Brandon Marshall Is A New York Giant

Nothing like a Schefty bomb to get the day started HOW YA DOIN.

Brandon Marshall is signing with the New York Football Giants and I could not be happier. I cannot stress this enough. Brandon Marshall is a PERFECT fit in this offense. I remember listening to Boomer and Carton (s/o to them) a while back and Carton said that Brandon Marshall would be a great fit. Could not agree more.

First of all, from a position stand point, the Giants needed an outside receiver after Cruz was cut. No offense to Cruz, but he was a better slot than outside. I am a firm believer that if you run an offense in the NFL, you need a big guy on the outside. Beckham, Cruz, and Shepard are all 6 foot and below. Brandon Marshall is 6’4, 230 pounds. Yeah, I’ll take that. The blueprint has worked before i.e. Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, and Hakeem Nicks. Eli finally has a big guy again!

Unfortunately, Brandon Marshall has a (undeserving) reputation of imploding and being potential trouble in the locker room. Does this worry me? Not really because look at the teams he was playing for at the time. The Chicago Bears and the New York Jets. How are those teams doing? These are 2 of the 5 worst teams in football right now so Brandon wanting to win probably got to him hence why he has a bad reputation. For me, it’s not a serious red flag to me. I really don’t even blame him that much. He also had trouble controlling his mental health issues earlier on in his career. As he’s gotten older and more informed, Marshall has changed completely for the better and I give him a ton of props.

The biggest reason why I love this move: Odell Beckham Jr. Love him (which I do) or hate him, he is the most talented player in the NFL. This man has already set records and he’s only played 3 seasons (!!!!!!!!). Now Beckham has had his problems both on and off the field. I think Marshall will be the perfect mentor to Beckham because he’s been through it before. Both were talented at a young age but had bad reputations in the media. I think Marshall is the guiding force that will lead Beckham to continued to success.

The only potential bad spot out of all of this: B Marsh still wants to do Inside The NFL. It tapes on Tuesday and the Giants work on Tuesday. I’m sure we can figure something out

Odell Beckham Jr. Brandon Marshall. Sterling Shephard. We obviously still have a lot of holes to fill at TE and OL, but that’s what free agency and the draft is for. This team is ready to do damage in the playoffs.

P.S. BRANDON MARSHALL IS STILL GOOD! He’s one year removed from 109-catch, 1,502-yard, 14-touchdown season with…………..Ryan Fitzpatrick as the QB. Imagine what he can do with a Hall of Famer behind center *insert thinking emoji*


How The Hell Did The Giants Beat The Patriots In The Super Bowl TWICE?

So if you are like me, you are still trying to dissect last night’s epic / tragic Super Bowl, depending on what side you were on. I went into the game thinking the Pats were going to somehow find a way to win, but I still bet on Atlanta because I just couldn’t see this team hoist another Lombardi trophy. I’ll be upfront. I hate the Patriots, but man do I have to tip my cap to them and respect them for this dynasty. It’s hard to process.

I’m writing this and it started to turn into “ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS RUN THE BALL”” pity party for Atlanta. I still don’t know what impressed me more: The Patriots comeback or Atlanta downfall. Every single thing had to go the Patriots way and it did. A turnover, bad coaching, horrible time management, a coin toss. Atlanta was the walking definition of Murphy’s law.

So after all the dust settled, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. I didn’t think there were any debates before this game, but now they have officially ended. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time and Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all-time. End of discussion. Close the book. I won’t hear it anymore.

I said I started writing this and it turned into a “how did that happen” blog. Well, here is my biggest takeaway from the Pats historic victory. I’m not even trying to take away attention from the Patriots because they deserve it. But here it is:

How the hell did the Giants beat the Patriots not once, but TWICE in the Super Bowl?

I am 100% serious when I say that. How did it happen? For anyone who knows me, I am a diehard Giants fan. I love them to death. Ride or die team. Those Super Bowl wins are two of the greatest days of my life especially the first one. So I’m saying this because it’s sometimes hards to believe.

Tom Brady had one of the best statistical years as a QB in 2007. He lead the Patriots to an 18-0 record. It’s hands down the best team he has ever had and yet somehow, the New York Football Giants and Eli Manning slayed the dragon, played the PERFECT game, and won.

Tom Brady dominates every team in the NFL besides two. The Broncos, which is the only team that has a losing record against, and the New York Giants, the only team that has beaten Brady and Belichick in a Super Bowl. Everything and I mean everything goes the Patriots way the past 15 years. Everything. All the bounces go their way. They make all the right calls and they get the best out of players like James White and Chris Hogan. I mean they got an interception on 2ND AND GOAL FROM THE 1. And yet in two games, David Tyree caught a ball off of a helmet and Mario Manningham walked the tight rope. It just doesn’t make sense.

Tom Brady was down 25 (!) points to the Falcons and yet he sliced that defense up in the second half with ease. Yet in a rematch with the Giants in 2011, the Giants yet again get the better of Tom Brady. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?!?!?! The Patriots had the lead once against the Falcons and that was when they won the game. The Patriots had 2. TWO. TWOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4th quarter leads against the Giants in the FINAL MINUTES and they still lost.

So am I going to sit here and say the Giants were the better team going into the game? Absolutely not. But on two separate occasions, the Giants out played the best team of the past 15 years in the biggest game of the year. What I’m getting is that Giants fans can bring that fact to their grave. The Giants did what no one else could do: beat Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick in a Super Bowl. What Falcons did the other night just shows that what the Giants did is so impressive and mystifying and it should be cherished by every Giant fan.

The Patriots have gotten the better of 31/32 teams. Brady and Belichick will most likely retire with that on their resume. However, that leaves one team. One team that can hold their heads high. One team that did not ask the question “what if we beat them” and beat them.

That one team is the New York Giants. All hail Eli Manning.

This Is It, Don’t Get Scared Now


Strap in. It’s playoff time.

I’ll say it. I am NOT surprised that the New York Football Giants are in the playoffs. This team was good coming into the year and after winning those first two close games of the year, I was sold. 10-6 was my prediction and they exceeded that at 11-5.

As great as all of that stuff is, it is completely thrown out the window. 0-0. A new season. The New York Giants trot into Lambeau field at 440 today to take on the redddddddddddd hottttttttttttttt Green Bay Packers. As the season was winding down, I said I did not want to face 2 teams:

  1. Seattle Seahawks in Seattle
  2. Green Bay Packers

Thanks to the Lions failure, the Packers were able to rattle off 6 straight wins, run the table, and win the division, hence why we’re here today.

Let’s start with the obvious. Aaron Rodgers is playing on another planet. In those 6 wins, he’s thrown 15 TDs and more impressively, 0 INTs. Jordy Nelson is back to being Jordy Nelson, catching back shoulder TDs and converting on 3rd downs. Ty Montgomery has finally given this team a solid RB. Every analyst keeps saying “Jared Cook is going to have a big game.” SIKEEEEEEEEEEE. But he is talented, I’ll give him that. The defense is the defense. They don’t scare me, but if Clay Matthews can wreak havoc against *gulps* Ereck Flowers, we have a problem.

So before people get start drooling over the Packers, let’s not forget about the GMENNNNN. Have you seen them play defense? My god they are good and I mean REALLY good. The $200 million defense. Snacks, Landon, and Vernon have been worth every penny. Landon Collins has been so good that he’s seriously in discussion for defensive MVP. The defense will keep us in this game.

However, I know, you know, your family knows, and everyone in the world knows this game rests on the shoulder of our 2-time Super Bowl MVP winner, Eli Manning. Why wouldn’t it come down to him? The man that led us on two Super Bowl runs. The man that has started in over 200 straight games. The man who does not know what “fear” is. I don’t care how mediocre of a year he has had. I will take Eli Manning in the playoffs over every single QB still playing. I will die for Eli Manning.

Finally, there’s the boat crew.

Did it bother me? Maybe, for like a few minutes, but then I got over it. I don’t think it was that big of a deal. What they did on that boat will not affect the game today. That I can promise you. They are grown men who could do whatever they want. I just want to fill people in that NFL players can do WHATEVER they want on their off days. If you think these are the only guys to ever fly to Miami and go to the clubs and then go back to work the next day, then you’re clinically insane. It’s only because we live in the social media age that it’s a big deal. Michael Jordan used to take Atlantic City trips the nights before a playoff game. You think Joe Namath was studying his playbook on an off day? The Party Four, especially OBJ, will be fine.

This game is going to be a dogfight. It’s going to be tough. The Giants are either going to win today and make the Super Bowl or lose today. There is not an in-between. Somehow, the Giants are going to have to get Rodgers to make a mistake. They are not going to be able to stop him, but if they can capitalize off of an interception or fumble, the Giants can win this game. Once again, the defense will come to play. It’s Eli and the offense that need to hold their own. I’ve mentioned this 100 times but the Giants have not scored over 30 points in a game yet. Is there a better time to do it than today? Eli is going to outplay Rodgers and win this game for the Giants. It’s destiny. It’s time to get Ring #3.

History tends to repeat itself.


Although The Giants Were Awful Last Night, I’m Still Not Worried

USA Today
USA Today

This was not part of the plan, but I’m not surprised it happened.

The Giants sucked last night. No other way to say it. Can’t expect to win a game when the Eagles slice up the defense on the first drive. Can’t expect to win a game when Eli throws a pick 6 to go down 14-0 in the blink of an eye. Can’t expect to win a game after Eli starts 1 for 6 for 1 yards. Can’t expect to win a game when Eli also throws for a career high 63 (!) times and have dropped passes galore. Eli didn’t play well, but he’s not the only one.

Despite all of those problems, the Giants STILL had a chance to win the game at the end. Before I fire up “The So-Called Excuse Train,” let me be clear when I say this. The Giants sucked last night. They did not deserve to win the game. However, we should’ve had a fair shot to win. Why wasn’t it fair? Let’s look at the tape. P.S. These are not excuses. They’re just facts.

Last time I checked, you can’t mug a guy, hook his arm, and get no flag. Anyone with two eyes could see that it was pass interference. An atrocious call. I HATE how refs change their style at the ends of games. They want “the players to decide games.” You can’t let a player decide a game if he decides to mug a receiver. A penalty in the first minute of the game should be a penalty in the last minute of the game.

*Makes a text book tackle* PERSONAL FOUL! This one made me lose my shit. What the hell is Vernon supposed to do here? His momentum is taking him to the ground. Should he just stop? What the hell do refs expect here? Cam Newton is LAUGHING at this call because he gets drilled in the head every week and never gets a call. Carson Wentz goes to the floor on a hard but LEGAL hit and it’s a penalty. Yeah player safety! Woo!


Just comical. I’m all for player safety and protecting QBs, but come on. Apple pulled up and hit Wentz with his arm. Cam Newton almost became the headless horseman. I’ll cut the refs a little bit of slack. The Apple hit looked worse than it actually was so I sort of / kind’ve understand the flag, but then again I don’t.

The Giants played horrible last night, but they still had a chance to win at the end. It just shows you how tough they are to beat. Once again, I’m going to have to defend the Giants and question why people are jumping off the ship. The Giants are 10-5. 10-5! 10-5! 10-5! I love the Giants to death, but I absolutely hate how some of our fan base freaks out over every bad game and worries 24/7. This team is fucking good! They had a bad game. They’re still in the drivers seat to the playoffs. They can even clinch a spot this weekend if either the Falcons, Packers, Lions, or Bucs lose. Every Giant fan that doesn’t believe that this team will not make the playoffs can close the nearest car door on their face.

Big game next week against Washington. Let’s finish the season strong before we go on the road in the playoffs.

P.S. I’m not even going to address Beckham’s “tirade” in the tunnel. 11 catches. 150 yards. All OBJ cared about was the win so he was visibly distraught and showed his emotions. He left it all on that field last night. “But all he cares about is himself!!!!!!!”

The New York Football Giants Are 10-4 And On The Verge Of The Playoffs

Remember when the Giants put up a dud against the Steelers a few weeks back? Everyone just wanted to write this team off. “Same old Giants. They’ll fall apart. They won’t get it done.” My god for a team that won 2 Super Bowls in a 5 year span, we have some of the most nervous and unfaithful fans out there. Ye of little faith.

I, on the other hand, kicked my feet up on the couch, sat back, and said that We Are Fine. I’ve been so confident in this team all season that there was absolutely ZERO reason to jump ship.

Two weeks have passed and since that Steelers game, the GMENNNNNNNNNN are 10-4 and are on the brink of the playoffs. No surprises there. This team has found ways to win and it all starts on defense. The Giants defense is on another planet right now. We’re getting pressure on the QB, creating turnovers, and forcing punts. That, my friends, is a recipe for success.

The offense has still not even reached its full potential. I mean this team has not even scored over 30 points this year and they’re 10-4. Just a testament to how mentally tough this team is and just how far they’ve come since last year. The running game is starting to click with Perkins getting some more time. Odell Beckham Jr. is Odell Beckham Jr. aka the most talented player in this league.

I’m telling you this team is due for an offensive breakout. Whether it be these last two weeks or (hopefully) the playoffs, it’s coming.

Now here is the biggest story of the game in my opinion: The injury to Janoris Jenkins. Let me be the first to say that we can make the playoffs without Jenkins. This team is not just one player. That being said, Jenkins is necessary for the playoffs. His ability to lock down team’s #1 WR’s is irreplaceable. I’m praying that this is just a small or minor injury. Hell, I hope it’s just a bruise. It would be a shame if the Jackrabbit is seriously injured. He’s one of the cornerstones of this defense and we need him. If he has to sit this Thursday on a short week, I’m fine with it. Get healthy. Get healthy. Get healthy.

Unofficially but I think it’s official but don’t quote me on this: If I did the math correctly, a win in these next two games and the Giants clinch. Win and in. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Rejoice Giants fan. Everything is going to be alright. See you on Thursday, Philly.




We Are Fine

Everyone Giants fan needs to take a deep breath.


Am I the only one who has not forgotten that this team is 8-4? Am I the only one who saw this team win 6 straight games before putting up a clunker against a Steeler team that was picked by many to reach the Super Bowl? Yes, the Giants did not play well. That’s a fact, but why are people abandoning ship already, saying that we’re going to lose the next four games and miss the playoffs?

From the beginning of the season, my season predictions have been: 4-3 at the bye, 10-6 at the end of the year. 4-3 at the bye? Check. 10-6 at the end of the year? Need to go 2-2 in the next 4 games against the Cowboys, Lions, Eagles, and Redskins.

If that hasn’t swayed you, let’s look at the playoff picture.


People, the Giants have the 5-seed and have a 2 game lead in the win column. As of now, all of those teams we play have a shot at playoffs or are in the playoff hunt. Hence, we can control our own destiny. I’ll take that every single day of the week instead of having to pray teams lose in order to gain ground in the race.

So back to the Pittsburgh game. U-G-L-Y. The offense stalled out and saying they struggled to move the ball is an understatement, missing 3 fourth down conversions. Imagine the Giants convert those. We might be saying how the Giants still have a shot at the division. You know what, I’m totally fine with Benny Big Balls going for it on fourth down. You’re going to miss some of them. It happens. I will go down with the ball in Eli Manning’s hands 8 days out of 7. Let’s also remember that the Giants have yet to score over 30 points this year. I think they are do for a huge offensive game over the next four weeks.

In regards to the defense, I’m really not worried. Vernon, Jenkins, and Snacks have lived up to the hype. JPP is a savage right now and Landon Collins is slowly becoming the new Ed Reed. The defense will be fine. They just went into Pittsburgh and kept our offense in the game for 3.5 quarters. Can’t ask for much more.

We also have Brad King aka Mr. Steal Your Girl. Punting machine.

So that brings us to the final four games. Maybe I’m overconfident when I shouldn’t be. The run game is still struggling. The offense LOVES stalling on drives. OBJ seems like he’s about to lose his head after every bad call (throw the flag for pass interference, ref). The tight ends are playing below average. Don’t worry, I’ve covered all of my bases and the result is the same every damn time:


10-6 will get us in the playoffs. 2-2 over the final 4 games. Why are we jumping ship? R-e-l-a-x. You want to panic? Lose two in a row and I’ll start to sweat, but I am not panicking and neither should you. Stay the course. This is a different team. This is a playoff team. See you in January for the Wild Card round.

P.S. You’re nuts if you don’t think the Giants vs. Redskins game Week 17 will be for a playoff spot. That’s almost a given. It reminds me of 2007 when the GMENNNNNN went to Buffalo with their backs against the wall. Won that game. Beat the Pats in the Super Bowl. Rinse. Repeat.




Tony Romo Breaks a Bone In His Back aka The Giants Rule the NFC East

*Romo Injury* Anotha one. *Romo Injury* Anotha one.

Credit: Profootballzone – Cowboys coach Jason Garrett announced Saturday that starting quarterback Tony Romo underwent an MRI on Friday that revealed a broken bone in his back, per David Helman of the team’s official website.

Garrett labeled Romo “day-to-day” and refused to give a timetable for his return, but NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the quarterback’s “best-case scenario” is returning by “mid-season” after suffering a compression fracture of his vertebrae, per a source informed of the situation. Rapoport noted that Romo “broke a different bone” in his back than in 2014 and would “likely need an epidural to play.”
Credit: Giphy
Say it Aint so, Romo!
Tony Romo hurts his back again and will be out for 6-10 weeks. The best case scenario is that Romo returns mid-season and the Cowboys have managed to stay afloat. At this point, are we even surprised that Romo got hurt again? The man is a bull in china shop as of late. Eugene from Hey Arnold has more luck than Romo.
Credit: Giphy
As talented as Romo is, he can’t seem to stay healthy. It’s kind of ironic since the Cowboys boast one of the best offensive lines in the game. Zeke Elliot is bound to be a stud (dammit) and Dez Bryant is still one of the most talented WRs in the game. Pair that with the O-line, and the Cowboys were arguably the favorites to win the NFC East. Now, their hopes rely on Dak Prescott, who has looked sharp this preseason…against backups and scrubs. Things are just a little bit different when the 1st teamers are coming for your head so I’m not ready to crown Dak the next Cam Newtown.
More importantly, the football gods continue to shine light on the Giants. The Eagles are an absolute mess. The DeadSkins are going to take a step back unless Josh Norman can figure out a way to get Odell suspended for the whole year (which is my biggest fear when playing the Redskins.). Now, the Cowboys have lost their stud QB and will give the keys of their offense to a rookie QB and RB. I was convinced the Giants would win the division at 10-6, but now, if they don’t win the division at 10-6, this season will be a huge disappointment.
Credit: Giphy