Daily Mix Report Podcast Episode 22 – Study Abroad Edition Featuring Tommy G


The boys of the DMR are back with our first podcast of 2017, and we were joined live in studio by Tommy G (DG’s bro), as he gears up to leave for Florence, Italy at the end of the month. Dan and LTS dish out some knowledge about studying abroad as Florence veterans from the class of ’14.


It happens to be the place where the idea for our website was born. DG actually made a huge study guide on the ins and outs of the city, even though its been three years since our departure. We went into some of our favorite places to visit, clubs and threw in some great stories along the way as we do our best to prep big Tom on the journey he will be embarking on.


We also got into sports toward the end as we discussed the NFL Playoffs, Derrick Rose going missing and the state of the Knicks season now.


Enjoy these pics from our trip as well.

Who Should Conor McGregor Fight Next? A Piece By Luke of Ain’t No Daisy

Written by Luke of Ain’t No Daisy


Conor McGregor is a living legend. In just over three and half years, he’s become the first simultaneous multi-weight champ in UFC history. aka Mr. Two Belts. He holds a host of other UFC records including fastest title victory in the UFC (13 seconds) over Jose Aldo, most KO’s in the UFC featherweight division, most performance of the night awards in the UFC among others, and he was Ireland’s Most Stylish Man in 2015. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of Conor, but I’m also a huge fan of other fighters which is why I’m writing this article in the first place. I don’t particularly like what Conor’s done with the Featherweight division over the last year (nothing), and I’m afraid he’s about to do the same to the Lightweight division.

With his decisive – actually brutal – win over Eddie Alvarez last Saturday, Conor has a lot of choices for his next fight. I say Conor has choices because let’s be honest, he has the UFC by the proverbial balls. I just hope that he and the UFC decide to give the right guy the next shot at the belt. Let’s take a look at some of the choices.


Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0 MMA, 8-0 UFC, Ranked #1 in Lightweight (LW) Division)


Khabib Nurmagomedov is the dominant Russian who is currently undefeated in his MMA career. He also fought at UFC 205 and put on just as impressive, albeit slightly more boring fight, as Conor McGregor. Stylistically, Khabib is a nightmare matchup for Conor. The two time world Sambo champ would likely end up taking Conor down and smother him until the fight was over. Basically what Chad Mendes tried to do except Khabib would try to stay in the fight unlike Mendes, who was knocked out. The guy has deserved a title shot for probably two years and unfortunately has been on and off the injured list for almost as long. Khabib has only fought twice since April of 2014 and Conor is well aware of that. That being said I also think that’s a big part of why he won’t get a title shot. The UFC knows where the money comes from and it might not be great business for them to have Conor lose the belt in his first title defense.

Tony Ferguson (23-3 MMA, 10-1 UFC, Ranked #2 in LW Division)

Tony Ferguson is another grappler who is looking for a shot at ONE of Conor’s belts (it feels so funny to say that). This dude is on a 9 fight win streak (not quite as many as Khabib’s 24 wins in a row but…) and his last win was against the former LW champ Rafael Dos Anjos. Tony was a wrestler in High School and College and earned himself a Michigan state championship and an NWCA (not NCAA) national title, neither of which is an easy task. Sure there are better grappler’s (see Khabib), but I don’t think Conor is one of them. Tony is no slouch on his feet either, he has 9 wins by KO/TKO and 7 more wins by submission to his name.

Nate Diaz (20-11 MMA, 15-9 UFC, Ranked #5 in LW Division)


Ahhh yes, the money fight. The rubber match. This is the fight that millions (maybe more) want to see. We all know the history between Conor and Nate, and we can all see the dollar signs in the eyes of the UFC Executives. I don’t think I really need to explain much further why Nate Diaz is a possibility for the next fight with The Notorious One. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see another build up to a fight between two of the most prolific shit talkers in all of the UFC?


Jose Aldo (26-2 MMA, 9-1 UFC, Interim Champion Featherweight (FW) Division)


The rematch. In my opinion, Jose Aldo deserves a shot at McGregor the most. He is the #1 contender. He did what the UFC asked and beat Frankie Edgar for the Interim belt. Conor doesn’t want to fight Aldo again. He beat Jose in 13 seconds flat and he’s done with him. I get that, but I also think Jose deserves another shot. Before losing to Conor he was unbeaten for ten years straight. Everyone knows he can put on a better performance than that 13 second stunner. The real problem here is now even Jose is sick of waiting. He is currently in talks with the UFC to be released from his contract.

Frankie Edgar (21-5-1 MMA, 15-5-1 UFC Ranked #2 FW Division)

I know Frankie Edgar is a long shot to get the next fight with Conor McGregor. I’m putting him here because I believe Conor should have to defend the featherweight title next, and just in case the UFC can’t talk Jose Aldo into fighting, Frankie would most likely be the next guy up.

Honorable Mention

Tyron Woodley (16-3-1, MMA, 6-2-1 UFC)


I don’t if you guys watched the post fight press conferences, but there have been some talks of Conor going back up and fighting for a third title. I’m not sure if it’s just Conor blowing smoke or if Conor really thinks he can take out Tyron but I don’t think this would be a great fight for Conor. In my opinion this would be a dream fight for Tyron Woodley. Tyron Woodley reportedly walks around at 195 Lbs. Conor had trouble bulking all the way up to 170 for his second fight vs Diaz. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe Conor could pull it off but in my opinion, there are much better and more exciting fights out there.

Georges St. Pierre

This would be interesting. GSP is supposedly close to a comeback (which I CAN NOT wait for) and McGregor and GSP have been linked together in rumor mill before. This would be a crazy comeback fight and a HUGE money draw for the UFC.

So what’s next?

Like I said before, I think Conor should have to go back to featherweight and defend the title. That whole weight class has been logjammed since Conor beat Aldo NEARLY A YEAR AGO. Enough is Enough. If you want to keep the belt, defend it. Period. If Conor does go back down to 145, Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov should fight each other for the #1 contender spot at lightweight. The winner of that match is waiting for Conor when he gets back from hopefully defending the featherweight belt against Aldo. If Aldo retires, give Frankie Edgar a shot. He is the #2 guy and he’s coming off a great win against Jeremy Stephens.

If the Champ doesn’t want to defend the Featherweight title, they should take it away from him and make him defend the lightweight belt against Khabib Numagomedov. Unfortunately, that’s just what I think SHOULD happen. We all know where the UFC Brass’s head is at ($$). What I think WILL happen is Diaz jumps over the four guys ranked ahead of him at lightweight and gets the rubber match and a shot at the belt. Don’t get me wrong, that fight would be awesome too. I just think there are other people that are more deserving of a title shot.

The very worst part of all this is that Conor announced last Saturday he might be taking some time off. Of course he has a very noble reason, a baby on the way is no small task. Congrats to Conor and Dee. Conor did however say that the baby isn’t due until May which is plenty of time for a full fight camp and one more fight before the baby arrives.

My prediction: McGregor vs. Diaz 3 for the Lightweight Title next March. Conor wins by Unanimous decision.


Kate Upton Unleashes On Baseball Writers After Her Boyfriend, Justin Verlander, Loses AL Cy Young Award

CBS Sports – Wednesday night, Red Sox right-hander Rick Porcello was named the 2016 American League Cy Young Award winner by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Tigers righty Justin Verlander finished second in the voting. Indians righty Corey Kluber was third.

The Cy Young voting was extremely close. In fact, this is the second closest vote in history. Porcello received eight first-place votes and totaled 137 voting points. Verlander received 14 first-place votes and totaled 132 points. Porcello’s 18 second-place votes were the difference, as were two voters leaving Verlander off their ballots entirely.

The five-point gap is the second smallest in Cy Young history. Verlander lost the 2012 AL Cy Young to David Price by a mere four points, so he’s now been on the wrong end of the two smallest voting gaps in history. Verlander has come that close to having three career Cy Youngs. 

Justin Verlander got screwed. I can live with not winning despite receiving more first place votes. However, not including Verlander on the ballot in general is just flat out disrespectful. Those two writers who left Verlander off the ballot should be embarrassed right now.

Verlander has not released a statement yet, but his girlfriend, model Kate Upton, went to bat for her man and she did NOT disappoint. To say she is mad is the understatement of the century.

*My reaction right now*



I’m actually Team Upton here. It is BS that Verlander didn’t win because two voters left him off the ballots. How can you leave him off the ballot if he’s a finalist? That is mind boggling. I guarantee it was just two writers looking for attention. It’s like when one writer refuses to vote for a guaranteed Hall of Famer because they believe that “no one should be unanimous.” Screw that.

Moral of the story: If you mess with Justin Verlander, Kate Upton will destroy you. Gotta respect her for coming to the defense of her man. That’s a true ride or die girlfriend.

Mess with Upton and you get the horns.


I Am A Duke Basketball Fan Aka Everyone Hates Me

I, DG, am a Duke basketball fan.

That’s not an easy thing to say considering all of the backlash one might get if they say they like Duke. Plus, you have to be ready for all of the “haters” that will come your way. “Duke sucks.” “I hate the way they play.” “You’re a Duke fan? No surprise there.”


The stereotypical Duke basketball fan is described as a “rich, snobby and spoiled white kid who knows nothing about basketball, loves white basketball players and fundamentals.” Well for starters, I am not rich. I am not snobby. I am not spoiled. I know a good amount about basketball. JJ Redick is my favorite Duke player of all time and yeah, I like a good layup once in awhile. Sue me.

I have loved Duke basketball ever since I was a little kid. Going to Duke games at MSG always brings back good memories. My parents were always Coach K fans and since then, Coach K has been an idol for me. Duke legends like Christian Laettner, Bobby Hurley, and Grant HillI paved the way for the future. I remember the days of Jay Williams, Carlos Boozer and Mike Dunleavy. I fell in love with the team of JJ Redick, Shelden Williams, and Chris Duhon. I got the surprise championship when Jon Scheyer, Kyle Singler, and Nolan Smith beat Butler. The young guns won a title with Jahlil Okafor, Justice Winslow, and Tyus Jones. It showed that Coach K can play the “one and done” recruiting game as well.


Whatever reasons you have, you either love Duke or hate Duke. I choose to love Duke. Sorry I like winning. That’s the biggest reason why everyone hates Duke. They win and they win a lot. *cough* five national titles *cough*. Plus, the media always creates a “Duke villain” that fans can hate. Christian Laettner, JJ Redick, and now Grayson Allen. Guys who all play hard and will die on the court in order to win ball games. What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell you what. Nothing is wrong with that because it leads to wins.

This year’s Duke team is LOADED. Grayson Allen, Matt Jones, Luke Kennard, and Amile Jefferson return as the standouts from last year. Freshman Frank Jackson has already proven he’s a force at PG. Did I mention that two of the top five recruits in the nation, Harry Giles and Jason Tatum, have not even played a game yet for the Blue Devils? If those two studs can get healthy, there is no reason why this team should not at least make it to the Final Four.

So I’m going to wear my Duke sweatshirt and jersey with pride. You want to call Duke the villains, fine. I’m more of a villain guy anyway. The good guys can’t always win. That’s life.


Could Theo Epstein Save The Knicks?

Theo Epstein is not human. The fact that Epstein broke The Curse of the Bambino AND The Curse of the Bambino is not even believable. In Boston, when Theo was hired in 2002, the team had not won a World Series since 1918. Two years later, the Red Sox are World Series champions. Somehow, Theo needed more of a challenge. Theo goes to the Cubs in 2011 and installs a “Five Year Plan.” Five years later, and the Cubs are World Series Champions for he first time in 108 years. I think they baseball should put him in the Hall of Fame right now and it’s actually insulting that he’s not in it already. Yes, I know they don’t put in active players, but come on, it’s Theo Epstein.

Theo Epstein should never pay for anything in Boston and Chicago for the rest of his life. Plus, he has vowed to throw a bender for the next month so how can you not get behind him as your leader?


So I’m going to throw out a HUGE hot take here.

Within 10 years, Theo Epstein will run another sports franchise that is not a baseball team.

The Guardian
The Guardian

Yup, you heard it here first. Theo Epstein will leave baseball and run another professional sports franchise. Before you call me an idiot, here me out. Theo almost left the Red Sox twice back in the mid 2000s. I’m not sure if it’s cause he’s bored or he runs himself out of a job, but the fact remains that he knows how to build a team. That’s a cold hard fact.

So I pose this question. Could Theo Epstein save the New York Knicks?

Call me crazy and insane, but I firmly believe Theo Epstein could turn around the Knicks. The jury is not out on Phil Jackson and I’m still on #InPhilWeTrust, but there’s no way the Zen Master will be around in 10 years. That being said, Theo will be 52 and still in his prime. After he’s won 2-3 more titles with the Cubs, I think he’ll need a change. What better place to come to than Madison Square Garden?

No, I am not drunk or high. I’m actually convincing myself that Theo Epstein will come to the Knicks. The development of players such Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez is downright impressive. Why couldn’t he do the same with basketball talent? He totally could. Theo is the smartest executive alive and he will die for his players. He could 100000000% develop basketball players. If you don’t believe that, then I’m sure you didn’t believe the Red Sox could win a World Series or THE CUBS could win a series. If he could break the streak (s), he could bring a title to the Knicks.

Knicks 2026 Offseason – Sign Theo Epstein. Trade for Brad Stevens. Win the title by 2030. Ready…Break.

I Trusted Sam Bradford In My Survivor League. What Do You Think Happened?


The 5-1 Vikings vs. The 1-6 Bears. The Vikings were coming off of an embarrassing loss to the Eagles and the Bears lost 26-10 to the Packers. Because of all of these circumstances, I decided to take the Vikings in my survivor pool. Already $45 in the hole, I needed a W.

Fast forward 3 hours.


I hate gambling.

Talk about a real kick in the nuts. I should’ve known that the Chicago juju from the Cubs would rub off on the bears. They even played “Go Cubs Go” at the game today. I’M AN IDIOT. That one stung mostly because I trusted this guy.


Back to the drawing board for money until this website starts bringing in some serious capital (sponsor us please…anyone). The Rise and Fall of DG.


Cowboys Vs Eagles Post-Game Reaction By @Alchymist75

Sunday Night Football was a huge letdown for Eagle fans, because we had to cope with a 29-23 overtime loss to our arch-nemesis Dallas Cowboys.

**********Written by @alychmist75****************

AP Photo
AP Photo

Sunday Night Football was a huge letdown for Eagle fans, because we had to cope with a 29-23 overtime loss to our arch-nemesis, Dallas Cowboys. We were also forced to admit that the Boys outplayed the Birds thanks to Zeke Elliot, the human wrecking ball (cue Miley Cyrus’s softcore music video) and their behemoth offensive line. The saving grace was that fans did get to see Dak Prescott fall from his high horse to common ground, and look like a rookie QB, kudos to Jim Schwartz’s scheme. Doug Peterson was out-coached, plain and simple.

Being an Eagle fan last night was downright painful, but at least the 5 Irish Car Bombs I drank made the loss a little easier to deal with. The loss burned a little more intensely than that first shot of Jameson, mostly because this game was one that the Eagles dominated. Through four quarters, the Cowboys and Eagles went to war, and we watched Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Fletcher Cox and Beau Allen get a taste of a legitimate NFL caliber offensive line. Time and time again we saw them get a taste of the dirt at AT&T Stadium, thanks to three-time Pro-Bowl left tackle, Tyron Smith. Smith singlehandedly made one of the best defensive lines in the NFL this season, look like high-school kids on a grown man’s field, rag-dolling opponents with a quick punch redirecting them into the turf.

The most troublesome aspects of this game (and the Eagles’ season) so far is that Eagles head coach Doug Pederson mismanaged the clock, refusing to call a timeout with 23 seconds left in the game, run the ball through the middle, and let kicker Caleb Sturgis attempt a 53-yard field goal, after he put a 55 yarder through the uprights just an hour prior to the game’s end. Good thing Pederson didn’t learn from the worst clock manager in all of coaching… Andy Reid… oh wait… he did. Never mind.

The Eagles receivers were offensive… but not in a good way:

What happened off the field with the Eagles Wide Receivers is even more embarrassing than what occurred between the lines on the field, as the Cowboys out-classed the Eagles thanks to a childish Nelson Agholar, a second year first round draft pick draft bust who suggested that dropping passes, including a touchdown, (worth 6 points) had no bearing on the loss.

“No one’s perfect. I don’t look at no drops, that type of [stuff]. I’m tired of hearing it. It’s stupid. We play football. I dropped the first one. I ain’t dropped one after that. What does it matter? Because if we lose now we’re going to place blame on this person did this.”

-Nelson Agholar

But the point is simple. He’s tired of being blamed for dropping passes. I get that, since I’m tired of watching him drop passes; but there is plenty of blame to go around. The drops are nothing more than bad football fundamentals, and Agholar’s analysis of the importance of bad football is just not encouraging for fans who seem to care more than some players draft busts do.

The Offensive Line was a bit less offensive this week:

Halapoulavaati Vaitai, otherwise known as “Big V” for his 6’4” 320-pound frame actually showed up to the game this week, unlike the previous two. Sure he was a rookie, 5th round draft pick this season, but Jason Kelce, Kelvin Beachum, Alejandro Villanueva, J.R. Sweezy and Sentreal Henderson are also late round picks that hit it big in the NFL! Jason Kelce played well, aside from two low snaps (consecutively) in the dirt. These didn’t seem to affect Carson Wentz though, and his blocking was much improved. I’d be remiss to not write up Stephen Wizenewski as the best lineman of the evening though. He came off the bench in place of an injured Allen Barbre, and continually provided solid run and pass blocking, after he made clear his insatiable itch for a chance to play in prior weeks.

Battle of the Rookie QB’s wasn’t a QB Battle at all:

All in all, the game simply didn’t boil down to the competition between two highly achieving rookie QB’s like it probably should have (although they both performed solidly). The game came down to Dallas’s stronger supporting cast and ultimately, their better coaching and play-calling. Keep doing what you’re doing, Cowboys… and stop throwing screens behind the line of scrimmage on third down an 8 yards to go, Doug Pederson!

Hope you enjoyed a dose of an armchair GM in action. Lets go Eagles!