appreciation Post

Did anyone have a better weekend than Skylar Grey? First, she dominated her SNL performances with Eminem.

Then, she made her presence known on the red carpet.

Finally, Skylar capped it off with a Glorious performance with Macklemore.

What a coming out party for someone that has been a staple in the music industry for over a decade now. My guess is you have heard the name because of her frequent collaborations with Eminem and her overall songwriting ability, but now, Skylar finally got the spotlight she deserves this weekend. Underrated is an understatement.

1. Imagine Dragons x Khalid Provide The Best Performance Of The Night

Best performance of the night. Imagine Dragons has struck gold before with collaborations in hip hop. Flashback to their performance with Kendrick Lamar from the Grammys.

Well, they have another winner with this Thunder / Young, Dumb, and Broke collab. It was FIRE. Khalid is a superstar. I would be surprised if he does not win Best New Artist at the Grammys this year. The kid is a superstar and I see him skyrocketing soon. His rise to superstardom will mirror The Weeknd’s initial climb to the top. Imagine Dragons are no slouches either. They know how to put out hits and their live performances never disappoint. I need this track on my iTunes now.

Chance The Rapper Concert: The Blessings Were Real

Welcome to the first rap / hip hop article from someone not named LordTreeSap. Yes, it is I, DG. Yes, the same man who is coming off of a great (HB) This Is Us article. Yes, the same man who loves to listen to Top 40 radio. If you can believe it, this man was the guy to go to the Chance The Rapper concert. Although when I tell you who was there, it actually might make sense.

I had way to much swag as a 7th grader!!! Dripping SWAGUUUUUUUUU.

So last night, I went to the Chance The Rapper concert at Forrest Hills Stadium in Queens with Producer Jim. This was my first time at the venue. It’s a solid place to see a show. It kind’ve has this high school bleachers feel to it, like you’re about to watch a big football game on Friday night. We had GA Bowl, which meant you could sit anywhere besides the floor. Big Jim and I elected to go up top to the last row since it was deathly hot and you could get a breeze from up there. It was not even that far away and when had a perfect view of the stage. So far so good.

I’m not kidding when I say this. I think the common age group at the show was teenagers and to be more specific, girls. It was Snapchat heaven for these crews despite having the WORST phone service possible. Everywhere Jim and I looked, we would see a light flash for a picture. The girls would look at the pic, say take it again, and repeat the whole process. It’s unreal how long it takes girls to take pictures. I’m a big one and done type of guy. Not that it’s a hardo thing, but I just don’t want to be standing there for minutes as I try to fake smile. Ladies, my guess is you have hundreds of followers. You could put a picture of your big toe and I guarantee your friends will get you over 100 likes and comment things like “BEAUTIFUL” and “UGGHHH WHY ARE YOU SO HOT?” Also, there were four 12 year old boys that walked by me wearing Chance shirts and eating happy meals. To say I was intimidated was an understatement. That was an automatic “head down and walk away” moment. I did not want my lunch money to be stolen.

Oh yeah, the concert! Chance came out on a mini dirt bike to a huge ovation so right off the bat, I knew this man controlled the crowd from the get-go. I’ve been to a few big concerts before (another HB) like Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. These concerts have diehard fans who have been to their shows over 50 times. I can honestly say that in terms of the crowd singing the words to the songs, Chance’s show might take the cake. He could put down his mic for the whole show and the whole crowd would scream every single word. It did not matter if it was a new or old song. Chance actually did a song from his first album “Surf” and it arguably could’ve had the largest reaction. Although I think his rendition of Waves / Father Stretch My Hands / Ultralight Beam combo probably took the cake. Shoutout to friend of the site, Kanye West.

I know some people have described Chance as “preachy” before, but I didn’t get that vibe. Yes, he talked to the crowd for a bit but it wasn’t like he was trying to instill religious beliefs in you. He just wanted to show his appreciation for the fans and to his band for sticking around. It’s truly amazing what this man is doing as an independent artist who only puts out streaming mixtapes. It just shows that if you are talented and can build a following, you can make it big. What his mixtape, Coloring Book, did to the streaming world will be a monumental moment in music history. It was the first streaming album to ever win a Grammy. It also helps that Coloring Book was one of the best mixtapes of the year. Chance for mayor.

My favorite song from Coloring Book if anyone wanted to know.

So there we have it. Chance The Rapper put on a good, entertaining show. Well worth the price of admission. Now if you excuse me, I have to go watch This Is Us.

Has Anyone Had A Better Month Than Rita Ora?

I’ve been meaning to write this article for awhile. After seeing her perform at the Teen Choice Awards last night and watching her go Sneaker Shopping today, I had to strike while it’s hot.

Rita Ora is on fire.

Rita Ora has always been on my radar. For starters, she’s from London so I’m already more than in. Accents are my kryptonite. My dream is to marry someone from outside the country. I legit freeze up if I hear girls with accents. I also freeze up with girls in general, but that’s a different story.

Anyway, I was minding my own business a few weeks ago on Instagram and LordTree sent me a pic in one of our many Gram Chats. This was the picture.

It takes a lot for my jaw to drop, but my jaw went throught the basement. I actually stopped and put down my phone. Holy Shit. Rita with a HAYMAKER on the gram. The punches did not stop there.

Rita Ora has and always will be beautiful. But sometimes, you just need to reach back and throw a 99 MPH fastball to remind the public that you’re an alpha. This is alpha behavior and I could not be happier.

Rita has also been working on some new music. It’s crazy that she’s only put out ONE album in her career. She hasn’t put out an album since 2012, but a lot of that has had to do with legal trouble with Roc Nation. However, they reached a settlement in 2016 and she’s starting to put out some new stuff like Your Song and Lonely Together with Avicci (Avicci is BACK!!!!!!) I’ve liked her stuff before and this new stuff is right up my alley.

Gotta tip the cap for I Will Never Let You Down.

Honestly, Rita Ora just seems like a really chill chick who likes to wear sneakers, put out pop jams, and be an overall good time. Now, with new music, a TV gig, and haymakers on Instagram, it’s time to buy stock on the 26 (!!!!!!) year old if you already have not!


The DAMN Tour Invades Barclays Center With Some Help From 2 Chainz


Nearly 19,000 fans packed out the hazy Barclays Center, as K. Dot and La Flame brought the DAMN Tour back to NYC for the second time in less than 72 hours. The show began with D.R.A.M opening up shortly after 7:30 and lasted all the way until nearly 11 P.M. after a Kendrick Lamar encore and a special guest appearance leaving the fans feeling like they got their money’s worth. This will be an experience I remember for a long time, as three all-time greats graced the Brooklyn stage at once.

After missing Friday’s Washington D.C. stop of the DAMN Tour, Travis Scott returned and brought his signature frenetic energy that is unmatched in the performance category. I’ve been dying to see the Houston rapper on tour since missing his Birds Eye View NYC tour stop in April. An untraditional show that had fans jumping from the upper level of the Terminal 5 venue.

Since my brother put La Flame on my radar circa 2013, Travis has quickly shot up my favorite artist list since getting the Kanye West G.O.O.D. Music cosign in 2012. Only two studio albums in, Scott is well on his way to superstardom. The auto-tune king will soon be headlining his own stadium tours so I’m happy the fans appreciated Trav and didn’t treat the him as an ordinary opener. To be honest I was more pumped to see him than Kenny since I had already seen Lamar twice prior, at school and opening for Kanye on the Yeezus Tour.

The 25-year-old began his 45-minute set shortly after 8 P.M. on the ground before making his way to perform while flying in the air on a mechanical bird. I’ve never seen anything like that before and it gives you a look into Scott’s eccentric creativity. Travis lived up to the videos gone viral sending the crowd into a frenzy with an array of tracks from “Upper Echelon,” to SZA’s “Love Galore” and all of my favorites off Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight before finishing with his most commercial song to date “Antidote,” which peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100. I will say this, I thought Travis audio could’ve been better. I’m not sure if that’s on him or the Barclays Center. Either way, tour life is good for the boyfriend of Kylie Jenner.

It took about a half hour to come down from the high that came in the form of a La Flame performance before the stadium went black and fans rose to their feet. Kendrick Lamar literally rose from under the stage platform around 9:30 P.M. and got the party re-started with “DNA” a personal anthem off his latest offering DAMN, which is now certified double platinum. K. Dot has to have some of the best breath control in hip-hop. His stage command has come a long way since I last saw him at MSG in 2013. Now, a 30-year-old seasoned vet who is at the peak of his powers and the leader of the “new school.”

The Compton native was in his bag Sunday night, giving the hyped up crowd a little bit of everything ranging from some Section 80, to DAMN. I could go on for days about the nearly 90-minute experience but will focus on the highlights. The visuals were unbelievable, as K.Dot seems to be really honing in on this Kung Fu Kenny alter-ego. He even brought out ninjas to perform beside in his yellow jumpsuit. At one point he vanished and rose once again on a small platform in the middle of the floor seats.

One moment that stood out to me was when Kendrick admitted he didn’t do this all alone and it’s amazing to see how far he has come in NYC, who always showed him love early in his career. Just six years ago he was playing in front of just hundreds of people at the locally known SOB’s and now he stares at thousands of fans filling sold-out stadiums every night. K. Dot had all 19,000 fans on their feet with their phone lights on swaying back and forth as he rapped the melodic “LOVE,” which was a sight to behold, bringing everyone together in unison.

Before wrapping up his set, Lamar brought out Travis to perform “Goosebumps,” which recently made a push in radio peaking at 32 on the Billboard charts, dropping an accompanying visual this year. This was the beginning of taking the crowd to the next level. 2 Chainz then somehow showed up in Brooklyn, getting a huge pop from the fans as he hit the stage to perform “4 AM” featuring Travis with Kendrick serving as the hype man for the banger.

As Chains and Scott exited stage right, Kendrick took back control of the stage as the show headed to its conclusion. Fans knew what was coming when the “Humble” beat dropped, as the first chorus approached the sound stopped and the crowd rapped in unison back at Kendrick, making for a tuneful scene. As the stage went dark, fans began chanting for an unlikely encore, which I thought was a waste of time. That was until I heard that soft voice and the lights came back on as Kendrick waved his arms to get the crowd so loud it felt like I was at Metlife Stadium and the Jets defense needed to make a huge 3rd down stop.

Kung Fu Kenny closed out the second Brooklyn stop with “GOD” before exiting the stage thanking the fans for another sold-out show. This was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to the last couple years. Totally worth the price of admission, left Barclays Center more than satisfied. DAMN has the top spot as the #1 album of the year, and Travis’ star is going to continue to grow with Astro World on the way. The east coast swing of The DAMN Tour is over as they cross the border tonight into Toronto, Canada.

All hope is not lost though, an August 25th date has been added to the second leg of the tour at Prudential Center in New Jersey with YG instead of Travis Scott.

JAY Z Ages Like Fine Wine On 4:44 Album


On his 13th studio album, Shawn Carter gets as personal as ever before at the age of 47. Mr. Carter is one of the few that has the power to have the world stop and listen to one of your projects, as Jay enters the third decade of an illustrious career. We’ve never seen Hov this vulnerable, letting us in on his relationship struggles by responding to Bey’s LEMONADE, having to kill his ego, admitting his mother Gloria is a lesbian and even checking little brother Kanye West.


What he exuded is the realities of black excellence, showing the positive as well as the negatives of being a hip-hop mogul, spokesman and trailblazer all contained within the ingenious 10-track project, which is now available across all major streaming platforms. Jay raps “I’m trying to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99,” which is the over-arching theme of the project in my opinion.

Jay passed along gems that he learned in business throughout his journey. Explaining in the interlude of the powerful “The Story of O.J.” Hov dismisses people throwing money away while flaunting at the strip club instead of investing in themselves for good credit because that is a way to help break through America’s systematic oppression. Comparing that to the Jews who have generational wealth passed on through owning real estate.

Black capitalism related lyrics dominate the project as Jay expresses his commitment to generational wealth and using entrepreneurship to “rinse” the black communities. To continue with “The Story of O.J.” Hov explains his plans of passing on wealth through owning property, using examples of how the value of a DUMBO building property in Brooklyn is now worth 10x more than when he was growing up.

“Financial freedom my only hope Fuck livin’ rich and dyin’ broke I bought some artwork for 1 million 2 years later, that shit worth 2 million Few years later, that shit worth 8 million I can’t wait to give this shit to my children”

The Brooklyn MC called on the legendary Kanye West mentor, No I.D. who handled the production side for the entire project, crafting tuneful beats incorporated with an old-school soulful sound that soothes your well-being. The Chicago producer sampled the likes of Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Donny Hathaway. It’s refreshing that the culture could still enjoy a modern hip-hop album that doesn’t include any trap beats. Jay only exercises the use of Damian Marley and Frank Ocean as features on two tracks throughout 4:44.

Hearing HOV this honest on an album shows that vulnerability still makes for the best art. This is how an artist progresses throughout his career, especially someone who has accomplished as much as Jay has at the age of 47. It may be his 13th album, but Shawn Carter is still finding innovative ways to release his music 21 years after his debut album, where as almost all of the colleagues that joined the game with him in the ’90s are well out of the relevant hip-hop picture.

JAY Z added a footnotes video to explain the deeper meaning of his heartfelt confessional “4:44” to open the album, where he apologizes to his wife Beyonce saying she “matured faster” than him even though he is 12 years her elder. Carter admits his relationship “wasn’t built on 100% truth” and rebuilding the “beautiful mansion” of their marriage was “the hardest thing he’s ever done.” Hov chops it up with other celebrities including Chris Paul, Meek Mill, Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan, Aziz Ansari, Anthony Anderson for some barber shop talk about love and relationships. Check it all out on TIDAL.

Hovi will be coming home to perform at the Barclays Center at the Brooklyn stop of his 4:44 Tour on November 26th. The pricey tickets already sold-out within a few hours for the entire tour, which kicks off in Anaheim, CA on October 27th.


Top NBA Draft Prospects Reveal What’s On Their Pre-game Playlist

maxresdefault (4)

The NBA Draft is upon us, a day where kids dreams become reality and it’s really a joy to be a fan of a team with a top pick hoping you are selecting the piece that finally turns your franchise around. This draft class is supposed to be one of the most stacked in recent history and definitely has a chance to be really special.


With trade rumors flying left and right the NBA has really become a sport that’s in the news cycle 11 months out of the year. Tonight could get really fun if a rumored blockbuster we’ve been hearing about is pulled off. Other than picks one and two being a sure thing, the rest of the draft is really up in the air and could go a multitude of directions so make sure to tune in 7 PM on ESPN when it all gets going with Markelle Fultz hearing his name called and becomes an official member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The NBA held their media availability and LordTreeSap was on the scene and caught up with almost all of the top picks to see what they’re listening to before games and we got some pretty diverse answers from Luther Vandross to J-Cole and Kendrick. Most of the prospects were happy to chop it up about their music preferences rather than the rhetorical questions most older journalists were bombarding them with.


De’Aaron Fox: “I’m not the type to get hyped. I usually listen to classical music before games, a lot of hip-hop. Nothing constantly, but Big Sean is one of my favorites. He’s been one of my favorites since middle-school then Logic came along. I still like J-Cole, Kendrick and guys like that.”


Jonathan Isaac: “I listen to everything. I’m a big music fan, I listen to new music and old music. I’m a big Luther Vandross fan, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne. I’m a huge Drake fan. I get into singing too, I like Bruno Mars.”


Jayson Tatum: “Hip-hop mostly. Drake and Yo Gotti are probably my two favorites.”

ku basketball media day sp 101316 rs 0044f.jpeg

Josh Jackson: “I’ll listen to some Kodak Black, Future, J-Cole and Kendrick usually.”


Markelle Fultz: “J-Cole and Lil Wayne. I listen to a lot of old school songs too, Sam Cooke and Anthony Hamilton.”


Dennis Smith Jr.: “Before games I listen to R&B. I’m all over the place ’90s, 2000’s I’m everywhere. Keyshia Cole and Beyonce for sure and a lot of Monica though.”


Malik Monk: “I only listen to one person before games and that’s The Weeknd.”


Zach Collins: “Drake, Big Sean, Logic, Green Day and Metallica. A little bit of everything.”