Breaking: Season 2 Of The Daily Mix Report Podcast Is Live

Sort of…

It’s time to talk about the podcast. Towards the end of last year, myself, Sap, and Producer Jim all felt that we needed to take a brief hiatus on the podcast. Not a boy band hiatus like One Direction, but a few months off to recharge and regroup. Also, Producer Jim was trying to become a lawyer and he traveled across the country for about a year in Internet time (maybe a few weeks, real time, give or take). In other words, the dungeon was off limits for the time being. I focused on original video and blogging while Sap focused on getting our Instagram account suspended. We always knew we would reunite for Season 2. It was a matter of when, not if.

So, long story short, we took our talents to the dungeon this past week and got the band back together.

Sometimes, a brief hiatus is actually needed to improve the product. That was the case here. It’s like we never left honestly. The chemistry is still there, folks. Our team is coming up with new ways to expand on the podcast so look for more content in the near future.

Without further ado, Season 2 of the Daily Mix Report Podcast. We discussed the Evil Genius, the Lil Tay saga, and our pathetic love lives on dating apps. Enjoy.

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Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 33 – Baked Zidi

Baked Zidi is back in the house with a new name and a new game.

We sat down with Baked Zidi, who was formerly known as the French Prince, for another interview to talk about the name change, his new Tape Up Tour, and he even spit some fire at the end. We also discussed what the best playoffs in sports are and Zidi shared a story of how he met Tiger Woods. Yes, the real golfer. Check out the first episode of the Tape Up Tour below.

Here’s Baked Zidi free-styling at the end. Give him a follow @bakedzidi on Instgram

Cheat Sheet – The boys are once again joined by Baked Zidi, formerly known as The French Prince. Topics include recapping the Yankees (2:30 – 3:50), the best playoffs in sports (3:50 – 12:00), NBA story lines (12:00 – 16:00), Tidal Concert (16:00 – 18:00), and how Zidi met Tiger Woods (18:00 -23:00). For the second half, we interviewed Baked Zidi about the name change, the Tape Up tour, what’s next for his rap career, and he gave a freestyle at the end.

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Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 32 – Back From Hiatus


The boys are back from hiatus and we had a lot to get into. We wrote about some important topics throughout our hiatus such as Game of Thrones, WFAN, and the Giants / Jets, but we never got to talk about them as a group. So the boys were firing today.

We talked about the status of WFAN, the feuds in pop music, and if I am a psycho when it comes to television and movies. I seem to only be watching dark dramas about murder and corruption so I brought that to the table and asked LordTreeSap and Producer Jim if I have a problem or not. I honestly think I might…

If you like what you hear, have suggestions, comments, want to rip the show to shreds, comment below, hit us up on social media, come to our houses, etc. Ok, DO NOT come to our houses, but if you see us out at a bar, stop us and let us know how you feel.


Here’s the Cheat Sheet

The boys of the DailyMixReport are back from their hiatus and recap everything they missed from the past couple of weeks. Topics include the WFAN Saga (2:00 – 16:00), Taylor Swift v. Katy Perry v. VMAs (16:00 -26:40), Movies / TV / is DG a psycho for watching disturbing programs (27:00 – 35:45)and a look into the world of a Giants and Jets fan (35:00 – 51:00).

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Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 31 – Jeffrey Albert

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd we’re back and boy, do we have a good one for you. You can tell you have something special within the first 5 minutes of recording. We knew this was special within the first 30 seconds.

The boys are joined with the host of the Hunt For Gold Sessions, Jeffrey “Jazzy” Albert. Jazzy talked about his successful Hunt For Gold Sessions and the amazing stories he has learned from his interviews. Jeff also shared his inspiring stories of running into Goldlink and D.R.A.M as well as his motivation in life. The DMR boys were even put on the hot seat as Jeff interviewed them about their inspiration for creating the Daily Mix Report. A lot of great topics on this episode so sit back and enjoy.

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Make sure to give Jeff a follow on Twitter as well as subscribe to his podcast, HFG Sessions. Need to catch up on some episodes? Check out HFG Sessions on Youtube as well. Jazzy is super talented so give him a listen!

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 28 – The Return of Sisi

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 6.21.50 PM

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The boys return to the dungeon with a much anticipated guest making his return, the infamous “Sisi.” Everyone in Yorktown that’s graduated within the last decade has at least heard of or has a relationship with the sandal wearing legend.

Things got good when we got into Sisi’s best memories and party stories from Yorktown to visiting colleges. Whether it was him somehow surviving a Joe Cardone powerbomb or dancing naked on rooftops in Keene, or pulling off the signature slam-dunk in beer pong there’s nobody like him out there. The guy hasn’t paid for anything in New Hampshire since.

Check out the rest of the episode here, where the gang chops it up about their epic in-house basketball match ups and the possibility of LeBron overtaking Jordan as the G.O.A.T. You’re sure to have a few laughs with the guys.

BREAKING NEWS: The Daily Mix Report Podcast Is Now On iTunes

When you find out your podcast is now on iTunes.

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Them Boys Did It Again.

I am proud to announce that the Daily Mix Report Podcast is officially on iTunes.

Now in true DMR fashion, this took a while, but hey, that’s our charm. That’s what makes us, us. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Now the podcast will still be on our Soundcloud page, but we know that Apple runs the podcast game so it was time to step up to the plate and join the big leagues. You can easily take the podcast wherever you go. On the train (highly recommend it), At work, In the car, To the gym if you that’s what you do, On the plane, Bump it at your next high school party, etc. Wherever you want to listen to it, do it.

To get serious for one second, I want to thank my co-hosts, LordTreeSap and Producer Jim. We all bring something different to the table and that’s why our site has started to take off especially these last two months. It’s a total team effort and I’m proud to work with them. Also, shout out to Hannah of Pyrraway for the new podcast logo.

Now, it’s up to our awesome listeners. Please smash that subscribe button, like it, review it, comment it, praise it, talk shit about it. It does not matter to me. We’ve got some good plans in place for the future including incorporating more guests and calls into the show. We need your help to take it to the next level so I know we can count on you.

We’re also looking for sponsors so if you would like to sponsor the podcast and get your brand or business out there, shoot us an email at 

Let’s keep the DMR Train rolling.

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Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 27 – Jon Saponara and Hot Takes With Jared Gosule

Episode 27 is in the books and the common theme of the day: Hot Takes.

Founder of the The Anti Odyssey and friend (brother) of the show, Jon Saponara, joined the show to discuss his polarizing article that he wrote about The Chainsmokers and if they will be staples in pop music in 5 years. Jon also went to Game 1 of the Cavs vs. Pacers series so we got into the game and the city of Cleveland itself. (Interview starts around 21 Mins)

We then brought in our resident Hot Takes expert, Playoff Gos aka Jared Gosule, to give us his takes on Kevin Durant, The Thunder, and Aaron Hernandez. We might have to call him Skip Gos after this segment. (Interview starts around 44 Mins)

DG, LTS, and Producer Jim also discussed the Aaron Hernandez news as well as the Carmelo Anthony saga.

Shout out to Jon and Jared for giving us two great interviews. Check it all out on our Soundcloud Page.


Daily Mix Report Episode 25 – Mike Francesa, Bar Taco, And Talking To Girls

Name a more iconic trio. I’ll wait…

DG, LTS, and Producer Jim. Boom.

The boys of the DMR are back after a brief hiatus. We really don’t have a good excuse for it. I was sick one week, someone has work the next, finding a day, etc. Just amateur hour stuff from a amateur bunch of bloggers and podcasters. I call that the DMR Charm.

We had a lot of catching up to do so we did some clean up in the beginning and started with our trip to Francesa Con. What an event. Mike Zaun didn’t disappoint (sort of) and we have a few stories to tell.


The other big story took a turn into the realm of food and in particular, Bar Taco. We debated on which Bar Taco is the best and does it live up to the hype. From there, we took a look at our very own Lord Tree Sap’s “love” life (HUGE quotes on love) and his story of getting a girls phone number. We then took that to the next level and talked about how we approach females to get phone numbers. I’ll be the first to say that we are NOT ladies men so if you think our tactics are horrible, you now know why.

Other topics include a good discussion about the movie, Get Out, and the madness of the NCAA Tournament.

Strap in for a good episode!