The City of Philadelphia Did It Again

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I was going to write about the Minnesota fans. They were upset about losing against the Eagles. There was talk that they would drive Philadelphia fans to incorrect locations on purpose when people called for Uber. It came out well in advance, which I would think spoils their plans. Minnesota fans are not very bright. Apparently Eagles players were denied reservations. Must be all that cold weather ruining their brains. I read that there was going to be a bus shortage.


We had our share of problems for the New York Super Bowl. Of course that wasn’t really in New York. Gregg Giannotti told a strange and somewhat humorous story about wolves mating in Minnesota. We wondered if they were just making stuff up to screw with people from out of town. Then, I remembered why people hate Philadelphia.

It was bad enough when they beat Minnesota and made the Super Bowl. Police anticipated problems. They put Crisco on poles. That didn’t work. Last night was bad. Fires were set, and property was damaged. Traffic lights were taken down. I have heard that there is a video of someone eating horse crap. These people just do not know how to behave.

When the Rangers won in 1994, New York didn’t do ridiculous stuff like this. People were happy. Jim Cramer seems to be a classy guy. You can’t lump everybody together. There are going to be exceptions both ways. Speaking of famous fans, Kevin Hart acted like a clown. He was not allowed up on the podium. Poor baby. The guy is not a football player. You would think maybe he could have made it up there based on being short enough to hide behind others.

The Empire State Building was green for Philadelphia’s win. I don’t think New York victories are celebrated in Philadelphia. Maybe one day we will see a Jets or Knicks title. Those teams have not won championships in my lifetime. We’ll see if fans eat poop, and whether or not Philly fans are happy for us.

By the way, at least one of your touchdowns should not have counted. Maybe two. Tainted title. Too bad the Patriots didn’t win. Congratulations on making the Boston fan base look good. I was rooting for New England. They played a fair game. Those guys didn’t get any calls. They never catch a break.

Giants Week 3 Review: Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

NY Daily News

The 2017 New York Giants Team Slogan – Murphy’s Law Is Real.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and trust me, everything went wrong. I’m not sure if you know this, but the Giants lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Eagles yesterday, 27-24 on a game-winning 61 yard boot. The Giants did not deserve to be out there on the field for the first half. Things finally clicked in the 2nd half and we still found a new way to lose. This one hurts.

Here are my thoughts from the game

– The Giants were cooking on the first two drives, easily crossing into Eagles territory. However, a dropped Odell Beckham pass and a pitch sweep (LOL) on 3rd and inches stalled both drives. Convert one of those plays and the Gmen are in field goal range.

– Play calling. Is it time for Benny Big Balls to give up the reins on play calling? Personally, I’m not a fan of head coaches calling plays. You’re the head coach. You have to have a say in every play call and pay attention to every play. You’re essentially ignoring one side of the ball for a few minutes after every drive. That being said, the play calling for most of the game was not good. Very suspect. Pitch sweep on 3rd and inches? Fade to the corner on 3rd and goal? Look what happened when we opened it up at the end of the 3rd quarter / 4th quarter. Good things happened. I think Ben will call plays next week, but if we lose that as well, it’s time to give it up.

– Insert sentence again about how the Giants can’t run the ball. All I have to say is Orleans Darkwa needs to carry the ball more. Although I heard he was injured at the end of the game so hopefully he’s ok.

– Olivier Vernon, please be ok.

– Our run defense yesterday giving up 193 rushing yards

– Speaking of kickers, good for Aldrick Rosas hitting a big field goal yesterday. I’ve liked what I have seen so far.

– The final 2 plays of the first half. First of all, what the hell is a catch? It’s a reoccuring joke to tweet that out on a close play, but seriously, what is a catch? Yes, I’m bitter because it happened against the Giants, but the Calvin Johnson rule is so dumb. 2 feet and control in bounds makes it a catch, but losing possession of the ball when you hit the ground and are out of bounds does not make it a catch? Wild. However, a pass on 3 and inches from shotgun is a recipe for diaster. We can’t run the ball whatsoever, but you have to run the ball there. Hell, let Eli try to sneak it in. At least if you run it on 3rd down, the defense won’t call an all out blitz like they were on 4th down. Screw that 4th down call. You knew they were not getting in. Horrible sequence of events.

– Eli played pretty well in my opinion. When he gets time, he shows you flashes of greatness. He did not lose us the game. The offensive line also sort of played ok. Flowers will still get killed in the media, but once again, they put us in a situation to win the game. It was the penalties against Flowers that hurt more than his ability to block.

– Glad to have Odell Beckham Jr and his end zone celebrations back. The most talented WR in the game today.

– This was the beast of a receiving trio I was salivating over in the offseason. Spoiler alert: Good things happen when you give your best players the ball.

– John Jerry holding an Eagles defender and costing us a first down was a wild, wild move. Can’t believe it happened.

– Well, it’s time to talk about Lemony Snicket’s latest novel, A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Final Two Drives.

– The 3 and Out. 7 yard pass on first down. Ok, fine with that. Flowers penalty on next play to back them up. Not the end of the world. ANOTHER Flowers penalty on the next play. Starting to say FML. Vereen grab for 3 yards and he RUNS OUT OF BOUNDS. It was at this point where I knew something bad was going to happen. Pass to Engram is short of a first down.

– The punt…SHANK!!!!!!!!!! 28 yard punt by Brad Wing with the game on the line. Was Matt Dodge punting? Now I knew something bad was about to happen.

– The pass to Jeffery on the sidelines. We tackle him in-bounds and we go to Overtime. Instead, Eli Apple (of course) and Jenkins run into each other in mid-air and Jeffery steps out of bounds with 1 second left. You truly cannot script this.

– If you didn’t think the kick by rookie Jake Elliot was going in, then I’m not sure you are a real Giants fan. I knew the game was over before the snap. Props to him on the kick though. Pretty damn impressive.

Final Thoughts 

0-3. We are at an interesting point in the season especially if we don’t win next week. I’ve heard rumblings, but I think the topic of conversation on sports radio this week will be “Should we tank for a QB?” I don’t think this is the move we should be doing, but if we lose next week to Tampa Bay, the tanking conversation will skyrocket.

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