The Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 16 – Halloween Recap

The gang returns to the dungeon for a jampacked episode recapping Halloween, LordTree’s call to Francesa and DG’s love for the Chainsmokers.



Episode 16 is (finally) here. Sorry for the delay. I’ve had a bum throat for the past week or so it was in the best interest of the team that I didn’t get anyone else sick. I wanted to pull a Jordan flu game, but I’m a team player so I listened to my compadres. That being said, we had A LOT to talk about, which is good for you because we had some great content. We always do our picks at the end and briefly touched on #Knickstape. LTS went on Francesa so we have a clip from the show.

The majority of the podcast was dedicated to recapping the past couple of weeks. It was the three of us shooting the shit about what we did and we came away with some good stories. Our Halloween recap got heated, which we posted on Facebook live so watch the video, and we all talked about our costumes (or lack of…looking at Producer Jim). If you couldn’t tell from the main photo, LTS and myself dressed pretty ridiculous, but we have some good stories from the bar.

Like we teased, the DMR podcast has a big surprise in the works so if it happens, you’ll find out next week. Cross the fingers people! Enjoy.

Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 15 – The Boys Go To The Prom

The Daily Mix Report is now your new home for relationship advice…what?


Episode 15 is here and we got another good one, folks.

The biggest topic of discussion was prom and in particular, prom proposals. We have absolutely NO idea how we go down these so called romantic tangents. The three of us combined are not Young Casanovas by any means, but somehow we’ve had some great discussions about women and dating. I’m still baffled as to how these conversations start, but that’s the Daily Mix Report for you. We tackle all topics.

The wedding proposals episode was surprisingly a big hit and the prom proposals might have out done it.Β We all got into how everyone asked their date to prom. We all had different proposals and gave each other grades on our performances. Once again, LTS continued to feed us gold and his prom proposal story did not disappoint. Hint: take a look at the picture. This debate got heated.

It was also Poker Night in the dungeon so the gang talks about playing cards, our NFL Picks contest, the successor to Mike Francesa, and J.R. Smith getting his money.



Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 14 – The Engagement Debate

How (Not) To Propose

Episode 14 is here and we have a good one for you. We do our usual NFL recaps and picks towards the end, talk about our new Facebook page, and worshipped our idol, Conor McGregor.

By far, the hottest discussion of the episode was about engagements and how we would each do our proposals (starts at about 9:30). I don’t want to give too much away, but my jaw dropped at LordTreeSap’s take on proposals. Let’s just say he’s in favor of going to a Knicks game the night of his engagement. I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. Sorry, ladies. We then talk about online dating and if you should say if you met on Tinder or not. It’s a tough area so tune in for our takes. Enjoy.


Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 11 – The Argument

DG vs. LordTreeSap

Episode 11 of the podcast is here. This show is full of arguments with the biggest one between DG and LordTreeSap. I don’t want to spoil it, but ask yourself this: You received a free pair of headphones. You decide to sell them and your good friend is interested in buying them. How much would you charge that person? Things got heated.

Also, we are going to work on posting the podcast before football starts so our previews make sense when you actually listen to it. This one is one us. Next one is on you.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 10

Madden. Kony 2016. Las Vegas. In Studio Guests: Ain’t No Daisy

The DB’sΒ of the DMR are back. We have reached double digits, folks! Thank you for all the feedback so far. We really appreciate it. The future is bright for the podcast. More in-studio guests and a call-in line are in the workds so stay tuned!

We talked about LordTreeSap’s ridiculous love for Madden, the power of Internet trends, Las Vegas, and brought back the boys of Ain’t No Daisy to talk about music and the Yankees.

We will be releasing our Fantasy Football Podcast this week as well because it’s a huge draft week. Tips, draft strategies, breakouts, and player rankings were just some of the topics discussed. If you love fantasy football, this is a podcast that you DO NOT want to miss.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 8

It all goes down live from “The Basement”. #RipHarambe


Episode 8 is here, live from “The Basement” of LordTreeSap. No producer Jimmy this week, so the sonic game is not A1. DG and LordTreeSap held it down in his absence, though. Give us a listen as we talk Arthur memes, Blackjack, DJ Khaled and the NFL, as training camp is in full swing.

Daily Mix Report Podcast – Episode 6

Better Late Than Never. Episode 6 is here.

What’s good everyone? Sorry for the delay in posting the podcast this week, we faced some technical difficulties. During this episode the gang breaks down NBA free agency, UFC 200’s debacle, and gives an update on the journey to making Murphy’s great again and much more. Check it out!

Thanks homies.