This Is Us Season 2 Preview: What’s Next For The Big Three?

The show that swept the nation is FINALLY BACK! First things first, if you don’t watch This Is Us, you’re missing out on one of the better family dramas out there. You get your mix of plot twists, family life, gushy love stuff that girls like (and I guess I like it, too), suspense, and drama. It’s as real as a show can get in my opinion and even if it is corny at times, what family isn’t corny?

So when we last saw the Big Three in the season finale, everyone was off to do their own thing. In tonight’s season premiere, there will be a time jump for the present Big Three as they skip ahead to their 37th birthday.

  • Randall just quit his job to spend more time with his family and told his wife, Beth, that he wants to pursue adoption.
  • Kevin (my dude) is in Los Angeles as he secured a part in a Ron Howard film that stars Sylvester Stallone all while trying to mend things over with his ex-wife, Sophie, who is still in NY.
  • Kate moved back to Los Angeles with Toby, her fiancé, as she pursues a singing career just like her mother.

Back in the past, we last saw Jack and Rebecca going through relationship struggles, which eventually led to a temporary separation as Jack will move out. No time jump in the past as we will pick up right away with Jack leaving and Rebecca trying to explain it to the children. I’m sure that will sit well with the Big Three.

I know what you’re thinking. You have a lot of questions that want to be answered. Believe me, I’m with you. Here are some that I want answered.

Side note: This doesn’t take away from the actual show, but it’s something to keep in mind. This Is Us was already renewed for Season 3 and I can almost guarantee it will be renewed for Season 4 if the ratings remain high. What does this mean? Our answers to big questions will be dragged out. That’s television. It takes time. Don’t get discouraged. It just means you get to follow the show for more years.

Anyway, back to my questions.


– HOW DID JACK DIE? Yes, this is the most obvious and most important question of this series. How did the glue of the family die? Was it a tragic death? Was he sick? Was he murdered? By my calculations, there are about 485734985348545709483 different fan theories online about how Jack died. I went over some of those theories, which you can read here. That being said, we do have some clues. Jack died when the kids were somewhere around teenagers to early 20s as shown in the funeral scene. Also, Kate blames herself for the death, saying it was “her fault.” My prediction is Jack died in a plane crash to visit Kate. Thankfully, the creators said that we will get a giant piece of the puzzle to Jack’s death in the Season 2 premiere. 

– Kevin, Toby, and Kate Triangle. Kevin and Toby will fight, but when will it happen?

– When will my boy Dr. K show up? He is the most underrated character in the whole series. In fact, he won an Emmy last week for his performance. Need more Dr. K and I needed it yesterday.


– How big of a part will William have in Season 2? William was a breakout character in Season 1 and the creators said he’ll have a part in Season 2, but how big will it be since he’s dead (whoops)?

– Will my boy Kevin ruin things again with his ex-wife, Sophie? Kevin needs a W. He can’t afford anymore Ls. Maybe he decided to get back with Sloane aka Lily from AT&T. Yup, they’re the same person.


– It’s not a matter of if, but when will Randall and Beth pull the trigger on adoption?

– How and when the hell did Miguel go Mr. Steal Your Girl on Jack and marry Rebecca? My guess is he consoled her after Jack’s death, but I’m praying it wasn’t when Jack was alive or all hell will break loose.

I’m sure I missed out on a lot of questions, but that’s ok. The more questions we have, the more answers we will get…eventually. Just be happy that This Is Us is back.

Note: I am going to miss the premiere tonight. I’m upset, believe me. I’m going to a concert (humblebrag that I do cool shit). So I won’t be able to watch until Wednesday. I’ll recap the premiere episode on Thursday and then go back to my normal schedule.

Ready. Break.

Finally, We Get Our First Look At This Is Us Season 2

FINALLY, we have our first look into Season 2 of This Is Us. It’s a scene between Randall and Rebecca talking about adoption. When we last left our heroes, Randall told Beth that he wants to adopt a child, just like Rebecca and Jack adopted him. Randall shares with Rebecca that Beth is struggling to come to terms with the adoption and asks for advice of how she and Jack came to adopt him. We obviously know that Rebecca had a hard time accepting Randall, but she never truly told him that. Rebecca says that despite saying no at first, All-Star Man and First Ballot Selection In The Dad Hall Of Fame Jack was the one to convince her to adopt Randall.

Obviously, this scene is waterworks central for all the cryers out there. It will be great when we finally see it live, but to be honest, I’m disappointed in this first-look. No offense to this scene, I want a full trailer. I don’t want just one scene. I’m greedy. I need to know how my boy Kevin is doing in the Ron Howard movie and if he’s coming back for Sophie. How is Jack dealing with moving out of the house? Is Kate the next Adele? Is Toby still wearing ridiculous fedoras? These are the questions that I need answer.

I trust This Is Us because they always deliver, but they are a bigger tease than your high school crush. But no matter what, I keep coming back and I keep wanting more. You win again, This Is Us.


This Is Us News: We Will Get Answers About Jack’s Death In Season 2


BEVERLY HILLS — This Is Us will provide some early answers about the death of Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) when it returns for Season 2 on Sept. 26.

Some fans were disappointed that they didn’t learn the fate of the character, who is dead in the present day in the time-shifting drama, in last season’s finale.

“If that is a question that’s haunting people, in the course of the second season they will get all the answers they need,” executive producer Dan Fogelman told the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday. “The first episode has a big, giant piece of the puzzle that will essentially set the Internet abuzz.” 


It’s hard to find a bigger This Is Us fan than me. I’m all in on this show. You think it would just be a crying fest, which it is, but it’s so creative and continues to throw in cliffhangers / shockers every episode. You get more and more clues into how their lives turned out. Without a doubt, the biggest question on every fan’s mind is this:

How did Jack die?

This Is Us

How did Jack die might be the second biggest question in the world of TV behind who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones. We haven’t gotten a lot of clues about Jack’s death. There have been some hints that have been shown / said. The kids look young at the funeral, around their later high school / early college years. Kate said that Jack’s death was “her fault” and still lives with the guilt. In the finale, they teased drinking and driving, but nothing came of it besides that Jack is going to go to a dark place in Season 2. You can scour the Internet for theories (which I’ve read) about how Jack died in 9/11,  the USAir flight 427 plane crash from from Chicago to Pittsburgh in 1994, suicide, drinking / driving, murdered by Miguel, etc. I’ve heard them all and the one that has the most traction and credibility (IMO) is the USAir flight. However, I’m still just as clueless as you.

So I’m glad the creators have said they’re going to give us more pieces to the puzzle for Jack’s death especially in the first episode. Since the show was already renewed for Season 3, I don’t think they’ll show how Jack died in Season 2, but I think we’ll get A LOT of clues to strengthen some theories.

I’m going to put out a big This Is Us preview in September so for now, if you haven’t finished Season 1, stop what you are doing and go watch 18 episodes. It’s worth it. Trust me. Also, CAN WE GET A REAL TRAILER FOR SEASON 2 ALREADY? I’m getting restless.