This Is Us Season 3 Episode 18 Recap: Her

Before I dive into the Season 3 finale, does anyone find it concerning that This Is Us has not been renewed for a fourth season? There’s no chance they cancel the show, but it is a little alarming that the show has not be renewed. I’m not worried yet, but let’s keep a tab on this until the Season 4 renewal is official.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: “Her”

Sterling K. Brown in This Is Us / Photo Credit: NBC Universal

– Beth and Randall are together again at last. Beth and Randall have had their ups and downs, but just like a lot of couples, love conquers all. In the end, Randall offered to resign from his political position, but Beth elected for the family to move to Philly instead so she could run her own dance studio while Randall serves as a councilman. As we saw in the future, the dance studio was a hit and Randall and Beth were still happily married. My prediction for their relationship was a temporary separation and then a reunion. I never thought they would get divorced. I’m giving myself a 3/4 stars for that prediction.

– Deja, hell of a speech, kid. The correlation she made between winning the lottery and Randall’s life was so accurate. It was my favorite scene of the finale. The back half of this third season barely included Randall’s children, but when it came time to step up, Deja shined.

– I like Zoe, but once she told Kevin that she didn’t want to have kids, it was a wrap on their relationship. Kevin wants to be like his father and become the best dad ever. It turns out that Kevin does become a father as we find out in the flash forward that he has a son. Rebecca is also stationed in Kevin’s new house with Nicky by her side, not Miguel. Side note, I hope Miguel doesn’t die. He’s been through too much. Let’s give him a break.

Back to business. I don’t have any theories as to why Nicky was there, but it’s clear that he has turned his life around. However, I do have a prediction for Kevin. Kevin ends up with Sophie and they have children together. When Rebecca gets sick, Kevin takes her in to look after her. Oh by the way, what is Sophie’s occupation? A nurse. Sophie can care for Rebecca at the home. I’m taking this prediction to the bank.

– It’s time to talk about my Kate prediction. I was wrong. It looks as if Kate nor Jack are dead. A major character died in every season (William in S1, Jack in S2) so I followed the pattern. Health problems regarding the pregnancy and a heart condition led me to believe that Kate or the baby would die in childbirth. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. You win some, you lose some.

– However, there is a major riff between Kate and Toby in the future. In the flash forward, Toby begrudgingly comes to Kevin’s house and says that he spoke to Jack about coming over. We don’t see Kate, but she is supposed to be on the way over with Jack. It’s possible that Toby and Kate are divorced at this point. Maybe Jack is sick and that caused a riff between Kate and Toby’s marriage.

– Cryptic Dan Fogelman quote about the Season 4 timeline. 

“There is a moment in the show where, in a weird way, the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present,” said Fogelman. “That sounds really high-level. It doesn’t always have to be, like, in the deep, deep future, but we can play with time in a really interesting way that really tells the full story of a family. It’s always been our plan from the beginning. I think people aren’t going to quite realize what we’re going to try and do in the next couple of seasons of the show.”

– I tweeted this a few minutes into last night’s finale.

– This prediction may come true. Last night’s episode was all about “her,” which we know is Rebecca. The show gave off so many clues in the past to predict a future where Rebecca was sick. Rebecca’s time in the hospital foreshadows the flash forward scene. In the past, the kids are all scared when Rebecca is in the hospital after a car crash. Each member of the Big Three make wild assumptions about her health, saying that she could have brain damage or even die. The Big Three can’t live without Rebecca CC: Jack’s corn sandwiches. Rebecca is the engine of the family. Without her, the family doesn’t run properly. Kate found this out in the present when she realized that Rebecca would be the best thing for her son’s development. Rebecca has always been there for Kate, and Kate has finally realized that her mother only had her best interest at heart.

Back to the tweet. Does Rebecca have Alzheimer’s? It’s a good guess because Randall has to introduce himself as “her son,” which leaves a confused look on the face of Rebecca. Whatever it is, Rebecca is dying.

– This finale felt like a passing of the torch. For the first 2.5 seasons, the true heartbeat of This Is Us was Jack. The show revolved around Jack’s death and how the Big Three and Rebecca lived before and after his death. With “Her,” the show is shifting to the matriarch of the family, Rebecca. Now, we know what’s at the end of the show for Rebecca, which involves her death bed. It’s time to build up to that point and tell Rebecca’s story. I don’t know how I feel about this change because Jack’s story was far more interesting that Rebecca’s, but I’m positive that the writers have twists and turns for Rebecca’s character arc so I’ll be patient before I judge.

– The Season 3 finale was ____________.

I’m going to go with “ok.” It was just ok. To be honest, the entire third season was just ok. If I had to rank the seasons in order of preference, I would say S1, S2, and S3. The finale felt more like a bridge to the next season instead of an episode to tie up loose ends. There were some standout episodes (Jack in Vietnam, Beth’s solo episode, Randall and Beth’s fight), but as a whole, the season lacked compelling storylines that interested me. Jack and Kevin in Vietnam were great. Randall the politician didn’t do it for me. I do believe the show can find its groove again so I will be watching Season 4. I still enjoy This Is Us. 

See you in the fall.

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 17 Recap: The Downfall Of Randall And Beth

America’s couple has a problem with no solution. Randall and Beth’s marriage is on the rocks and after last night, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 17 Recap: “R&B”

Beth and Randall in This Is Us / Photo Credit: NBC

– This Is Marriage.

– It’s clear that Randall and Beth are not in a good place. This season of This Is US has been pretty rocky from the start and many will cite Randall’s political campaign as the beginning of their downfall. However, I’m going to go back even farther than that. It pains me to say this because I love this character so much, but the arrival of William was the beginning of the downfall for Randall and Beth. Since that moment, Randall has been searching for ways to live up to the legacies of William and Jack while Beth is left to support him in all his endeavors despite the negative impact it may have on her own life.

– The episodes use flashbacks at important moments in the story of Randall and Beth to illustrate their relationship. A clear pattern develops in each argument. Randall fully dives into a situation while Beth questions his motives. Randall uses his likable personality and insane charm to win Beth over as she “bends the knee” to every argument in order to find a solution. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing and both Randall and Beth make great points in each situation. What I am saying is that having the same result after every argument is not a healthy way to live.

– On their mini golf date with Rebecca, Beth reveals that she does not want to marry Randall right now because she is afraid she will get consumed in his life without having a separate life of her own. Once again, there is no problem with getting consumed in certain issues in your spouse’s life. However, it becomes a problem when one person can’t fall back on a separate issue in their own life that they can handle alone.

– Fight after fight, the pattern of Beth bending her knee continues until it reaches its boiling point in the present day. Beth finally wants to do something for herself instead of for Randall and to be honest, Randall can’t handle that. Their relationship works best when Beth makes her dreams the same as Randall and she supports him along the way. I feel for Beth. It must have been hard to take on all of Randall’s ordeals without having time for herself. Randall begins to realize that, but it’s clearly too late. I don’t want this to be a pity party for Beth though. Randall also makes good points in this argument. Randall allows Beth to make her own decisions like the grocery store fight. Randall said Beth can go spend the night by herself, but Beth chooses to come home with Randall. Randall may force his dreams onto Beth, but Beth chooses to make those dreams her own dreams as well. Both parties are right and wrong.

– About halfway through the episode, I tweeted this out.

Obviously, the episode was not going to have a happy ending. The fight ends with two low blows. Randall sarcastically apologizes to Beth for following her dreams 20 years later, and Beth says she couldn’t find time to follow her calling between Randall’s anxiety attacks. Yikes. Randall leaves for his office and the duo spends the night sepearte from each other.

– Do I think Randall and Beth will get divorced? No. However, I do see temporary separation in their future.

– Season finale next week!

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: If Happy Ever After Did Exist

“If happy ever after did exist.” – Adam Levine, Maroon 5. I hate myself for singing “Payphone” in my head, but the idea of happy ever after is the only thing in my head. Last night’s episode was all about happy endings and how they don’t always go to plan.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 16 Recap: “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”

Chris Sullivan and Chrissy Metz in This Is Us / Photo Credit: NBC

– I’m going to destroy my computer right now. I tried to upload a photo and instead of it going into WordPress, it went into my Browser so the photo took up the entire screen. No big deal, right? Wrong. I clicked “back” and it took me to a new post. Shit. I hope my old post saved since I just finished it. Wrong. Nothing saved. My entire column vanished. I thought drafts saved automatically? I took 30 minutes to right a great recap and now this second attempt at one will be shit. Fuck this.

– Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. Forgive me if it’s brief. I’m going by memory here.

– Kate and Toby: I like this storyline for them. I grew sick of the “Kate and Toby fight and then make up” plot. Caring for baby Jack injects a much-needed fresh take to their story. Toby had a great scene with Finch from American Pie where he decided that he needed to step up and become a father, which Kate greatly appreciated. I still believe that Kate or the baby are doomed. I’ve been in the camp that Kate is going to die for awhile now and it looks like this theory is picking up steam. Hopefully, we will get pointed in the right direction during the finale.

– Kevin and Zoe / Kevin and Sophie. Is it me or is Kevin and Zoe’s relationship moving at the speed of light? One moment they’re in Vietnam, the next moment they’re fighting about apartments. Now, Zoe doesn’t want to have kids. Just like I believe Kate is doomed, so is this relationship, which I’m totally fine with by the way. I like Zoe. I like Kevin. I’m not crazy about them together. On the other hand, I’m all in on Team Kophie being end game. If you’re Sophie, you don’t take that coffee date if you still love Kevin. Guess what? Kevin still loves Sophie. Sending Sophie and her fiancé Billy Joel tickets was a nice gesture, but this love story is far from over. Kevin decides he’s ok with not having kids and stays with Zoe. My prediction is Zoe eventually comes around to wanting kids and there’s happiness and jubilation, but it will never happen. Team Kophie all the way.

– Randall and Beth. This relationship mirrors Jack and Rebecca. Jack and Rebecca had their fair share of marital problems and it lead to a temporary separation. They eventually made up and stayed together up until Jack’s death. I believe that same scenario (without the side of death) is going to happen to Randall and Beth. Randall wants to save the world. Beth wants to teach dance. Both want to achieve their goals, but both are putting themselves first right now. Will they divorce? The easy answer is yes, but my gut says not. A temporary separation is in their future, but they will get back together and fix things. I don’t know how or when, but it will happen.

– Jack and Rebecca. Cute dance! My biggest takeaways: Jack’s childhood is the next chapter of his life that we will learn about and happy ever after’s are complicated.

– Pretty good review from memory if I do say so myself. Next week is “The Fight.” Randall vs. Beth. Ding ding ding. Tune in.


This Is Us Season 3 Episode 13 Recap: This Is Beth

This Is Us loves to change the subject abruptly throughout the season. We just experienced an emotional rollercoaster with Nicky and now, we get a break to zero in on Beth. I dig it. This Beth episode has been teased for awhile now so I was excited to learn more about her background.

Let’s go.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 13 Recap: “Our Little Island Girl”

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC

– For an ensemble show that showcases multiple timelines per episode, This Is Us has a history of hitting home runs when it comes to focusing on 1-2 characters in one timeline for the entire episode. The first episode that comes to mind is Randall and William’s trip to Memphis in Season 1, which is a top 5 episode for the show and arguably the best episode of the entire series. This Is Us hit another home run with this episode as it’s easily one of the best episodes of Season 3.

– Beth has always been an important character. Now, we finally saw an inside-look into her past and what makes her “tick.” Beth is Randall’s rock and always seems to be cool under pressure and gives sage wisdom, which is why it’s so surprising when Beth freaks out and “clams up” when she sees her mother, Carol.

– You might as well just nominate Phylicia Rashad for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series at the Emmys. Why waste time when it’s inevitable?

– Love seeing Goran Višnjić on NBC. No, kids, he’s not Garcia Flynn on Timeless. He’s Dr. Luka Kovač on ER.

– Zoey being featured in this episode leads me to believe that she is involved in the bigger picture for the show and will be in Season 4. Kevin’s previous “flings” only last a few episodes so the fact that she’s been a focal point this entire season leads me to believe that this relationship will last more than a season.

– My favorite sequence of events involved Beth standing up to Carol followed by Carol apologizing to Beth the next morning. Beth blames her mother for taking away her dreams of being a dancer. Beth says that the rest of her siblings (Will we ever meet them?) never visit Carol because she has “no air around her – no air to be sad, no air to fail.” Throw in the fact that Beth lost her father to cancer and it makes sense as to why Beth can’t connect with her mother. Beth still longs to be a dancer (more on this shortly), but because of the fear she developed when her mother made her quit, she is hesitant to tell Randall.

– Then, the next morning, Carol makes amends with Beth, saying that she only wanted what’s best for Beth and her children because her mother did the same thing to her when she was growing up. Carol is a strong, independent woman, which makes sense as to why Beth is the same way. I find it interesting that when it comes to Beth and her mother, Beth is a dreamer and the mother is the realist. When it comes to Beth and Randall, Beth is a realist and Randall is a dreamer. Beth became the person she resented as a teenager. Beth sacrificed her dreams to start a life with Randall. Towards the end of episode, Beth finally realizes that it’s her turn to dream again and become a dance teacher.

– Unfortunately, thanks to the future timeline where we saw Beth in a dance studio alone, Beth and Randall’s marriage could be on the rocks so this decision to teach dancing could be the beginning of the end within their marriage.

– I can’t wait to revisit teenage Randall and teenage Beth. Great tease. I would imagine that they will bond over the losses of their fathers.

– Promo for next episode looks like a tearjerker and…

My “Kate is going to die” Theory may be in its beginning stages.

See you next week.

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Cliffhanger SZN

After nine episodes, what is your grade for Season 3 of This Is Us? For me, it’s been a B- season. Let’s start with what I like, which is everything that revolves around Jack. Vietnam has been the most intriguing storyline all season and the introduction of Nicky has captivated my attention. I also love the courtship between a young Jack and Rebecca. At the top of the things I don’t like is Randall the politician. I’m losing interest in this political narrative more and more with each episode. I understand Randall cannot be the good guy all the time and problems with Beth are on the horizon, but I don’t need him to be the :little engine that could” in an election. I hope Randall drops out of the race. Toby and Kate’s arc has been so-so, but I’m glad they had a happy ending last night (for now). Kevin has also been stagnant, but since he’s tied in with the Vietnam drama, I’m happy when he’s onscreen because it means we will be revisiting Jack at war.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning”

Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown in This Is Us / Via: NBC Universal

– So…Nicky is alive? Let’s cut right to the chase. This Is Us is going away for a little over a month for its midseason break so huge cliffhangers were going to happen in the final moments of the episode. They were:

  • Future Randall and future Tess are visiting, “her,” aka Rebecca. They will meet up with future Beth, who appears to be running a dance studio.
  • Nicky Pearson is alive.

Well done, This Is Us. Two solid cliffhangers to keep fans occupied for the next couple of weeks. Before I go any further, I encourage you to read this interview from The Hollywood Reporter in regards to last night’s episode. It breaks down all of the specifics in an interview with co-showrunners of the show.

First, let’s discuss Randall and Beth. There has been tension growing between the couple throughout the first half of this season. It reached a climax last night after Tess revealed to the duo that she is gay. Randall’s debate went well, but is too far behind in the polls to win this year barring anything dramatic so Beth and his campaign manager, Jae-Won, suggest dropping out of the race. When Beth reiterates the notion of dropping out, Randall has second thoughts. Even after Beth reminded Randall about their promise, where he would drop out if Beth asked him, Randall refuses to do it, which lead to Beth kicking Randall out of the bedroom for the night. You could cut the tension with a knife!

In the flash forward, the “her” that Randall and Tess are going to visit is Rebecca. However, Beth is not with them as she is seen running a dance company. Beth is going to meet up with the duo and bring “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” From what I saw, I could not determine if Beth and Randall are still together. (Yes, I looked at her fingers for a ring. She hid it well. Damn.) Is Rebecca sick? Is Rebecca dying? Did Randall and Beth get a divorce? Is Kate dead? (Yes, I believe Kate is going to die.) These are the questions running through my head and currently, I have no theories. Stay tuned.

Now, let’s to Vietnam. Kevin and Zoe arrive in the village that Jack protected and met with a man who lived there during the war. Although he has no specific information regarding Jack, the man suggests that Kevin’s journey may not be ending, but ongoing. Then, in the episode’s final moments, the hotel clerk revealed that after searching Nicky in the Vietnam database, there is no record of his death. Nicky did not die in Vietnam and in the closing moments of the episode, a mysterious figure in the background drops his mail on the table, which reveals the name “Nick Pearson.” Nicky is alive.

In the interview in THR that I liked to above, the showrunners confirmed that Nicky is alive so I don’t believe this is a fake or replacement Nicky (shoutout to the Paul McCartney replacement conspiracy theories). In the flashbacks throughout the episode, Jack and Nicky are at odds with each other. Nicky can’t beat his drug addiction and Jack can’t fix his brother, which leads to Nicky saying that he won’t complete the mission. In other words, Nicky believes he will die in Vietnam. Nice deception, This Is Us writers.

Rapid fire questions: Did Nicky fake his own death? Did Jack know that Nicky was alive? Did Jack think Nicky died, but Nicky ended up surviving and never told his brother? Who was on the boat during the explosion? Was Nicky on that boat and that’s why Jack think he died? Where is the mysterious woman? I highly doubt that Jack thought his brother was dead and never investigated it. My bet is that Nicky made Jack promise to never reveal his whereabouts to anyone. Jack mysteriously visited him in PA, but never told anyone. That’s my best guess for now.

– Kate’s having a boy! That’s really all I have for Kate and Toby. Kate and Toby have had their ups and downs so it was nice for them to receive some happy news for once. Plus, Kate is going back to school. There is zero chance that Kate and Toby have a happy ending, meaning that the pregnancy is successful and Toby, Kate, and their son live happily ever after. Something is going to happen. I’m standing by my theory that Kate is going to die at some point, but for now, all we can do is wait and watch.

See you in January.

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 8 recap: Six Thanksgivings

Happy Thanksgiving! Last episode was what I like to call a “Holiday Episode.” It happens when the characters and major plot lines intertwine with the holiday of choice. Personally, I have enjoyed the holiday episodes in previous seasons for This Is Us with the most memorable one occurring when Toby collapsed on the table and had a heart attack during Christmas. There was no heart attack last night, but a storm is brewing in Vietnam between the Pearson brothers.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: “Six Thanksgivings”

THIS IS US — “18,615” Episode 308 — Pictured: Milo Ventimiglia as Jack — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

– In “Six Thanksgivings,” This Is Us broke down the episode into 6 acts and each short story visited a different set of characters and how they spent their Thanksgiving before tying them together at the end. It was not the best holiday episode, but it was one of the better episodes of the season.

– Let’s start with the easiest act to discuss, William’s Thanksgiving. My motto is as followed: “Any episode that features William is an episode worth watching.” The episode dove into William and his eventual boyfriend Jesse’s early relationship. Jesse opens up to William about his cocaine addiction while William is there to provide advice and an invitation to a party later. Once Jesse shows up with a mystery woman, William is clearly jealous. However, Jesse reassures William that the woman is his cousin, much to William’s delight, and a relationship was born. This may have been a random storyline in the grand scheme of the episode, but I don’t mind getting a chance to see the great Ron Cephas Jones again onscreen portraying this wonderful character.

– Kate and Toby. The parental tryout didn’t go according to plan, but they both made up for it in the end. Toby came in clutch with Cracker Barrel. (The breakfast is good at Cracker Barrel. The cheesy potatoes are dynamite. However, I can’t speak for Thanksgiving dinner.) However, the bigger reveal involved Kate’s interaction with Tess. Tess had her first period and since her parents were out of the house, Kate was there to comfort Tess in a time of need. Once she became comfortable, Tess revealed that she has a girlfriend. It’s very ironic (although it was probably planned) that Tess told Randall that William was “gay, or at least bi” when William brought Jesse over for Christmas dinner. Perhaps Tess was hinting at her own sexuality preference? We’ll soon find out the whole story when Tess discusses it with Beth and Randall.

– Speaking of Beth and Randall, the dynamic duo were on the campaign trail as Randall tries to secure votes for his election. It did not go according to plan after Randall sided with Beth over his campaign manager. I respect Randall for listening to his wife, but at some point, Beth has to take a back seat to Jae-Won or at the very least work together. Watching the preview for the next episode, it looks like Randall will gain some momentum at a political rally so it looks like the team is coming together. Remember that Beth received a call at the end of the episode that forced the family to leave abruptly. Who was it from and what was it for?

– Shoutout to Miguel. His stock continues to rise with each episode. I tweeted this out after the episode.

Miguel was experiencing his first Thanksgiving since the divorce with his wife and it was not a walk in the park by any means. It took a Jack pep talk (shocker) to cheer him up. I loved the present day Miguel moment even more when he stuck up for Rebecca at Thanksgiving dinner with his daughter and son. If my son ever disrespected me in front of my wife at that age, he’s getting a drumstick shoved up where the son don’t shine. Also, the Randall speech montage was a charming touch to tie together every story.

– Finally, let’s go to the best part of Season 3, the Vietnam storyline. Jack and Nicky continue to be at odds, but Jack and the mysterious woman are gaining traction in their relationship. We found out the origin of the necklace as the woman gave it to Jack as reward for helping her son with a foot injury. When Jack confronts Nicky for his lack of help, Nicky tells a horror story about his first training officer was killed after interacting with the village people and showing compassion. Nicky said, “You can be nice all you want, Jack. But they’re not just women and children.” Nicky has been through it all and it’s clear that Vietnam has taken a lot of his happiness away.

– Time to brainstorm. How did Nicky die? Was the woman involved? Was Jack present for Nicky’s death? There are my “theories.” They are more like random thoughts, but they have some meaning to them.

  • Jack is responsible for Nicky’s death / Jack kills Nicky. It’s a very popular theory right now and most likely the leader in the clubhouse.
  • Nicky dies trying to save the mysterious woman.
  • Jack kills Nicky after he tries to hurt the mysterious woman. This one is a little too dark for a network show, but love triangles get the best of people!
  • Nicky kills himself. This is super dark as well, but between Nicky’s emotional state and the war intensifying, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

I still believe that Jack is going to hold a dying Nicky in his arms and they are going to bring up “Superman” because that was Nicky’s nickname for Jack. When Nicky calls Jack, Superman, Jack says, “No, Nick. You were Superman all along.” End Scene. Tears begin.

Tune in for the midseason finale that is going to “change everything.”

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 5 recap: Toby

When I first heard about an episode centered around Toby, I wasn’t too thrilled. I’m not the biggest fan of Toby. I find him annoying at times and I believe he’s a “try-hard.” He’s always trying to impress everyone and be the funny guy. It’s ok for people to not like you! Toby rubs me the wrong way sometimes. That being said, last night’s flashback to Toby’s childhood gave me more perspective into why Toby acts the way he does. Mental illnesses suck so you never want to see someone struggling especially when it comes to depression and pills. Here’s to Toby coming out of his slump.

Let’s get into the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: “Toby”

Chris O’Sullivan in This Is Us / Photo Credit: NBC Universal

– SHOUTOUT TO DAN LAURIA AKA JACK ARNOLD FROM THE WONDER YEARS. Do not get me started on The Wonder Years. We will be here all day.

*Shameless plug to my Twitter account*

– As I mentioned above, I gained more sympathy for Toby when they showed flashbacks of his childhood and divorce, where he struggled with depression. I feel bad for him and it explains why he uses humor to try and cover up his illnesses.

– Side note / Pet Peeve: Toby’s hair in season 1.

He looks so much better with his head shaved and a beard. Why he kept the front piece of hair is beyond me.

P.S. I totally jinxed my hair now. I’m going to have “The Toby” when I’m older. Shit.

– Kate’s having a baby. Congrats! However, it came at a cost because Toby is struggling to cope without his medicine. Toby has been in a battle with his depression since he stopped using his meds. It’s going to get worse for Toby and Kate before it gets better. The scene where Kate greets him in the bed was from the season 2 finale.

– ***Kate Death Theory Kate Death Theory Kate Death Theory***

I have said numerous times that Kate is going to die. Now, a reddit user came up with a theory that may play a role in her or the child’s death.

Reddit“Something I’ve always liked about this series is it’s continuity. I’ve read some people not liking this episode because it was too much Jack. Maybe this is because I watch the show with my parents, but we picked up something from the episode. It’s all connected.

Jacks past is about connecting his past hardships to the present day hardships. Jacks dad had a drinking addiction and alcoholism just like Kevin. Jack used to be anxious and had his friend help him calm down like Jack does with Randall… Then Jack has a heart problem that we think Kate will have. Kate will pass on a piece of her dad and that will be his underlying heart condition.”

Kate has a heart condition. That is what she’s passing down to her child. It makes too much sense. I love it.

– Randall Pearson, City Councilman. I like that ring to it. The campaign didn’t go too well, but as we all know, Randall does not know how to fail so he’ll figure something out. I’m more interested in Beth, who is struggling to deal with being fired at her previous job. As a man who has been fired before, it sucks! I smell an emotional breakdown on the way.

– The past belonged to my boy Miguel. We learned that Miguel promised Jack that he would look after Rebecca and the Big Three if anything were to ever happen with Jack. Well, unfortunately, the worst case scenario happened so Miguel is the new man of the house. Miguel fixed household appliances, brought in a piano, took care of drunk Kevin, and tried to cheer Randall up after deal with a racist father. Since Miguel was always around after Jack’s death, it makes sense as to why he eventually married Rebecca. I love Miguel now so I can’t wait to see how he wins over Rebecca.

– Finally, let’s discuss Kevin and his meeting with Robinson. Honestly, the budding relationship between Zoe and Kevin took a backseat to the huge reveal at the end. Although, I am intrigued to see if the issue of race will be a continuous issue for Kevin and Zoe. Back to Vietnam. There is a new woman in Jack’s life.

In the picture, the woman was wearing the same necklace that’s currently around Kevin’s neck. Who is she and how does Jack know her? In the Vietnam flashback, the woman’s son gave Jack a fish. My mind is racing in every different direction. Did Jack have an intimate relationship with this woman? Is that Jack’s son? When Kevin goes to Vietnam, is he going to meet with this woman or perhaps, meet with another one of Jack’s kid? This is why Jack’s time in Vietnam is the most interesting storyline on This Is Us. Give me more Vietnam, please.

See you next week for Beth’s breakdown!

This Is Us Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jack Goes To Vietnam

Good morning, Vietnam!

After teasing Jack’s past for the last two seasons, This Is Us finally dedicated an entire episode to Jack and his time in Vietnam. The question that every fan wants to know involves Jack’s stint in Vietnam. What happened in Vietnam and how did it alter his life? Well, we have an idea about what happened (Jack’s brother died), but now it’s time to fill in the details.

Here’s the recap.

This Is Us Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: “Vietnam”

THIS IS US — “Vietnam” Episode 305 — Pictured: Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

– This was the best episode of the season and that’s because of Milo Ventimiglia’s strong performance. If I’m a producer on the show, this is the episode I send to the Golden Globes, SAGs, and Emmys.

– Jack’s time in Vietnam is the most interesting storyline this season. Something happened to him that altered his life forever. It’s how he became the man he was with Rebecca and the Big Three. My best guess involves his brother, Nicky (Michael Angarano, shoutout Sky High), and his death, but I don’t believe it’s that simple. Perhaps Jack was responsible for his death by sending him out on a mission and Nicky steps on a landmine. Maybe Jack holds Nicky as he bleeds to death from bullet wounds. I don’t believe the death will be a black and white issue. It’s going to complicated.

– Breathe. Robinson is the man that Kevin emails. We will be seeing more of him. Also, it turns out that Robinson taught Jack the “breathe” trick that he used on Randall to calm him down.

– Throughout his entire life, Jack is a protector. He always inherits the burden of protecting those he loves. That does not just involve his brother. Jack protects his mother from his abusive father. Jack protects Rebecca and the Big Three in times of need CC: The fire. In Vietnam, Jack was not a mechanic, which is what he told his family. Jack was on the front lines of battle as a sergeant, commanding his troops into battle. Jack the protector never takes a day off.

– The episode flashes back through different points in Jack life with Nicky. There was the draft at the bar. Looking back, imagine going to a war you didn’t want to fight in because your birthday was called. Thank you to the troops for their service because I might flee to Canada if there was a draft in 2018. Back to the timeline. There was the time a young Jack and Nicky protected their mother from their drunk and abusive father. Then, they even went to the night of Nicky’s birth. Surprisingly, Jack’s father was loving and compassionate, which is due to the fact of his sobriety. This reiterates why Jack was so nervous about his alcoholic tendencies during his Season 2 breakdown because he witnessed firsthand what it can do to destroy a relationship.

– This tweet should have went viral.

– It’s sometimes the subtle clues and tidbits that impresses me the most on This Is Us. Last night, we learned that Jack had a heart condition that caused him to have an irregular heartbeat. It’s why Jack had to be medically cleared in order to enlist. It also may be a factor in Jack’s eventual heart attack that caused his death. This Is Us continues to leave no stone unturned.

– Nicky is a broken man when Jack finally reunites with his brother in Vietnam. Simply put, Nicky has seen some shit. In the letter to his family, Nicky even stated that he would probably never come back to America and would die in Vietnam on “his terms.” Little did he know that would come true.

– As I’m writing this, I just had an idea. Nicky refers to Jack as “Superman.” In his letter before he enlisted, Nicky said something along the lines of “You [Jack] always save the day, but now it’s my turn to save the day.” What if Nicky dies trying to save Jack? What if Nicky switched roles as the protector with Jack in Vietnam and sacrificed himself to keep Jack alive? I can picture it now. Jack is holding a dying Nicky. Nicky’s last words are “Looks like I saved the day for once, Superman.” End scene. I’m running with this theory.

– I hope this was not the only Vietnam centric episode of the season. I need more of Jack in Vietnam. Perhaps a spinoff is in the future? I’m down.

Next week, it’s all about Toby.