You Be The Judge, My Verdict Was In A Month Ago

Weeks ago I wrote a controversial and negative piece about Aaron Judge. Since then he has been absolutely dreadful. Overall stats. In the clutch. You name it. I’m still waiting for people to apologize or congratulate me for being right about this guy before everybody else. It’s easy to knock him when he has a horrendous slump and everybody knows how terrible he has been.

Tuesday the nonsense reached a new low. Judge picked up an RBI when one of his typically meaningless hits extended the lead from 8-1 to 9-1. Joe Girardi then removed him to snap his consecutive games streak with a strikeout. It had reached 37 games, which is a new record. Girardi hid behind the excuse that he just wanted to get Judge some rest, but we know the truth. Joe didn’t trust Judge to go an entire game without whiffing, and for good reason. It had not happened in many weeks. The guy couldn’t snap this streak on his own, so Girardi did it for him. Meanwhile, Gary Sanchez has been a much better player in recent weeks. At this rate he’ll end up having a better overall season.

People raved about Judge’s patience and eye. Tough to say that about a guy setting strikeout records. There were myths about how he had not been getting anything to hit. If that’s the case, he should walk every single time. At least announcers like Paul O’Neill have been honest and stated that Judge was simply missing good pitches to hit. Oh, I almost forgot. He dropped a fly ball against the Mets when it was 7-0. This cost Severino, and nearly the Yankees. They almost blew that game and needed to use key relief pitchers. The Yanks barely held on for a 7-5 victory.

At first the strikeout streak was separated into two categories. Judge had passed all regular players. The streak was already kind of his due to an asterisk. Only pitchers were ahead of him on the list. It didn’t matter. Judge continued to go down swinging (or looking) and eventually had the entire record all to himself. If Judge plays in each of the final games this season he’ll be able to break his own record for consecutive games with a strikeout. Of course Girardi will not let him. Again, rest will be the given reason. Not that I’ll believe it. However, the real reason might be different this time around. It might just be for the good of their team.

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The Case Against Aaron Judge By Joe Saponara


*** The following statements by Joe Saponara are his own and not the feelings expressed by other DailyMixReport team members***

First let me start by saying I’ve got nothing against Aaron Judge. I like the guy. He really seems like a great role model. I’ve been rooting for him. That’s why I have been disappointed and frustrated when watching him play. I looked up the definition of overrated. There were some very interesting phrases. Think too much of. Attach too much importance to. Praise too highly. I heard callers on WFAN comparing him to Babe Ruth. Just because the guy hit 30 home runs in the first half does not mean he will finish with about 60. Gary Sanchez has not continued his pace from last year, despite putting up strong home run numbers.


Look at clutch stats. As of July 20, he is hitting .275 when the game is late and close. Not terrible, but it certainly isn’t overwhelming. Especially when you take his stats as a whole and the reputation he is getting. Lately that late and close stat has been dropping like a stone. Many of his hits were during April and May. Also, early in games. During blowouts, too. Judge is batting .268 with two outs and runners in scoring position. Same average when the game is tied. However, he is hitting .424 when the margin is greater than 4 runs. There have been a number of strikeouts in the ninth inning. I remembered some, but was shocked to see just how many times he struck out in the ninth when reviewing games from the first half. I’m not even sure how many times it was. I lost count. Several games in a row at one point.


Sure, he had some big hits. So did Gardner. Holliday as well. Add Gregorius to that list. Nobody is talking about building a statue for them. Now Judge is slumping mightily. Maybe it had to do with the home run derby. I don’t know. He broke a tie with an RBI single Tuesday night. Perhaps Wednesday’s off day will help him moving forward. I remembered a lot of his home runs coming with them up or down by at least four. Again, I was surprised to see just how many when looking it up. Honestly, I was just documenting the inning of each homer when I stumbled across all those strikeouts in the ninth and home runs in one-sided games. His recent nice defensive play had people talking. I also remember one earlier in the season against Tampa Bay. Great defensive plays happen. The one when he was robbed against the Red Sox. Earlier this season Houston beat the Yankees by a run when an outfielder fired home and made a terrific throw for the third out to finish it. We didn’t stop and celebrate just how valuable these players were to their team because of one or two defensive plays.

Another stat about late in games. He has 30 home runs. Just one in the ninth, or later. None in extras. Two in the eighth, which is also below the average if you figure he should have at least three per inning based on his total. Basically he should have about 7 or 8 after the seventh if you balance it out. Again, just 3. The Yankees have been struggling over the last six weeks. I’m pretty sure they could have lost 22 out of 32 without Judge. He has done very little to impact the team. No home runs since July 7, although I will be fair and again point out that he was robbed of a home run against Boston. I’ll also point out that his only hit in the first several games after their all-star break went about 30 feet.

Obviously Judge has no postseason record to examine. Maybe that should be the focus. There is so much more to see. Forget about the Hall of Fame and all that nonsense. Let’s just see what happens. He has done a lot of good things, but I still think he gets an incomplete at this time. No more discussing monuments. Even when he hits the ball there.

Thank You, Derek Jeter

Now batting for the Yankees. Number 2, Derek Jeter. Number 2.


The time has finally come for Derek Jeter to take his rightful place in Monument Park as the Yankees are set to retire Jeter’s #2 before tonight’s game.

When you’re a kid, you are always asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You’ll get answers like a firefighter, an astronaut, a police officer, a doctor, a basketball player. For me, it was simple: Shortstop for the New York Yankees. I wasn’t alone in thinking this because if you were a Yankee fan growing up in the late 90s – early 00s, everyone wanted to be like Derek.

Where do you even begin? There are so many facets to the aura of Derek Jeter that I guess the obvious place to start is on the baseball field. The inside-out swing of Mr. Jeter led to a career averages of .310, 260 HRs, and 1311 RBI. Derek is part of the 3000 hit club with 3465. He is the career leader for the Yankees in: hits, singles, doubles, stolen bases, HBPs, at-bats, and games played. Other achievements include AL Rookie of the Year (1996), 14-time All-Star, 5-time Gold Glove winner, 5-time Silver Slugger Award, 2-time AL Hank Aaron Award, and Roberto Clemente Award (2004).

Now that’s what I call a Hall of Fame resume. However, I feel like I’m missing something. Oh, that’s right. Derek is a Postseason God. He’s a 5-time world champion and the World Series MVP in 2000. Jeter’s 158 postseason game (1st all time and it’s not even close) is essentially a full season’s worth of work. He hit .308 with an .838 OPS, 200 hits, 302 total bases (1st all time for both and you guessed it, no one is close), 32 doubles, five triples, 20 homers, 61 RBI, 111 runs. There’s more records that he owns in the post season, but I think you get the point.

So now Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Famer, but we still haven’t dived into what made Derek Jeter one of the best baseball players of all-time: Mr. November. Captain Clutch. A Winner. It seemed like Jeter always came through in the biggest moments. His ability to slow the game down when the moment was at its biggest is something we may never see again. Need examples? I’m glad you asked!

Orioles fans cringe everywhere, but this is where the dynasty started.

Thank you Derek for dominating this series and making all of my Mets friends suffer in the 2nd grade.

This is my favorite play of all-time. Why the hell was Jeter on the first base line? WHY? HOW? This doesn’t make sense.

When the city needed a hero, the clock struck midnight, and Derek became Mr. November.

“He caught the ball and then ran 40 yards into the stands!!!!” Salty, salty Red Sox fans. I would LOVE to see you to try and make this play. My mom said it best. “Derek dove into the stands, got bloodied up, and was still the most handsome man in the stadium.” Can’t argue with that one.

I was in college for this one. Everyone in the room was on their feet, screaming at the top of their lungs. You couldn’t script this even if you tried. Special things happen when Derek Jeter is in the lineup in the Bronx.

Some people freeze in the clutch. Derek thrived and in New York, that’s what you have to do. If the moment is too big for you, the media will eat you up and run you out of the city. Jeter owned this city, but it was in such a unique and special way. Jeter was rarely, and I mean rarely, in the media for the wrong reasons. He was the perfect captain for the Yankees. He put all of the attention and recognition on his teammates and lead by example. When he did speak, he always knew what to say. He embodied the heart and spirit of New York. He was born to be a New York Yankee.

This is why this man was my childhood idol. He is still my favorite player to ever wear the pinstripes. His book, The Life You Imagine, changed my life. I saw how Jeter grew up and how hard he worked to get to where he is today. If I can work 1/10 of how hard Jeter worked, I might have a chance at succeeding in life.

Thank you, Derek. You have meant so much to me and the rest of my family that I’ll never be able to repay you for what you’ve done. There will never be another Derek Jeter and there never should be one. You were and still are the man. The Bronx will never be the same.

Farewell, Captain.


Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 10

Madden. Kony 2016. Las Vegas. In Studio Guests: Ain’t No Daisy

The DB’s of the DMR are back. We have reached double digits, folks! Thank you for all the feedback so far. We really appreciate it. The future is bright for the podcast. More in-studio guests and a call-in line are in the workds so stay tuned!

We talked about LordTreeSap’s ridiculous love for Madden, the power of Internet trends, Las Vegas, and brought back the boys of Ain’t No Daisy to talk about music and the Yankees.

We will be releasing our Fantasy Football Podcast this week as well because it’s a huge draft week. Tips, draft strategies, breakouts, and player rankings were just some of the topics discussed. If you love fantasy football, this is a podcast that you DO NOT want to miss.