Crazier Story: Kobe Bryant Playing In The Big 3 Or Bret Michaels’ Tweet To Post Malone?

This is supposed to be the dog days of summer, but today, August 21, there were two crazy stories that caught my eye for different reasons.

The first one involves Kobe Bryant and his so-called “retirement.” Kobe Bryant is returning to basketball, but it’s not with the Lakers. It’s not even in the NBA. Kobe Bryant, 5-time NBA Champion, is coming out of retirement to play in…

The Big3! There’s no chance this happens. Why would Kobe come back to play in the Big3? It doesn’t make any sense. Maybe Kobe Bryant will attend the event when it’s in Los Angeles and who knows, maybe he’ll suit up for one game. Technically, I guess that means the report is true if he plays in at least one game. That can happen, but play a whole season in the Big3? Doubt it.

It’s crazy, but is it crazier than Post Malone’s emergency landing at Stewart Airport in NY?

Thankfully, Post is alive and well after the scary situation. However, the crazier story (in my mind) was the tweet that Bret Michaels sent out in regards to the Post Malone situation.

I don’t even know where to begin. The first sentence is fine. There’s nothing wrong with sending condolences to someone in a scary situation. However, things went off the rails after that. The fact that he took a picture of himself in his private plane to send his Ts and Ps is a wild move. The fact that he put his Twitter handle in the picture is an OUTRAGEOUS move. The upset of the century is that Bret Michaels has a private plane. The Poison money is still good in 2018! Bret finishes the tweet off with an update on what the pilots must do to land safely. The tweet is all over the place and it reminds me of Madonna’s tribute to Aretha Franklin at last night’s VMAs. It’s a bananaland tweet that is so “out there” that I find myself respecting him even more.

So, what’s the crazier story, Kobe in the Big3 or the tweet from Bret Michaels?

That title belongs to Mr. Rock of Love.

Hip-Hop Takeover: Cardi B and Post Malone Leap-Frog Taylor Swift On Billboard Charts

First off congrats to Cardi B! The Bronx native’s meteoric rise has been a joy to watch, and it’s great to see the rest of the country embrace her glowing spirit. The 24-year-old became the first solo female artist to notch a number one record since Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop” in November of 1998. “Bodak Yellow” surged to become the late summer anthem, and now overtakes the machine known as Taylor Swift in its 12th week on the chart jumping from number two to one.

This restores some of my faith in the charting system, as this track deserves the number one spot because of its organic growth within the hip-hop community. Consumers should always be priority one in determining what is considered poppin’ in the culture. Where, in this case, Bardi held off T-Swift as “Bodak Yellow” streams were up 14% for the week with just over 46 million, as well as seeing an 85% increase in sales with 56,000 for the week ending September 21st, according to Billboard. This could be due to the track seeing a 69-cent discount on the iTunes store, which Taylor Swift also tried with her single, “Look What You Made Me Do” to keep its number one status, but that couldn’t even stop “Bodak Yellow’s” inevitable rise to the top.

From the strip clubs to Love & Hip-Hop, Cardi B now has the number one record in the country, showing everyone coming up that anything is possible when the proper steps are taken and the work is put in.

I’ve been waiting to see where Post Malone’s next single “Rockstar,” featuring 21 Savage would land on the charts, as I began to see it popping up everywhere a major record needed to (Apple + Spotify Curated Playlists) for maximum reach and exposure. I figured it would chart somewhere in the middle of the Billboard Hot 100, as the track has accumulated 1.2 million views on YouTube in four days, but is still without a legit music video. The duo’s hit saw over 44 million streams for the week and was purchased by fans a whooping 80,000 times, according to Billboard. Very high numbers in those departments, but it only saw 5 million spins (compared to Cardi’s 62 mil) on the radio, and I am yet to hear it on Hot97 and Power 105.1 in NYC.

In my opinion, this is too much too soon so I look at both artists being signed to major record labels. Republic Records had a huge hand in pushing this song to debut at #2 on the charts sandwiched between Cardi and Swift. I like to call this the label stimulus package, which boosts records to places they wouldn’t be yet without major label backing. I also could be underestimating Post Malone’s fanbase, as my brother pointed out to me today that between “White Iverson” and “Congratulations,” Malone has accumulated over a billion views on YouTube between the two bangers. Expect to hear a lot more of “Rockstar” the rest of the year, and this may very well be the next hip-hop anthem, taking the torch from “Bodak Yellow.”

I also don’t want to come off as a hater, this song is actually a great record about the industry’s lifestyle and could possibly be Malone’s best single in his career, so more power to him. I just want to inform people of the logistical items going on behind closed doors of record companies. Either way, hip-hop is here for the long haul and is seeping further into mainstream consumption before our very eyes. Earlier this year, the genre overtook Rock as the most popular in the United States.  The fight continues, but more history will be made.

“Rap is the new Rock and Roll. We the new Rock Stars.” – Kanye West