Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 24 – Featuring Special Guest Emma Day


The gang returns for another episode with a good friend and fashion expert making her way to the Dungeon, Emma Cunnington. The conversation focuses on two timely topics in the Grammy Awards and Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 fashion show amongst other things.


Everyone gives their take on a solid Grammy show, what we liked/disliked, favorite performances and speeches. Everything is great until DG questions Beyonce and the hype around her performance, which sparks defense from Emma as a loyal member of the #BeyHive.

Things then lead into the Yeezy Season 5 fashion show, as Emma helps break down the looks and trends from Kanye’s newest creations. Dan once again channels his inner Skip Bayless, questioning West’s genius as a fashion designer. LordTreeSap quickly comes to the defense of his hero, putting DG in his place.

DG Editor Note: Let it be clear that I like Beyonce and I like Kanye West. Not trying to go up against any armies. For Beyonce, it came down to I didn’t like the song choices and the performance wasn’t for me. Still respect her a lot. For Kanye West, it was more of a gripe against what he put out in the show. I get how fashion shows are supposed to make statements and it’s not necessarily represents what the designer is going to retail. That being said, I took the stance of the little guy. There are probably so many no name designers trying to make it and if their show consisted of what Kanye put out, they’d be laughed out of the building and it wouldn’t be considered creative. It just didn’t impress me, that’s all. Kanye is still a risk taker and a musical genius. He has definitely studied up on his fashion. I’m also sure he could care less about my opinion so there’s that.

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 23 – Featuring French Prince (Adrian Zidi)

The gang returns with Adrian Zidi live in studio for Super Bowl Sunday.


We are back with our second episode of the new year and it was a definitely a good one. The gang welcomes Adrian Zidi into the studio for an in depth interview, and he couldn’t leave without giving us the first Daily Mix Report freestyle session ever. Shoutout to French Prince for coming through!

Of course we had to talk about the big game and all since it is Super Sunday. Giving our picks for the Falcons and Patriots matchup, but we also got into funny prop bets, best commercials and Lady Gaga.



DG also explains the story of how he won a trip to meet his childhood idol Simon Cowell in California in addition to his awful looking driver license photo, featuring a 400 pound Dan.

Podcast Topic Timeslots:

0:00-07:00 Zidi Introduction

07:00-10:00 European pools

10:00-12:00 Dan’s Shitty Driver’s License Photo

12:00-15:00 Dan winning a trip to California to meet his idol Simon Cowell

15:00-20:00 Super Bowl LI Picks

20:00 – 24:00 Favorite Super Bowl Prop Bets

24:00 – 27:00 Super Bowl Commercials

27:00 – 41:00 French (Zidi) Interview

41:00 – End First Ever Daily Mix Report Freestyle session courtesy of the French Prince

1:04 – French – “Who Is That” track premiere

Also be sure to check out French P’s newest track, the tuneful “Who Is That” if you haven’t had the chance already. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 22 – Study Abroad Edition Featuring Tommy G


The boys of the DMR are back with our first podcast of 2017, and we were joined live in studio by Tommy G (DG’s bro), as he gears up to leave for Florence, Italy at the end of the month. Dan and LTS dish out some knowledge about studying abroad as Florence veterans from the class of ’14.


It happens to be the place where the idea for our website was born. DG actually made a huge study guide on the ins and outs of the city, even though its been three years since our departure. We went into some of our favorite places to visit, clubs and threw in some great stories along the way as we do our best to prep big Tom on the journey he will be embarking on.


We also got into sports toward the end as we discussed the NFL Playoffs, Derrick Rose going missing and the state of the Knicks season now.


Enjoy these pics from our trip as well.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 21 Featuring Amanda Cesario

Our very last podcast of 2016 featuring the great Amanda Cesario live in studio. Female fans you are in luck. Enjoy.


Our very last episode of 2016. Thank you to all the listeners for rocking with us for the last 6 months. This edition was a goody, as we had out first female guest in studio with us, the great Amanda Cesario.

We covered a multitude of topics focused around the holiday season.Things got heated when LTS brings up his new phone background, which happened to be of someone he knew. Is that a weird move on his part?


DG hits Mike and Amanda with our very first “In The Mix” speed round where he fired off some quick hitting questions like: crushes growing up, 3 dinner guests and favorite Yorktown bar/Pizza.

The edition concludes with some final thoughts on 2016, as we reflected on what the year meant to us and many of the craziest pop-culture stories of the year. We even dropped a few gems about how life can be beautiful at times even when you’re working hard hating how things are going.

Enjoy the episode. See everyone in next year. Be on the lookout for a revamped podcast come 2017.

Merry Christmas from the DMR.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode *20* Grammy Season

Ladies and Gentleman, episode 20 is here. Yeah, we’re just as surprised as our loyal listeners are that we made it this far.

The 47th Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

Ladies and Gentleman, episode 20 is here. Yeah, we’re just as surprised as our loyal listeners are that we made it this far. It’s crazy we’ve actually done 20 of these things, but with this episode we decided to make some changes, as we even took our first ever caller. Shout out to Eric in Stamford.


The discussion begins as we hash out the Grammy nominations, who we think should win and artists that got snubbed. I got your back Travis Scott. We then went into Kanye West’s next move, as the first photo of him out of the hospital surfaced of him with BLONDE HAIR.

It’s playoff time for the Daily Mix Fantasy League, as DG breaks down the matchups and possible punishments he and producer Jim are staring down. The boys also talked about what role Conor McGregor could play in “Game Of Thrones” as the show is joined by Ain’t No Daisy’s Genovese brothers.


We also went over the state of the union for the Knicks, Jets and Giants. DG channelled his inner-Aaron Rodgers telling fans of the Knicks and Giants to “R-E-L-A-X” as LTS goes off on another Jets rant pleading to Woody Johnson, following the pathetic performance on MNF.

Thanks for the support, enjoy the episode.

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 19 – We The Best


First of all, I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it was filled with beer, football, and high school friends. But just like everything in life, it had to come to an end. So to fill your Thanksgiving void is Episode 19.

We kicked off the show with some TGE talk which included a classic LTS / DG story that involved a cab driver and some people that we will not be named *cough* just ask LTS*cough*.

The heart of the discussion was the state of music and reveiwing current albums such as The Weeknd’s Starboy. From there, we dived into the lives of DJ Khaled and Kanye West, two of the most fascinating people on the planet. Khaled has had a meteoric rise to popularity this year and we asked the obvious question: With all of his snapchat antics and saying, Is he for real or is this for show? We also talked about Kanye and why the canceling of his tour came as no surprise to us.

Enjoy Episode 19 from the boys of the DMR. There’s a surprise at the end. I won’t give away names, but someone raps…

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 18 – The Edge of Seventeen

Another week, another podcast from boys of the DMR.

We got a little “weird” in the middle. Played some Would You Rather’s like we were on the middle school bus on our way to a field trip. We talk about UFC 205 and the man that is Conor McGregor as well as dive into our NFL Picks (It’s a Monday so you can see how badly we did).

The beginning of the show dives into a movie that myself and LTS saw this past Friday, The Edge of Seventeen. Yes, it was a man date and yes, we were about two of five guys in a theater of 30 women. True ladies men. Anyways, as a surprise to no one, the movie ruled. Both LTS and I had high expectations going into the movie and they were satisfied. One of the better coming of age films I have seen in a while. The premise is when an odd high school junior’s best friend starts dating her superstar brother, Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) has to figure out how to fit in and deal with the troubles of high school.

The acting all around was great. Woody Harrelson played Nadine’s teacher and was excellent in a funny, sarcastic role. However, the dude who stole the show was Erwin, played by newcomer Hayden Szeto. E-Money! The guy was LOL funny. Played the awkward high schooler who gets nervous around his crush to a T. Everyone can relate. You’re lying if you never screwed up around your crush. “Uhh uhhhh uhh hi.” Everyone went to high school and everyone can relate to parties, fitting in, and finding yourself. I’m gonna stop before I sound like a guidance counselor. Moral of the story: see the movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 17: The History Of The Mix

Another week, another podcast to get you through a depressing Sunday night / Monday morning. There was really no theme to this episode. We went all over the map. Because of what happened this week, we briefly touched on the election, but not about our personal views in terms of policy. Trust me, you get enough of that from the political hot takes on Facebook. Other topics included Thanksgiving Eve, the future of Bill Simmons, and some picks.

I’d say the topic that generated the most discussion was my “State of The Union for The Daily Mix Report.” If you didn’t read it, check it out here. We get into the history of the Mix and talk about the promising future. Really interesting discussion especially if you have been reading our site so check it out!

Enjoy folks.